ICC World Cup 2023 Netherlands Team Analysis [Predictions and More]

The 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup is just around the corner, and one team that has earned a spot in the tournament is the Netherlands. With considerable talent on their side, this Dutch squad looks to be an exciting force for the upcoming World Cup.

To help readers understand more about them, we are going to bring out all that you need to know with the latest updates on the ICC World Cup 2023 Netherlands team analysis and other important facts.

Get ready as we explore everything related to the Netherlands cricket team’s journey towards greatness!

Content Highlights

  • In the SWOT analysis of the Netherlands Cricket team for the 2023 World Cup, strengths include experienced players. Weaknesses include a lack of depth in batting and bowling, inexperience at the international level, and limited resources & facilities.
  • The provisional squad for the 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup has Scott Edwards (40th ICC batters’ rankings) as captain, with other key players like Bas de Leede and Max O’Dowd.
  • Previous performances include winning the World Cup Qualifier tournaments twice, dominating Namibia during the 2003 World Cup match but having only two wins out of all their appearances combined indicate challenges ahead against established teams.
  • Key Players to look out for are Bas de Leede, Roelof van der Merwe, Colin Ackermann & Max O’Dowd, who can provide stability to the Netherlands’ batting lineup while Vikramjit Singh brings stability to position three.

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Swot Analysis of the Netherlands Cricket Team

The SWOT analysis of the Netherlands Cricket Team for the 2023 World Cup provides insight into its current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The team has been performing well in recent tournaments and has some talented players on their roster, making them a formidable side.


The Netherlands have proven themselves to be a reliable unit on the international stage as well by outperforming expectations in previous tournaments such as the World Cup Qualifiers last year, where they reached the playoffs, and the Super League earlier this year, where they narrowly missed out on a top-two finish due to rain interruptions.

They also hold a good balance of seasoned veterans like Bas de Leede and rising stars like Max O’Dowd, who create an exciting team dynamic. With Scott Edwards taking over captaincy in 2021, he has enabled certain individuals to take up new opportunities while ensuring there was cohesion among different aspects of play.


The Netherlands cricket team, much like the nation they represent, is talented but severely lacking in resources. A clear indication of their disadvantage was highlighted during the ICC World Cup Qualifiers 2023 when they struggled with Sri Lanka’s spin attack.

Additionally, the Dutch team isn’t blessed with experienced personnel or powerful financial backing as many full-member teams to help them perform on an international level – and may consequently be behind when it comes to providing quality training for its players as well as quality facilities necessary for producing certain skillsets championed by higher ranked nations at times.

As such, picking up victories against top-level teams could prove a steep challenge without adequate financial assistance and training opportunities compared to other squads out there competing.

Furthermore, Cricket remains a minority sport in The Netherlands, where limited participation reduces chances of talent scouting which naturally means that any side sponsored must endure one more hurdle than the average team looking for victory.


The Netherlands Cricket Team will have several opportunities available to them in the 2023 World Cup.

This gives them a greater platform for participating nations and an opportunity to showcase their talent on a grand stage.

With a promising squad led by Scott Edwards (currently ranked 40th in ICC batters’ rankings in ODIs), there is also an opportunity for young players from The Netherlands side who haven’t yet gotten their chance on international stages like this one.


The Netherlands Cricket Team may face potential threats as they prepare for the 2023 ICC World Cup. They finished last during their participation in the ICC Men’s Cricket Super League, showing a poor track record against stronger opponents.

Additionally, cricket is considered a minority sport in the Netherlands with limited resources and facilities, which might hinder their chances of success even more so on this global stage.

The lack of exposure to international-level competition might mean that adapting to different styles of play could be difficult for them, and using young players from these scarce resources may cause additional issues due to inexperience playing against highly talented teams.

Latest Updates on the Netherlands Cricket Team

netherlands cricket team

Just like the latest news of Southee being ruled out from the opening match, get the latest details on the preparations of the Netherlands national cricket team for their upcoming 2023 World Cup tournament, including squad announcements, performance in previous tournaments, and key players to watch out for.

Squad Announcement for the 2023 World Cup

The Netherlands has announced its final squad for the 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup. Led by Scott Edwards and including top players like Bas de Leede, Roelof van der Merwe, Colin Ackermann, and Vikramjit, the 15-player squad looks promising enough to make an impact on the world stage.


Batting Hand

Bowling Style


Sybrand Engelbrecht

Right hand

Right arm offbreak


Saqib Zulfiqur

Right hand


Bowling Allrounder

Scott Edwards

Right hand


Wicketkeeper Batter

Wesley Barresi

Right hand

Right arm offbreak


Max O’Dowd

Right hand

Right arm offbreak

Opening Batter

Teja Nidamanuru

Right hand

Right arm offbreak


Logan van Beek

Right hand

Right arm Medium fast


Bas de Leede

Right hand

Right arm Fast medium

Batting Allrounder

Aryan Dutt

Right hand

Right arm offbreak


Paul van Meekeren

Right hand

Right arm Fast medium


Shariz Ahmad

Left hand

Legbreak Googly


Ryan Klein

Right hand

Right arm Medium fast


Vikram Singh

Left hand

Right arm Medium

Opening Batter

Colin Ackermann

Right hand

Right arm off break

Batting Allrounder

Roelof van der Merwe

Right hand

Slow Left arm Orthodox

Bowling Allrounder

Netherlands’ Final Squad for the ICC World Cup 2023

Max O’Dowd will be batted at the top of the order, with Vikram Singh playing an important role as a specialist batsman, while Logan van Beek captains the pace department along with Paul van Meekeren, who is known for his ability to pick up wickets in the middle overs.

Allrounders like Sybrand Engelbrecht and Teja Nidamanuru are also vital members providing depth and stability to the Netherlands batting lineup.

Performance in Previous Tournaments

The Netherlands cricket team has had a mixed track record in previous tournaments but has shown signs of improvement and resilience. Here is an overview of their performance in past competitions:



World Cup Qualifier tournaments

The Netherlands has participated in all eleven ICC Trophy/World Cup Qualifier tournaments, winning the competition in 2001 and finishing as runners-up in other editions.

2003 World Cup Match Against Namibia

The Netherlands dominated the match against Namibia, scoring an impressive 314/4 and restricting the Namibians, showcasing their offensive and defensive prowess.

Overall World Cup Appearances

In all their World Cup appearances, the Netherlands has managed to secure only two victories, indicating the challenges they face competing against top-tier teams.

Recent Tournaments

The Netherlands team has shown significant growth and development in their recent tournaments, achieving major victories and demonstrating their improved skills and teamwork.

Key players like Bas de Leede have been instrumental in their recent successes, delivering outstanding performances that have helped the Netherlands secure their place in the upcoming World Cup.

Despite the challenges, the Netherlands cricket team is a testament to determination and resilience, continuously pushing bigger teams to their limits.

Challenges and Opportunities for the Netherlands

The team needs to find ways to overcome the challenges of adapting to international-level competition and utilizing young talent in order to realize their potential.

Adapting to International-Level Competition

The Netherlands Cricket Team will face off against some of the world’s best sides when they compete in the ICC ODI World Cup 2023. This is an entirely different level of competition from what the team has previously faced and provides them with a unique challenge.

In order to ensure success at such a high level, it is important that players are able to adapt their skills and strategies quickly and effectively as soon as they come up against world-class sides.

To prepare for this transition, Ryan Cook, head coach of the Dutch cricket team since 2018, has encouraged his side to make use of experiences from International Friendly matches on top-tier teams while participating in recent tournaments like the ODI Super League and T20 Europe Challenge tournament.

By doing so, he believes his team can develop their understanding and appreciation for how international cricket works – helping them adjust faster whenever they eventually face teams like England, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

Furthermore, As mentioned earlier, The Team captain will have a very important role in motivating the rest teammates to understand the collective challenges ahead when competing Against Elite teams like India or South Africa.

Utilizing Young Talent

The Netherlands is fortunate to have many promising, young players on their side who can be assets at the ICC World Cup 2023. Young athletes often bring energy and enthusiasm to the game, giving already talented veterans something extra to rally or work around.

Besides this, young players are often highly ambitious and turn out to be long-term investments for the team. By providing them with opportunities on a big stage, such as the World Cup, they get invaluable experience that will prove useful not just during but also after post post-cricketing career.

Also, it serves as motivation for these youngsters who receive the opportunity of a lifetime while playing alongside some of the greats out there. Henceforth it’s essential that these promising cricketers are given ample chances and due recognition so they can gain valuable lessons and contribute towards making the Netherlands Cricket Team rise further up in upcoming competitions, including ICC Cricket World Cup 2023.

Key Players to Watch

Be sure to keep an eye on the team captain and top batters and bowlers, as they could have a huge impact on the Netherlands’ success in the tournament.

Team Captain

scott edwards

Scott Edwards once again takes up the mantle of captaincy for the Netherlands Cricket team in their mission to make an impact at the upcoming ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. His presence is surely going to provide a boost to spirits in the team, with his dynamic and powerful leadership abilities set to spur success regardless of what comes next.

As a leader, Scott Edwards has shown time and again that he can inspire those around him with confidence-boosting team talks as well as making critical decisions with precision, particularly when it matters most in crunch situations.

He also possesses an abundance of cricketing knowledge which makes him an ideal candidate for this role, as his experienced input could be invaluable during practices where specific tactics are labored over or while implementing strategies throughout play so that they can reap rewards eventually.

Top Batters

The Netherlands cricket team has top batters that make up the strong batting line-up in the squad. Here are some of their key players to watch out for:





Scott Edwards




Wesley Barresi




Max O’Dowd




  1. Scott Edwards: Scott Edwards is a standout performer in the Netherlands cricket team. He has accumulated an impressive 1212 runs with a remarkable average of 40.4. His ability to maintain a high strike rate of 92.73 adds dynamism to the team’s batting lineup. Edwards is undoubtedly a key player to watch out for, capable of turning matches with his consistent and aggressive batting.
  2. Wesley Barresi: Wesley Barresi brings stability to the team’s batting. With 1193 runs under his belt, he may not have the highest average, averaging 30.58, but he compensates with his resilience. His strike rate of 78.48 suggests his ability to adapt to different match situations, making him a valuable asset in the squad.
  3. Max O’Dowd: Max O’Dowd is another promising name in the Netherlands cricket team. His 1158 runs at an average of 37.35 showcase his ability to score consistently. While his strike rate of 73.99 may not be the highest, O’Dowd’s reliability as an opening batter adds depth to the team’s batting lineup. Keep an eye on him for crucial starts at the top of the order.

Top Bowlers

Now, let’s shift our focus to the bowlers who form the backbone of the Netherlands cricket team’s formidable lineup.






Logan van Beek





Bas de Leede





Aryan Dutt






  1. Logan van Beek: Logan van Beek is a seasoned bowler for the Netherlands cricket team, known for his ability to take crucial wickets. With 34 wickets to his name, he boasts an impressive average of 33.41, indicating his consistency in breaking through opposition defenses. Additionally, his economy rate of 5.29 and a strike rate of 37.88 demonstrate his knack for maintaining pressure on the batsmen while also being effective in picking up wickets.
  2. Bas de Leede: Bas de Leede is a valuable asset to the Netherlands team, contributing significantly with his bowling prowess. Having claimed 29 wickets, he showcases a commendable average of 34.44, reflecting his ability to provide breakthroughs when needed. His economy rate of 5.26 and a strike rate of 39.27 further underline his capability to keep opposing batsmen in check.
  3. Aryan Dutt: Aryan Dutt is a promising young bowler who has been making waves in the Netherlands cricket scene. Despite his age, he has already secured 20 wickets at an outstanding average of 48.25, indicating his potential to become a future star. With an economy rate of 5.17 and a strike rate of 55.9, Dutt has shown his ability to trouble batsmen with his skillful and economical bowling.

See if our prediction matches what Irfan Pathan had predicted top batters and bowlers of this World Cup.

Role of Coaching and Management Staff

The coaching and management staff of the Netherlands Cricket Team can have a significant impact on the team’s performance in the 2023 World Cup. Strategies like emphasis on helping players adapt to international-level cricket and focusing on dysfunctional playing patterns while also utilizing young talent to their benefit are important aspects that the coaches and managers must address.

By healing weak links among personnel during practices, they will be able to help bring out each individual player’s potential. In addition, building effective game plans taking into account opponents’ strengths and weaknesses is essential for providing an edge over competition in this prestigious tournament.

With such guidance from experienced professionals, The Netherlands Cricket Team is sure to improve significantly performance levels in the 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup.

Predictions for the 2023 World Cup

With a strong squad set to represent the Netherlands in the 2023 World Cup, we can only anticipate some surprises from this underestimated side!

Chances to Prove Themselves in the Biggest Stage

The Netherlands cricket team has earned the opportunity to showcase their abilities on the world stage at the 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup. For the historic appointment, they sealed second place in a tightly contested qualification process behind Sri Lanka.

Appearing in their fifth World Cup since 1996, it stands as a major achievement for this passionate group of players who are looking to prove themselves on cricket’s biggest stage yet.

Moreover, when assessing potential strengths and weaknesses ahead of their tournament appearance, there is a great reason for optimism within Camp Dutch. 

Boasting arguably one of their most talented squads yet, not only are individual players equipped with more international experience than ever before, but also greater unity has been built around Peter Borren’s inspiring initiatives that encourage members to treat themselves as equals regardless of opponents faced or size disparities between nations involved.

This collective growth will be sorely needed if The Netherlands wish to compete amongst heavyweights such as India and Australia and create some much-needed momentum going into next year’s tournament”.

Chances to Win Some Matches

The Netherlands Cricket Team is set to make their return to the ICC World Cup competitions at the 2023 tournament in India. While they are considered rank outsiders, it cannot be denied that the team possesses some fascinating strengths and a lot of potential.

Although they have only won two matches in all their previous World Cup appearances, there may be hope for them if they perform well on this grand stage.

Their opportunity was granted after having participated in ICC Qualifier 2023, where they managed to achieve victory with a convincing 30-run margin but, more importantly, having topped their group.

Their performance in that event likely gave confidence going into the Super League, which provides 24 matches over a two-year period, and thus becoming one step closer to qualifying for the World Cup.


Here are some of the most common questions Netherlands fans ask you might be interested in.

1. What is the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Netherlands Cricket Team?

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Netherlands cricket team is a national sports side that will represent The Netherlands in the upcoming tournament to be held in October-November 2023.

2. How Can I Get Updates About The Matches And Performances Of The Netherlands’s Cricket Team For Icc Cwc 2023?

You can stay up to date with all news, match reports, and rankings by subscribing to official ICC newsletters covering matches featuring The Netherlands’ national announcements, wherein results, analysis, and other relevant information would be made available online on a regular basis.

4. Can I Find Reports Or Commentaries Related To Ongoing Practice Sessions Of The Netherlands’s Cricket Team For Icc Cwc2023?

Yes, you could helplessly track recent progress statements linking official practice sessions provided on websites such as ESPN alongside product reviews by senior players after each match, which includes live audio commentary based upon team dynamics after games performed within the last 2 years leading toward the World Cup Championship 2026 season.

Wrapping Up

The Netherlands Cricket Team has a great opportunity to participate in the 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup and prove themselves on the big stage. They secured their spot by finishing second behind Sri Lanka in the Super League Qualifiers, giving them the right to compete against other world-class teams for World Cup glory.

The team has had some successes in past tournaments, including reaching a semi-final of an ODI series and making it all the way to the final of the T20Iants Series. There is no small challenge ahead, with heavy competition from established cricket powers like India, Afghanistan, Australia, England, New Zealand, Pakistan, and South Africa; however, they will be looking to use this experience as a strong foundation going into this tournament.

The next qualifying round will be decisive for determining whether or not they make it through – if successful, then The Netherlands Cricket Team has every chance of performing at their best and upsetting one or two opponents along the way.


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