What We Know so Far About iZombie Season 6? [Latest Updates 2023]

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Do you want to know about iZombie season 6? Comedy, horror, and police procedurals are always fun to watch, but have you ever thought about what would happen if they were all put together in one show? Well, we already have a show called iZombie that has all of these things.

The supernatural show iZombie season 6 is based on the comic book iZombie by Chris Roberson and Mile Alfred in a loose way. The show was made by Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright. The first season came out in 2015, and the most recent season came out in 2019. The storyline and acting in the series got a lot of praise.

The reason we wrote this article is that the show’s many fans have been wondering if there will be a new season and, if so when it will come out. So, if you want to know everything about the series, you should start reading now.

In this article, we are going to talk about iZombie season 6 and everything that you need to know.

iZombie Season 6 Updates

The show is about iZombie season 6 a CW supernatural procedural crime drama. Liv Moore, who is played by Rose McIver, is a medical resident who turns into a zombie. As she eats human brains for food, she can see the dead’s memories. She helps solve crimes with this unique power.

The show, which was based on a comic book of the same name and was written by Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright, started on March 17, 2015, and ended on August 1, 2019. All of the fans agreed that the story came to a satisfying end in the last season. But there were many parts of the story that could have been told in more detail, so fans have been waiting for news about the next season. At this point, it doesn’t look like there will be an iZombie season 6 for a number of reasons.

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Will There Be iZombie Season 6?

No, there will not be iZombie season 6. The end of the whole series comes with the iZombie season 5.

In May 2018, The CW officially got rid of iZombie and a few other long-running shows. Even though it became a cult favorite, was nominated for multiple Teen Choice Awards, and was loved by critics, iZombie didn’t do as well in the ratings as shows like Arrow and The Flash. Fans should still be happy, though, because the show got to finish the story well.

“At the end of the season, it looks like a beautiful bow. We’ll answer all of the long-term, big-picture questions “Rob Thomas, who runs the show, said. We’ll miss our favorite characters for sure. But iZombie season 5 is not too bad. Also, if the show kept going after the iZombie season 5, there is always a chance that the story would get too long and lose its value.

If iZombie Season 6 is Possible, What will be its Plot?

Well, as we already said, there were a few plots that could have been used for the next part. So, if there had been an iZombie season 6, we might have seen what happened after they found the vaccine. We could have paid more attention to how the end of the zombie apocalypse changed the lives of our favorite characters.

We might have seen something new, like zombies coming back. Then we could have looked into where the brains were made. Also, the ten-year gap could have been filled in with more detailed stories. Even though the show gave the audience what they wanted most, these are some things that might have happened. Share your ideas about what could have happened in the iZombie season 6.

iZombie Season 6 Release Date

The CW has ended the iZombie TV show for good. The last season of iZombie will be iZombie season 5. The CW hasn’t made any plans for the next season yet, but anything could happen. As of August 2022, nothing had been planned or set up for iZombie season 6. Sign up for updates below and join the conversation in our forums if you want to know about changes. You can also look at the IMDb page for iZombie.

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iZombie Season 6 Cast: Who is in It?

iZombie Season 6

In this part, we’ll see the last part of this crime-solving show. Look at the people who are in the show.

  • Olivia “Liv” Moore is played by Rose McIver.
  • Blaine “DeBeers” McDonough is played by David Anders.
  • Clive Babineaux is played by Malcolm Goodwin.
  • Angus McDonough is played by Robert Knepper.
  • Rahul Kohli as Ravi Chakrabarti
  • Major Lilywhite, played by Robert Buckley, was Liv’s ex-boyfriend.
  • Donald “Don E.” Eberhard is played by Bryce Hodgson.
  • Peyton Charles is played by Aly Michalka

What Happens in iZombie Season 6?

Based on what people have said, the iZombie season 6 will be about the following things. The battle for Seattle comes to an end at the end of the iZombie season 5. This is only a way to get rid of the zombie virus. The main character and her team also figure this out.

People have thought that the future will be peaceful and that Liv will die in battle. At the end of Izombie, the fact that Liv is still alive comes as a surprise to fans. She is still alive and well, along with other people like her. They all live in peace and happiness on an island that is far away from the rest of the world.


This article is about when iZombie season 6 will come out and what will happen in it. The most recent season of iZombie was amazing. After the last episode of iZombie, fans can’t wait for season six to start.

iZombie season 6 has been canceled. There has been no official news about season 6, and there has been no change in the status of the show’s renewal. After five great seasons, CW has already decided to end the show. Fans of the crime procedural drama are already dying to see more, but they won’t be able to.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about iZombie Season 6

Is iZombie season 6 Canceled?

Yes, the show iZombie has been canceled. There won’t be an iZombie season 6.

When did iZombie originally come out?

The first day that iZombie came out was Tuesday, March 17, 2015.

Where to Watch iZombie?

If you want to watch this show, you should go to the CW. This show can be watched online through Apple TV and Google Play. So, if you missed an episode, you can watch it on one of these platforms.

Where can you watch iZombie Season 6?

If iZombie ever comes out, you can be sure that Netflix will be the first to show it.

Is the 5th Season the last Season of iZombie?

Yes, Izombie Season 5 is the last season of this show. This is because of the 2018 cancellation of the next season of Izombie.

How many seasons aired on iZombie?

There are five seasons of iZombie available right now. The sixth season hasn’t started yet.

Is the trailer available for iZombie season 6?

No, the trailer for iZombie season 6 is not out yet.

Will Peyton return to iZombie?

Don’t be afraid! Peyton made it all the way through. She became a zombie because Blaine scratched her. After the cure was made, she turned back into a person and moved in with Ravi.

Where can I stream iZombie?

There is iZombie season 5 of the show, and all of them are available now on Netflix shows. You can watch the show online by streaming it. Each episode of the show usually runs for about 42 minutes.

What happened to iZombie on Netflix?

CW shows like iZombie has been on Netflix around the world for the past few years, but they won’t be there forever. After all, Netflix doesn’t own the rights to iZombie. Instead, Warner Brothers TV has given Netflix a license to show the show.


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