10 Important Places to Visit in Kolkata

Kolkata, often known as the City of Joy, is widely regarded as the country’s cultural and intellectual epicenter. And the city is full of energy and activity. It is the second largest city in India and a cultural and intellectual center that was once spelled Calcutta. In addition to being a major economic and cultural hub, its location on the eastern bank of the Hooghly River makes it a strategic transportation hub. 

Places to visit in Kolkata:

Plan a trip to Kolkata so you may see its beauty for yourself. Listed below are the top 10 attractions in Kolkata:

  • Howrah Bridge:

The Howrah Bridge crosses the Hooghly River using a large steel structure. Connecting Howrah and Kolkata, it holds the Guinness World Record as the longest cantilever steel bridge in the world. When the lights go down, it takes on extravagant air and becomes a popular tourist destination in India. Tourists like taking a boat ride from the launch ghat, and you shouldn’t miss out on the breathtaking vista of Kolkata’s illuminated skyline at night.

  • Victoria Memorial:

In the middle of Kolkata, West Bengal stands the Victoria Memorial. A nearly exact copy of London’s Victoria Memorial, this sumptuous white-marble building was erected in honor of Queen Victoria to mark the 25th anniversary of her reign over India. Beautifully illuminated at night, Victoria Memorial provides stunning vistas. It’s one of the city’s top attractions, so you shouldn’t skip it if you’re in Kolkata.

  • Belur Math:

Travelers from all over the world come here to appreciate the serene atmosphere. The temple was built with great care, skill, and aesthetic expression, expressing the values of the Ramakrishna Movement. In addition to the fun you’ll have there, there’s a museum there to explore. Visit Belur Math, the headquarters of the Ramakrishna Math and Mission, if you’re looking for a place to meditate and find some peace in your life.

  • Birla Planetarium:

In addition to being one of Kolkata’s most recognizable monuments, the Birla Planetarium also has the distinction of being the biggest and second-oldest planetarium in Asia and the globe, respectively. There are certain nods to Sanchi Stupa in the planetarium’s design. Going to the Birla Planetarium is a fantastic opportunity to become curious about space travel and science. 

  • Science City:

Visitors of all ages may learn from and enjoy Science City’s vibrant and interesting environment for science and technology. The National Council of Science Museums’ Science City is among the biggest and most influential of its kind. Science City is now a place that both young and old may enjoy and remember with fondness.

  • Indian Museum:

The Indian Museum is the country’s biggest and oldest museum, often referred to simply as “Jadughar,” this museum houses some of the world’s most valuable historical artifacts and priceless works of art, including priceless Buddha relics, mummies from ancient Egypt, and modern masterpieces by renowned artists.

  • Marble palace:

The palace’s marble walls and pillars include magnificent carvings that are worth admiring for their own sake. One’s mind will be glad while looking at this breathtaking architectural scene. This castle also houses a museum where you can learn about and explore artifacts from the past.

  • Dakshineswar Temple:

A trip to Kolkata would not be complete without stopping at the famous Dakshineswar Temple. Every angle reveals the stunning beauty of this temple’s architectural masterpiece which is a symbol of its greatness, and the fact that the holy river Ganga flows right beside it only adds to the temple’s sanctity in the eyes of its worshippers. Devotees go to this holy site in Kolkata during festivals to worship the goddess Durga Kali by taking a bath in the sacred water.

  • Birla Mandir:

Birla Mandir is a popular temple in Kolkata. There are ten different avatars of Ganesha, Hanuman, Shiva, Vishnu, and Durga at the temple, in addition to the main deity Radha-Krishna. The Birla Mandir was built from white marble and has intricate carvings. Birla Mandir, a temple devoted to Krishna and Radha, is one of Kolkata’s most popular tourist attractions and a significant religious hub. 

  •  Alipore Zoo:

The Alipore Zoo is a popular and oldest zoological park in India. It is also known as the Calcutta Zoo and the Zoological Garden of Alipore. The Alipore Zoo draws people from all around the country who visit the zoo to explore the fauna that lives here. Alipore Zoo was the last resting place of “Adwaita,” an Aldabra giant tortoise who lived for approximately 250 years.  If you’re a fan of nature, you should definitely check it out.


“If you want a city with a soul, come to Calcutta” 

There are several tourist attractions in the city of Joy-Kolkata and if you want to experience the city’s festive spirit, you should plan your trip to Kolkata around the time just after the monsoons. Explore the city’s most well-known landmarks & Pincodes of various places in Kolkata, in order to make the most of your time in Kolkata.

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