Let’s Get Crafting With These 5 Important Minecraft Tools

Everyone has a kind of creativity that can be unleashed and shown to the world. Art is expressed in different ways, like painting, sketching, and sculpting. Thanks to technology and modern innovation, art can expand into graphic design, animation, and even 3D constructions so that each person can choose what field to grow in. Fortunately, multiple platforms are available for any artistic expression, including virtual video games. 

Thanks to Mojang Studios, Minecraft was created to accommodate gamers, artists, and creatives. This game is popular and allows everyone to create a whole new world and explore their creative abilities. Some of the main awesome things in Minecraft are the crafting tools. These are the essential tools you will need to start any masterpiece. Moreover, you can also upgrade your tools using the Minecraft enchanting table. Stick around to get to know five of Minecraft’s useful crafting tools. 

5 Minecraft Crafting Tools 

1. The Flint and Steel

The mighty flint and steel always come hand in hand because these two tools create flames. These items only require two things, one iron ingot, and one flint. If you are unfamiliar with these tools, the flint looks like black rock, and the iron ingot is a silver bar. 

In the entire Minecraft game, flint and steel are used in 64 ways. Players can use these to light campfires and candles, nether portals, and even on TNTs that will create massive explosions. They can also ignite a transparent block or an underwater block, but it will only create durability instead of an actual fire. 

2. The Stone Hoe

If you get the chance to collect any stone-tier block and a stick, you can easily create a stone hoe. In Minecraft, the stone hoe is used in three ways. The first is for tilling, where players can use it to turn dirt into grass blocks that can make farmland. The stone hoe can be an alternative to a sickle and is used to harvest plant blocks quickly. Lastly, the stone hoe can be used as a weapon and cause damage, especially in the Java edition. 

3. The Axe

The axe is made of any planks or ingot and a stick. The axe in Minecraft is one of the most basic and essential tools in the entire game, because of its numerous uses. It is used for breaking apart pieces of wood and other building blocks. Faster than any other tool. 

Since it also tends to be overused, players can use an anvil to repair it. Keep in mind to be careful in using it as a weapon, because it can lose two durability points. That is why it is best to use this item as a repair and construction tool. 

4. The Shovels

If you were to collect any planks, the iron or gold ingot, a diamond, and a stick, you can finally craft the shovels. These tools collect dirt and other needed blocks, just like real life. The shovels can break items apart by using only one durability. Other shovel uses include creating dirt roads made from grass blocks and coarse dirt. Players can also put out campfires with them. 

The shovels can also be a weapon with a strong attack when used with the player character’s bare hands. Who knew that simple shovels can have so many uses in the world of Minecraft? That is why it is best to have it in your tool and weapon collection. 

5. The Clock

The clock is the odd one out of the Minecraft tools mentioned above, but it is as important. If you happen to collect the gold ingot and the Redstone dust, you can quickly craft a clock. This item works best in the Overworld, a type of Minecraft dimension. It can tell the position of the sun and moon with its two halves, the day and night side. 

It can tell any player when is the best time to rest and sleep in for a little bit. Just like in reality, players also need the time to rest to recharge. So that they can perform better in battles and the construction of new structures. The clock may not be a powerful weapon, but it can keep track of time. So that players can balance their energy throughout the entire gameplay. 


Minecraft is famous for various reasons, especially allowing players to explore their artistic skills and creativity. The tools mentioned above are just five of the many tools that players can work with to make a Minecraft masterpiece. It is also a huge advantage if they gain the chance to upgrade them to weapons. So why not give Minecraft a chance to let you explore your inner creative builder. If you want to know more about all things Minecraft and gaming, visit CellularNews.com now!

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