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The Lovers Tarot Card Meaning and Different Significance

Lovers Tarot Card

“Love is the energy of life,” remarked Robert Browning. Nothing beats getting the Lovers tarot card during a reading, especially the one about personal relationships.

The Lovers tarot card is number six in the Big Arcana and is associated with love, relationships, and major decisions about soulmate circumstances.

Even if you’re not looking for love advice, the Lovers can be a strong card for helping you clarify your own ideas and create inner peace.

The Lovers tarot card is described in full below, with keywords, upright, and inverted card meanings.

The Lovers Tarot Card Meaning and Significance

Lovers Tarot Card Meaning
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This card depicts a naked pair under the protection of Archangel Raphael. As Raphael signifies “God’s healing,” the Lovers card in the tarot deck denotes emotional and physical recovery. The archangel blesses the man and woman and reminds them of their link to the Divine.

The setting is reminiscent of the Garden of Eden, with a lush, bountiful atmosphere around the couple. Behind the woman, a snake scales the trunk of a big apple tree.

The attraction to worldly pleasures, as represented by the serpent and apple tree, can cause one to lose sight of God. Behind the figure, the tree of flames represents the man’s primary concern – passion.



There are twelve flames on the Lovers Tarot Card. One for each of the Zodiac signs, to signify the flow of time and infinity. A man casts a glimpse at the woman, who is witnessing a celestial entity. This depicts how a person’s conscious mind goes from sexual desire to emotional demands, and then to spiritual requirements. It represents the transformation of your thoughts from the conscious to the superconscious.

The volcano in the background, with its phallic shape, represents the eruption of desire that occurs when a man and a woman meet face to face in absolute nudity.

General meaning and interpretation (Upright)

The Lovers Tarot Card represents complete connection, harmony, love, and attraction. The Lovers can indicate regaining one’s inner balance. You are discovering yourself, your particular moral code, and what you value in life. Your life will be more harmonious and balanced as a result of this. When The Lovers Tarot card emerges, it generally indicates that you have important decisions to make or that you are in a quandary.

You may be unsure about situations, people in your life, or the path you should take. You are confronted with critical decisions. Don’t take the easy way out; instead, be sure you have all of the facts before making a decision. Even if it appears to be a rough road, it will take you to bigger things.

General meaning and interpretation (Reversed)

The Lovers tarot card reversed suggests that you are reluctant to accept responsibility for the actions you’ve made. This is causing you to be conflicted. You may be unsure about where your life is heading. You must realize that you are in control of your own fate. Don’t try to blame the cosmos if your condition is the product of your own actions.

Instead, take responsibility, learn from your mistakes, and let them go. You will be able to go forward in a position direction if you accomplish this. You will have a better grasp of your true self, values, and beliefs, and you will avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

The High Priestess Card Mean When It’s Upright?

tarot Card Meanning Upright

If you drew the High Priestess card upright, you’re being reminded of your intuitive powers. “When you pull this card upright, it confirms that you know the reality of a situation deep below,” McRae explains. “It’s best if you follow your instincts.”

Many people resort to Lovers tarot card because they feel hampered or as if their emotions are leading them wrong. “If you’re having trouble distinguishing between anxiety and intuition, take some time to purposefully meditate, reflect, pray, or seek further spiritual advice on the topic,” McRae says. Pulling the High Priestess upright is essentially a green light to trust your inner understanding.

For example, if you’re asking a question about a potential love interest but aren’t sure if you’re ready for a new relationship, this Lovers tarot card may be telling you to be patient with yourself and honest with your potential partner about your reservations. In response to career-related queries, the High Priestess may advise you to consider honing your abilities, possibly by learning a new trade or furthering your education, in order to reach your professional objectives.

The High Priestess Card Reversed Mean?

Priestess Card Reversed Mean

The Lovers tarot card becomes more sophisticated as you delve deeper into the practice, and you’ll realize this when you finally pull a card in reverse, or upside down. The High Priestess’ overall feel is consistent with its archetype, but it conveys its negative meaning. It could also mean the same thing as the upright definition but applied to your interior self rather than the event or inquiry itself. When pulled backward, this could indicate that there is some impediment to your spiritual insight.

“When this Lovers tarot card is reversed, it can indicate a difficulty in responding to your intuition,” McRae adds. “You may feel as if you have been gaslighting yourself or that others have been gaslighting you into not trusting what you know deep down is right.” It can be a good moment to consider whether you’re investigating and dissecting a scenario that simply asks you to experience.

If the High Priestess card appears reversed during a loving inquiry, it could mean that you’re being dishonest with your emotions and should look at things through the prism of feelings rather than rationality. When it comes to financial issues, such as a new source of money or a contract, this tarot card may advise you to study the tiny print – there may be conditions you have overlooked.

Reversing the High Priestess doesn’t have to be an indication of worry. Consider it a reminder to trust your intuitive foresight or to avoid persons who may be impeding your inner knowing, such as an overly practical friend or mentor. The High Priestess serves as a reminder that no matter what happens, as long as you listen to your inner conversation, you are loyal to yourself.

The Lovers Tarot Card Keywords

Before delving deeper into the upright and reversed Lover’s tarot card meaning and its relationship to love, work, and life, consider the following facts and an overview of the most important words associated with this Major Arcana card.

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  • Upright – Duality, Symmetry, Partnerships, Unity, Love, Balance
  • Reversed – Imbalance, Discord, Disharmony, Possessive, Self Love
  • Element – Air
  • Planet – Venus
  • Yes or No – Yes
  • Numerology – 6
  • Astrological Zodiac Sign – Libra

The Lovers tarot card  In a Yes or No Reading

Because it deals with choices and feeling unsure about a decision, those seeking a yes or no answer frequently turn to the Lovers tarot card.

Put all uncertainty aside if you are at a crossroads and want to move forward on a certain route but are doubtful. With confidence, move on.

The Lovers Tarot in Love and Relationships

Gifts for your loved
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The fundamental meaning of an upright Lovers tarot card is love, but it also symbolizes romance, attraction, and a healthy relationship.

If you’re single, this Lovers tarot card tells you that a passionate relationship is on its way. Sometimes you’ll be lucky and have to choose between two different relationships or lovers. If you’re currently dating or engaged, a beautiful, soul-honoring connection with a loved one is in the works, both physically and metaphorically.

This definition can be modified to include several types of partnerships, such as those formed for business or friendship. In a Tarot Love Reading, there are different cards that suggest positive developments in your relationship, and the Lovers card is certainly one of them!

Your feelings and objectives are clear. If this card appears in a Love reading, it will undoubtedly be appreciated and reciprocated. If you’ve been wanting to rekindle your relationship, now is the time to do so. It also implies significance and harmony between persons who are in love or in a relationship with one another.

  • If you’re single, prepare for an exciting love experience.
  • And If you’re in a relationship, this is a heartfelt connection.
  • If you yearn for rejuvenation and restoration, it may come sooner than you think.

Love & Relationships (Reversed)

If you are in a relationship, The Lovers reversed can signal that, while the sexual component of your relationship is still excellent, you and your partner may not be on the same page in other vital areas. The Lovers tarot card also indicates that one spouse is more emotionally invested in the relationship than the other. Fear or a lack of trust may be preventing you from fully immersing yourself in the connection, which is required for it to thrive. You may have distinct future goals, ideals, or hopes.

The relationship may have begun with you both feel connected on many levels, but you no longer feel as close as you once did. Look at the supporting cards for proof of the underlying reason. Whatever the reason, if the partnership is to survive, these disagreements must be overcome.

If you are single, The Lovers tarot card indicates that a relationship is on the way, although it may not materialize as soon as you had planned. It can also signify selecting relationships for the wrong reasons. This Major Arcana card advises you to connect with someone in more than one way if you are going to get connected with them. A sexual connection, no matter how intense, is insufficient to sustain a relationship.

The Lovers Tarot Card in Career and Money

Because the Lovers tarot card in the tarot is so strongly associated with rejuvenation and renewal when this card emerges in a reading, career and financial changes can occur quickly. However, this isn’t always a good thing.

When our attention is completely focused on them, it’s easy to get carried away with our personal relationships and wind up overspending and making excessive expenditures.

If you aren’t sure where you want to go professionally or financially, don’t make rash decisions, especially when it comes to investing. This sense of ambiguity will enhance your inner search.

Consider the following questions: What do you truly desire, and how can you achieve it?

  • Maintain vigilance over your finances.
  • Refrain from acting on a whim.
  • Consider what you most desire in life and how you might make it a reality.

Money & Career (Reversed)

When the Lovers Tarot card is reversed in a professional environment, it can represent discord in a corporate alliance. If you have a business partner, you must communicate with them to ensure that you are both on the same page regarding the direction of the company and your future goals. The Lovers reversed, like the upright interpretation, can signify the prospect of a relationship at work, but it comes with a strong warning.

This romance could jeopardize your career. Be cautious, and make sure you understand and are willing to accept the repercussions of mixing business and pleasure if things go wrong. Financially, The Lovers reversed might signify being financially imprudent and making rash financial judgments. It might denote materialism and the desire for rapid fulfillment through material means. Again, accept responsibility for your actions and learn from your mistakes.

The Lovers Tarot card in Health Meaning

In a healthcare context, the Lovers tarot card also represents the development of your own unique thoughts and ideas, independent of what society imposes as conventions. It’s a matter of defining your own priorities and finding your own sense of balance.

Following the Hierophant’s brainwashing, your beliefs and priorities will be set.

At first, your conventional thinking and the fresh insights you’re receiving as a result of your experiences may clash. It is, however, the initial step toward a more deep spiritual awakening.

  • You should establish beliefs and ideals that are unique to you.
  • Determine what is critical and significant to you.

Health (Reversed)

In a health setting, the reversed Lovers Tarot card means that you need to reconnect with how your body is experiencing in order to bring harmony and health. You may feel like your body is fighting against you right now, but you must learn to be gentle with it and operate within your energy limits.

Your body is capable of incredible things, yet it sometimes requires rest and recuperation to repair itself. Don’t be frustrated with your body; instead, allow it the time it requires to heal.

Spirituality (Upright)

When The Lovers Tarot card appears in a spiritual context, you will begin to find inner peace. This comes from getting a greater awareness of yourself, who you are, and your personal moral code, just as it does with the generic meaning.

This comprehension leads to a stronger connection with your spiritual self. In a spiritual context, the Lovers can imply that it may be helpful to join up with a partner on your spiritual journey. Taking a meditation session with a like-minded friend, for example, could be quite beneficial.

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Spirituality (Reversed)

From a spiritual perspective, The Lovers tarot card reversed can indicate that you have been focusing on materialistic pursuits in an attempt to find contentment in your life. This may briefly make you feel better, but it will not provide you with the harmony you require. Concentrate on your spiritual side to uncover the real you. It will be significantly more fruitful for you.

A sexual attraction between you and a spiritual counsel can also be indicated by the Lovers reversal. If they are looking for a personal relationship with you, this card suggests that they are doing it for all the wrong reasons! Engaging in a romantic relationship with you shows that they are misusing their power. This individual is supposed to be mentoring you on your spiritual journey, not dating you. Be extremely cautious.

Astrology and The Lovers Tarot Card

When two people share their energy, they are said to be fulfilling the archetypal function of the Lovers. Libra, the zodiac sign of justice and balance, is a natural fit here. Also, because Libra is ruled by Venus, it is a sign of love, attractiveness, and harmony.

Similarly, both Libra and Venus are associated with the Air element.

Some consider the Twins to be a symbol of twin flames, while others consider them to be a symbol of Gemini. Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury.

The Lovers Tarot Card Combination

Because the Lovers tarot card has multiple interpretations, most readers look to the surrounding cards to discern what your Higher Self wants you to know about your current situation.

When combined with other Major Arcana cards, the message is amplified (for all readings), and Cups indicate that the spiritual communication being communicated is about love/relationships.

The Lovers Tarot and Numerology

The Lovers tarot card, like Number 6, is connected with harmony, peace, and communication. They bring harmony into each other’s life by aiding each other in conflict resolution.

Six is said to possess supernatural characteristics. Numerous faiths, including Dan Brown’s novel The DaVinci Code, hold that Number 6 represents the union of the Eternal Feminine and the Divine Masculine.

The six-pointed star, also known as the Star of David, is a combination of masculine and feminine aspects that are discussed in this book. The six-pointed star made up of upright and inverted triangles represents this masculine-feminine balance.

The Lovers And Judgement or Strength

If you’ve been pining for an ex or hoping to reignite an old relationship, Judgement predicts that your wish will be granted shortly.

The strength card foretells an unbreakable link between you and your partner. Hold on even if the ebb and flow make it appear like things aren’t going well. The situation will shortly improve.

The Bottom Line

This tricky card is full of nuance, but it’s ideal for self-exploration and determining where you could be sacrificing yourself in your life. It challenges us to examine our choices so that we can live and love as truthfully as possible.

Frequently Asked Question About Lovers Tarot Card

What is The Lovers card in the Tarot?

The Lovers card represents partnerships and freedom. And it isn’t always about romantic connections, it is frequently joint with them. When we can see it indicates that we may assume our worth is determined by the people and events in our lives.

What do The Lovers represent?

Lovers in various cultures demonstrate relationships and decisions. When it comes to a spread, there may be some form of a decision to make about an ongoing connection. The temptations of the heart, or a pick of suitable companions.

Who is the angel in the Lovers card?

Raphael, the Archangel, appears in the Lovers tarot card. The name ‘Raphael,’ which means ‘God Heals,’ alludes to God’s healing ability.

Is the lovers a good card?

The Lovers is one of the most beautiful cards in a love and relationship Tarot reading! It’s a soulmate card, which means it signifies a strong bond between the two persons holding it. According to this Major Arcana card, there is a revival of passion in your relationship.

What does the lover’s tarot card represent?

The Lovers card, number 6 in the Major Arcana, is primarily related to love, and relationships. It significant decision involving soulmate conditions. Whatever your goals are, the Lovers tarot card can help you clarify your personal beliefs and bring you closer to inner serenity.

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What does the lover’s tarot card mean in love?

The Lovers Tarot card is one of the best you may obtain in a love or relationship Tarot reading! It is a soulmate card that represents kindred spirits and a strong tie between two people. If you’re single, love is on its way! This will be more than just a passing fancy.

What’s the luckiest card?

In English-speaking countries, the Ace of Spades is usually the highest and most valuable card in the deck of playing cards. People also know as the Spadille and Death Card.

Why do I always get the Lovers card?

To put it simply, the Lovers card is serious business. When you see the Lovers card, it means you’re at a crossroads or have a problem. Most likely with one of your relationships, whether platonic, romantic, or professional.

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