Interesting Facts About Bentley

Is it super known that Bentley represents the greatness of luxury, taking automotive craftsmanship to the following levels? This British vehicle gives a mix of comfort and excitement behind the wheel with its stunning look. Extraordinary power, luxurious feeling, and breathtaking performance, Bentley has all this and more. Bentley Motors has its own big sports cars fans, and it’s the first choice for those who like excellence. It doesn’t end here. Bentley has many other interesting facts and secrets that you might not know. Let’s go through the most significant points that will empower your knowledge and might help you choose Bentley rental Dubai.

An Engineer Found Bentley

An English constructor and engineer called Walter Owen established Bentley Motors in London in 1919. He also worked in making aircraft, cars, and motorcycles. Races were his favorite sports. Bently was a motorcycle and car racer as a young man. Something weird about Walten was that he was known as “W. O.” without any need to add the word Bentley.

Does Logo just mean “Bentley”?

It goes without saying that when you see this elegant big “B” with the two flying wings, you know it’s Bentley. Generally, this “B” stands simply for the word “Bentley,” and the wings refer to the extraordinary speed. This is not all because the colors also play a leading role in defining Bentley. The white color represents charm and purity, black goes for elegance and excellence, while silver signifies creativity, perfection, and sophistication.

Bentley Cars Are Built Carefully

Building a Bentley model isn’t casual; care and efforts are spent on the Bentley you’re driving. Almost 110 hours were needed to make Continental GT and around 130 for other models. Mulsanne takes over 400 hours to build. It also requires 14 hours and almost 30 engineers to build one Bentley W12 Engine.

Bentley Is Famous For Its Interior

The interior design of Bentley’s British models makes them the most luxurious among other vehicles. The whole interior is handcrafted, making it standard for other manufacturers. Every single wood sheet in this car comes from the same tree. The person making a leather panel places their first name on the other side, so they know who made it.

Volkswagen Group Owns Bentley

It might sound shocking to you, but Bentley Motors isn’t the mother company of Bentley cars as you think. An interesting fact about Bentley is that Volkswagen acquired it in 1998, and it’s still under this ownership. This is not something new to Volkswagen AG since it owns many other automobile companies.

VIP Car Rental And Bentley

Bentley’s fascinating and respected fact is that it still holds to its 100 years old mission. Its mission states: “to build a good car, a fast car, the best in its class.” VIP holds a similar mission to provide you with fast, luxurious, and the best vehicles among other competitors. VIP also promises their clients the highest quality and unbeatable offers to enjoy renting their dream cars. Reach us now.


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