Coronavirus: Israel to Impose Three-week Nationwide Lockdown

Israel is going to impose a fresh three-week nationwide lockdown to contain the spread of coronavirus with tough restrictions.

The country’s second lockdown will begin on Friday and continue for next three weeks, BBC reports.

The country went into lockdown following a second-wave surge of new Covid-19 cases, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday, Reuters reports.

Israel faced a surge with 4,000 new daily infections, the prime minister said.

The lockdown will come into effect during the Jewish high-holiday season.

According to Reuters, Israelis will have to stay within 500 metres of their houses. They can travel to workplaces, which would be allowed to operate on a limited basis.

Schools and shopping malls will remain closed. Supermarkets and pharmacies will be open during the countrywide lockdown.

The country has reported a total of 1,108 deaths from coronavirus and over 153,000 confirmed cases.

Israel with a population of around nine million has recorded more than 3,000 new cases a day in recent weeks.


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