ICC World Cup 2023 New Zealand Team Analysis [Key Players to Watch]

The ICC Cricket World Cup is a great event for all cricket enthusiasts and New Zealand’s team has been preparing hard for this tournament since 2019.

This post will present you with the ICC World Cup 2023 New Zealand team analysis. This provides all the latest updates about the team so you can be well-informed before cheering them on during their campaign. We will analyze their squad overview as well as look into their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats leading up to the World Cup 2023 matches.

So let’s take a closer look at how New Zealand stacks up against its competitors in the upcoming tournament!

Content Highlights

  • New Zealand Cricket relies on experienced players like Kane Williamson, Tom Latham, and Henry Nicholls to provide an attacking batting style in the upcoming ICC World Cup 2023.
  • The team faces challenges like vulnerability against spin bowling, a core trio of Kane Williamson, Daryl Mitchell, and Devon Conway taking the main responsibility for successful batting performances, and frequent collapses when batting first innings.
  • A strong leadership lineup with captain Kane Williamson supported by Tim Southee and Tom Latham gives confidence to teammates that they can face any challenge fearlessly, while Trent Boult leads a reliable bowling lineup backed up by veterans such as James Neesham.
  • Consistency is key since individual performances may slip up every now and then, but a consistent effort ensures better chances at glory which means there are immense expectations from each member of the star-studded NZ squad to maintain form if they hope to achieve success.

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ICC World Cup 2023 New Zealand Team Analysis

Heading into the 2023 Men’s Cricket World Cup, the New Zealand team is led by its captain Kane Williamson and vice-captain Tom Latham. As previous tournament veterans, both have plenty of experience under their belt to get the job done.

Ranked fifth in Tests, sixth in ODIs, and third in T20Is by the ICC, this team shows promise for an impressive run this year at cricket’s biggest stage.

Despite having participated in all 29 events presented by the ICC so far, it could be seen as a “last call” for many key players who may not get another chance at glory, with this edition being one of their last chances before retirement or simply a lack of selection.

So New Zealand will need good performances from experienced players like Tim Southee while taking advantage of their top-quality batters and conditions that favor them if they want a shot at winning Coach Gary Stead’s first global tournament event cup as head coach.

SWOT Analysis of the New Zealand Team

swot analysis of new zealand team

To gain a deeper understanding of New Zealand’s team performance for World Cup 2023, a SWOT Analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) can be conducted to assess their current standing.


The New Zealand cricket team has a core of experienced and established players who are adept in both the ODI and T20 formats. Along with the captain  Kane Williamson, world-class Kiwi batsmen like Tom Latham, Devon Conway, and Will Young are able to provide an attacking batting style when facing opponents.

This, combined with their bowlers who have become skilled at taking advantage of any conditions they face, gives them an edge over teams that cannot do just the same.

Players like Devon Conway and Glenn Phillips, both experienced veterans of international cricket, have scores that consistently focus on run rate rather than trying to get too bogged down in the number of runs made alone.

With some recently retired greats such as Ross Taylor, this may also be the last chance for key players like Kane Williamson, Trent Boult, and Tim Southee to show what they can do while they still dominate elite competition globally.


The New Zealand cricket team faces a few key weaknesses that put them at risk of not performing well in the ICC World Cup 2023. One of their main issues is their struggle against spin bowlers, an issue particularly exacerbated by playing conditions on dry subcontinent pitches where top-spinner and off-spinners tend to be more effective than fast bowling.

Coupled with this is the fact they rely overly on a core trio – Kane Williamson, Daryl Mitchell, Devon Conway – who are largely responsible for successful batting performances from their team.

Similarly, despite boasting quality bowlers such as Tim Southee, his effectiveness often depends heavily on conditions rather than individual skill or ability to lead the attack himself.


The New Zealand cricket team is in a prime position to take advantage of the opportunity that comes with playing in the 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup. The experienced players, along with talented youngsters, provide great options for selection while providing a constant challenge on match day.

Their batting lineup, boasting some of the finest performers in world cricket, makes them an even stronger team. Top-quality batsmen like Kane Williamson, Daryl Mitchell, Devon Conway, Tom Latham, and Glenn Phillips can cause havoc amongst bowling attacks and put immense pressure on any opposition they face at this tournament.

Their consistent performances over past tournaments indicate that they should have no problem making their mark this time around as well. All these factors mean New Zealand is capable of utilizing conditions against opponents, which could benefit them during the 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup matches.


The New Zealand Cricket Team faces challenges like last chance for key players, their vulnerability against spin bowling, and previous poor record in India that could become threats in the 2023 World Cup.

Last Chance for Key Players

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 is a crucial opportunity for key New Zealand cricket team players. Injuries to several of their star players, like Tim Southee, have disrupted their preparations.

This has made it difficult for them to perform at their full capability, making it even more important that they take advantage of this tournament as an opportunity for redemption.

The experienced core of the New Zealand squad, including the skipper Kane Williamson and the impressive pace bowling duo Southee and Boult, are expected to make vital contributions when needed most; however, they must recognize that their window of success may soon close with retirement looming ever closer.

Weakness Against Spin Bowling

The New Zealand Cricket Team’s main weakness in the upcoming ICC World Cup 2023, is their struggle against spin bowling. This weakness has been a problem for the team for quite some time and could prove to be a major hurdle if not addressed during training sessions.

Additionally, this lack of proficiency with spin bowling impacts the run-scoring rate for batting orders as well as providing more wicket opportunities to opponents. Will Young and Daryl Mitchell can be particularly vulnerable against spinners due to their misjudged shots played out from their middle-order roles.

To compound New Zealand’s issues, veteran leg spinner opposition like Adil Rashid, Shakib Al Hasan, or Kuldeep Yadav might take full advantage of such weak form from Kiwi batsmen. If improvement isn’t seen between now and the 2023 World Cup, then it’s likely that the New Zealand cricket team will have serious difficulty placing runs on the board as matches progress deeply through each innings.

Poor Record in India

New Zealand has traditionally struggled in ODIs played in India. Out of the 61 ODIs contested on Indian soil, the Kiwis have only managed to win 18 matches thus far. And if we talk about the last five years, New Zealand has played 3 ODIs in India and has lost all of them.

This poor record is a significant weakness that New Zealand should look to improve upon going into their ICC World Cup 2023 campaign.

Their SWOT analysis will be key when assessing and adapting strategies for such challenging conditions as seen in Indian grounds, which are notorious for spin bowling and unfamiliar pitch conditions.

The team needs to strategize correctly and put together players who can unsettle opposing teams with both bat and ball if they are to get consistent results this tournament season.

New Zealand Squad Overview for the 2023 World Cup

new zealand cricket team practice session

Just like the Bangladesh World Cup Squad, the New Zealand squad for the ICC World Cup 2023 features a talented blend of youth and experience. Led by skipper Kane Williamson, the team has some of the best cricketers in world cricket, with experienced players such as Trent Boult, Tim Southee, Lockie Ferguson, Devon Conway, and James Neesham leading from the front.

Their ODI records speak for themselves – they are focused on performing well at this tournament to make an impression on the global stage. The inclusion of talented batsmen such as Devon Conway, Glen Phillips, and Daryl Mitchell provides depth to their overall lineup.

The bowling attack is spearheaded by Lockie Ferguson, who can generate extreme pace and swing when needed, with support from veterans Boult and Southee, who bring stability into each game plan.

All-rounder Jimmy Neesham would be integral to providing a balance between batting & bowling as he has done so often over the years across all formats for NZC!

Here’s the final squad for the Kiwis in the 2023 ICC World Cup:



Batting Hand

Bowling Style

Trent Boult


Right hand

Left arm Fast medium

Tim Southee


Right hand

Right arm Medium fast

Kane Williamson

Top order Batter

Right hand

Right arm off break

Lockie Ferguson


Right hand

Right arm Fast

Devon Conway

Wicketkeeper Batter

Left hand

Right arm Medium

James Neesham

Batting Allrounder

Left hand

Right arm Medium fast

Daryl Mitchell

Batting Allrounder

Right hand

Right arm Medium

Matt Henry


Right hand

Right arm Fast medium

Mitchell Santner

Bowling Allrounder

Left hand

Slow Left arm Orthodox

Tom Latham

Wicketkeeper Batter

Left hand

Right arm Medium

Ish Sodhi


Right hand


Will Young

Top order Batter

Right hand

Right arm off break

Mark Chapman


Left hand

Slow Left arm Orthodox

Glenn Phillips

Wicketkeeper Batter

Right hand

Right arm off break

Rachin Ravindra

Batting Allrounder

Left hand

Slow Left arm Orthodox

This is the squad of the New Zealand team in this World Cup. And as a bonus, here’s the list of commentators in the 2023 ICC World Cup for your convenience!

Key Players to Watch Out For

An experienced leader will spearhead the New Zealand Team in World Cup 2023 and include a reliable bowling lineup as well as consistent stars who have performed admirably on the ICC tournament circuit.

Experienced Leader

Kane Williamson is the experienced leader and skipper of the New Zealand cricket team for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. He has all the qualities of an astute captain – strategic thinking, courage, level-headedness in tough situations, and leadership skills to rally his teammates around him despite difficult matchups.

His batting prowess is even more impressive with consistent performances and a composed approach accepted as a hallmark among fellow batters around the world. With Tim Southee, Tom Latham, and Trent Boult forming up a core group with Williamson’s calming presence providing crucial support, especially under pressure, this strong leadership line-up gives everyone within the team confidence that they can face any challenge fearlessly, which ultimately yields dividends on the field when navigating difficult conditions or tight game scenarios against opponents.

Stable Bowling Lineup

New Zealand is known to have a strong and consistent bowling lineup, with experienced players like Tim Southee, Trent Boult, Matt Henry, Mitchell Santner, Lockie Ferguson, James Neesham, and Ish Sodhi leading the attack. The inclusion of veteran pacers Southee and Boult gives the team an upper hand in most situations.

Tim Southee and Trent Boult’s expertise at speed and control over line and length granted them 34 wickets and 39 wickets, respectively, in the ODI World Cup Tournaments they participated in. 

New Zealand’s strength in bowling will be a major contributor to their success in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023.

Furthermore, the experienced duo of Boult and Southee bring both pace as well as experience, which are much needed for any successful cricket team’s bowling department on such big stages as that of the CWC2023.

Opportunities for New Zealand in World Cup 2023

The team has the potential to utilize its quality batch of batsmen and local conditions that may hold an advantage for them at the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023.

Utilizing Top-Quality Batters

An aggressive batting lineup is considered to be one of the strongest weapons for any team in international cricket. New Zealand boasts a dependable batting core which includes some top-quality batters who have the capability to play attacking shots and pile on runs quickly against challenging opponents.

This could prove to be beneficial for NZ as they look ahead to their World Cup campaign this year. Recently, NZ won an impressive warm-up match vs South Africa by 7 runs in the DL method, which gave them huge confidence going into the tournament.

With players like Trent Boult, Tim Southee, Kane Williamson, Lockie Ferguson, Devon Conway, and James Neesham available in different positions, the Kiwis could potentially bring an end to their previous World Cup jinxes if they are able to craft explosive partnerships between these players and utilize conditions conducive to their style of play with precision.

Utilizing Conditions to their Advantage

The New Zealand cricket team is often praised for their clever use of conditions and for employing them to their advantage. With the ongoing ICC Cricket World Cup 2023, New Zealand will have to factor in every condition it may face to maximize its resource usage by tailoring it according to a specific location or wicket type.

They need to strategize and plan carefully on how they can make the most of playing conditions such as dew, humidity, pitch types, etc. This kind of analysis requires intensive scouting and preparation when selecting players better suited for certain matches while resting others so that everybody feels fresh before an important tournament match.

New Zealand’s success in past tournaments has been credited partially to their ability to read into every minute detail, including soil texture, prior to making decisions about their bowling line-up or selection techniques during tournaments like the Champions Trophy 2017 (that was held two years after the previous year’s World Cup).

Consistent Performances in ICC Tournaments

As the New Zealand cricket team prepares for the ICC ODI World Cup 2023, the importance of consistent performance in high-stakes and grand tournaments like this cannot be underestimated.

Consistency is essential for teams as it builds on everyone’s confidence and trust in the players. Records show that New Zealand has already given us glimpses of its potential to deliver consistent performances. They hold the record of playing in the semi-finals 6 times which is a world record itself. Moreover, they were the runner-up in the last two consecutive ODI World Cups in 2015 and 2019.

The success on an individual level can also depend largely on how well a player performs consistently during key matches and major events. This means that there will be great expectations from each member of New Zealand’s star-studded squad to maintain their form if they hope to bring home some silverware from India later this year.

Final Thoughts

The upcoming ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 represents a crucial opportunity for New Zealand to showcase its cricket prowess. The team has traditionally performed well in the World Cup, but they must overcome challenges if they want to make an impact this time.

Their strengths include a strong squad with experienced bowlers and high-caliber batters and past success in high-pressure tournaments such as the IPL and T20I World Cup. 

Additionally, Kane Williamson’s leadership will be it’s an untested factor due to his successful captaining stint with Sunrisers Hyderabad and Wellington Firebirds, which needs to be kept into consideration for the success of this team.

However, their weaknesses lie in batting against spin bowling and form drop when playing away from home in India or other countries, which also poses a certain threat leading up to WC 2023.

All these factors definitely add extra pressure on New Zealand team management since it is probably going to be their last chance at glory after several unsuccessful campaigns.


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