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How to Wash Dishes as Efficiently as Possible?

Washing dishes

There are few who do it with pleasure, but since someone has to do it, we share all the information you need to make cleaning the dishes a faster and more effective process.

There are people who think that washing dishes is entertaining or therapeutic, but I would dare to think that for an important population this is a task that causes boredom. And it’s a thing to imagine that time when you had to wash an important accumulation of dishes, like after Christmas or when you have guests at home and glasses, glasses, pots, dishes, pans and even dishes that you did not know were used you had.

Arriving in the kitchen after eating and seeing that tower of china can be demoralizing, but it is a duty that we all have to face. In Practical we know that it is not easy and therefore we have been investigating some techniques that could make the process more bearable and, why not, even pleasant.

Chef Paco Almeida’s technique


Through a series of tweets, the Argentine cook and journalist Paco Almeida comments that it is not necessary to buy a dishwasher to clean efficiently, since you only need to know the process that how to wash dishes properly. His technique evolved “after more than 15 years in kitchens around the world.”

“I observed that dishwashing is a global problem, where a lot of water is wasted and liters of pollutants are dumped into the sewers unnecessarily,” he explains.

Step 1: Identify


The chef begins by saying that in the first instance “you have to understand two things: know how to differentiate types of dirt on the dishes and not mix them.

That is, if you make meat in the oven, the result is a source with a lot of fat and dirty dishes with it. Almeida explains that you cannot throw that into the dishwasher and put it together with the salad bowl, cutlery and glasses, because otherwise everything will get greasy and therefore it will be more difficult to wash. Just like recycling, here “you have to separate at source”.

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Step 2: Degrease in the garbage can

The second move proposed by the chef is to degrease the maximum in the non-recyclable garbage can. A good way to do it would be using paper napkins, even better if they are the ones that are already used, so as not to waste. “We simply scrub the platter and dishes and absorb as much fat as possible. This way we avoid contaminating other cutlery or dishes with grease or oil, which is usually the most difficult to clean and requires spending a lot of hot water, detergents and degreasers. This is a fundamental step for a correct washing of dishes,” he affirms.
Step 3: Dilute the detergent

As we mentioned before, Almeida is aware of the environmental crisis and therefore makes a call to dilute a portion of dishwashers in four of water. This is for two reasons: one, because too much detergent is bad for the hands, and the second has to do with the fact that “if the dishwasher is good, diluted with water it yields the same.”

In Practical, after trying seven massive brands of detergent, we recommend using Magistral, as it is the most effective, efficient and powerful dishwasher, especially for degreasing. It is a bit more expensive, but it yields more and, if you follow these steps, it pays off.

“If there is a lot of grease or dirt”, continues Almeida, “an extra is added, but for the superficial dirt it is more than enough. Also, detergent and degreaser are terrible for the environment. A little environmental awareness doesn’t hurt”.

Step 4: The Technique


In total there are seven movements that the chef proposes in this technique:

1. We group by level of dirt.

2. We cleared the dishwasher and dish dryer.

3. We open a thread of hot water.

4. We soak everything and with the sponge we apply detergent to each piece. This saves time for effect.

5. Time to rinse — it is key to have the dish dryer clear to be able to group.

6. Rinses off and goes to the dish dryer.

7. The dirtiest is always saved for last, be it baking dishes, pots or plates.

With skill, the chef ensures that this process can take 10 minutes, so now it is entirely up to you.

Extra information about the chef


If your baking dish is left with a lot of residue, the first thing you should do is pass the spatula and throw the waste away. Then pass the absorbent paper and there just go to the washing process.

Grease and dirt, if not cleaned quickly, tend to dehydrate and become hard. If this happened to you with a lasagna, for example, you should soak the dish with water and a splash of detergent or degreaser.

Suggestions from a gastronomy teacher


Cristián Marcelo González, professor of the Gastronomy Career, Padre Alonso de Ovalle de Duoc UC headquarters, also shares some information that may be useful in this work:

  • When we take the dishes to the kitchen, the ideal is to have the sector where we leave the dishes organized, for example: “Leave the dirty cutlery in a container with detergent or simply with water and a few drops of chlorine, while you carry out another action before washing them”.
  • If you have a double laundry, “it would be ideal to choose one of them to leave with plenty of water and detergent, to wash the dishes and cutlery. Leave the other space for rinsing the dishes”.
  • For those who have a laundry, “it would be important to order everything that was taken care of, whether at breakfast, lunch, eleven, etc. in the kitchen counter and keep the laundry room clear to wash”
  • For this teacher, the ideal order would be the cutlery first, “apply detergent, scrub, then rinse and leave to style, ideal in a container where the water can drain, which will make it easier to dry and then simply put it away”.
  • The second step would be “to remove the remains of food from the dishes before taking the water with detergent to prevent the drain from clogging, distribute the previous washing action”.
  • “Another important action is to wash all glasses and glasses separately to avoid accidents such as cuts,” he explains.
  • In last place are the utensils that were used to prepare or cook. “Food remains should be removed and washed as much as possible with hot water, separately since it almost always has more fat than crockery,” he says.

Your selected in cleaning


For each task, the ideal is to have the right cleaning products. These are his words in front of his four recommendations:

1. Have a degreaser to apply to the pots or to apply to the kitchen, the hood filters, tiles.

2. Concentrated detergents are also a good choice for their performance and quality.

3. Chlorine is always a good disinfection option for both cleaning and disinfecting fruits and vegetables.

4. Cream cleaners are useful for their micro sprays which degrease and clean thoroughly without scratching.

“The kitchen as a space is very important and especially cleanliness and hygiene, because it depends on the fact that associated diseases do not occur either due to poorly prepared processes or lack of hygiene”, he says and gives, for example, the case of ” cross contamination, or poisoning either by the cleaning agents we use ”.

Another suggestion he makes is to read “the manufacturer’s instructions that often advise using protection elements when they are very strong, such as: wearing gloves, goggles or a mask”.

Ellen’s tips


Journalist and interior decorator Ellen Andara shared a series of dishwashing tips on YouTube. Although some coincide with those of Almeida, there are some that we found interesting to share.

Use hot water


“Dirt will come out faster and what is adhering to dishes and pots will come off easier,” says Ellen. “Fat softens in heat and you can get rid of it with less effort.”

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For those who do not have time to wash soon


Like when you eat breakfast and fly off to work, Ellen suggests filling the dishwasher halfway with hot water — or a large tub that holds the plates and cups — add a few drops of detergent, and submerge the dirty dishes . Then, when you arrive, you can resume your work and wash without problems or delays.

Organize things in order of dirt


Just as Almeida proposes to wash things with excess fat apart from those that don’t, Ellen suggests a similar and a little more structured order. “You start with the cups and glasses, then you move on to the cutlery, which usually takes up less food waste and grease, you continue with the plates and end with the serving dishes, pots and pans.” The idea of ​​this order is that the dirtiest items are soaked longer and thus you avoid staining the things that are not with grease.

Don’t use knives or shavings 


Removing dirt from pots and dishes is sometimes complex. Ellen suggests not using knives or shavings for this task, because they can remove the first nonstick layer from the pot or pan. When this happens, the material is exposed and is not good for us.

How to wash dishes if household member has Covid-19?

In times like the ones we are going through globally, it is important to have this type of knowledge. If a resident of your house has Coronavirus and they have the possibility of isolating him in a room with a bathroom, it is very likely that he should be supplied with the food he needs during the days of confinement through trays. At the same time, being infected, that person will not be able to wash their own dishes, for which another person in the house must be responsible.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) of the United States, to clean and disinfect the dishes you should always use disposable or reusable gloves, which are exclusively used for this purpose. Preferably it is suggested to use hot water, in addition to disinfectant products.

There are some products that are certified against Coronavirus, such as Clorox. You can fill the dishwasher halfway with hot water, add a few drops of dishwasher and a part – cap – of bleach, and wash in that solution.

Chlorine Clorox traditional 1 L


Another good piece of information is that the person’s earthenware is marked, so that the same plate, the same cup, cutlery and glass are constantly used during the days when it is isolated.

On the coronapedia site it is suggested that “the cutlery, glasses, plates and other reusable utensils be washed with hot water and soap, or preferably in a dishwasher.”

Other tools

Gloves with food grade brush

Good allies have appeared to help clean dishes. One of them are these reusable plastic gloves, which have little hairs of this same material that work as a kind of sponge and brush.

Flexible Turbo Flex Dishwasher Hose


Another good tool that can make this experience more bearable is a dishwasher adapter. It is a hose that will fire like a kind of shower when you wash the dishes, preventing water from dripping and removing dirt more efficiently. The important thing here prior to the comparison is that you make sure that this adapter is compatible with your key.

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