How to Make A His and Her Bathroom?

Every mature adult craves a separate bathroom for themselves. Your bathroom design should be functional and aesthetically pleasing, creating an oasis of calm. As experts in bathroom remodeling, we know that designing the perfect space for a couple to relax in privacy can be a challenge. Here, we list the best considerations for creating a his and hers bathroom.

Consider How the Area Will Be Utilised

Understand the space’s intended use before beginning any renovations or new construction. Functionality is essential in any bathroom design. It is also vital that the area reflects your personality and that of your family. Do not add a bathtub if you love the look but know that you will never use it.

The Convenience of a Two-Head Shower

A his-and-hers bathroom needs a double showerhead so they can use both showers simultaneously. You can put showerheads on either side of the bathroom or across from one another. It will depend on the design of your bathroom and the accessibility of pipes. In addition, consider installing a shower hose if you have small children or pets prone to wandering into the bathroom. They are a fantastic asset to any bathroom.

Maintain A Neutral Touch

Depending on personal preference, a his-and-hers bathroom can be designed in one of two ways. You either agree with one another or engage in a fierce argument. We advise using a monochromatic color scheme to avoid the latter. Towels and other decorative accessories can provide splashes of color to an otherwise monochromatic room.

Which Is Better, A Single Mirror or A Pair?

You should consider your storage needs if you cannot decide between using one shared mirror or two. Make use of two mirrors to create extra space beneath the bench if you don’t have any other options for storing items. We also advise one to put shelves behind the mirrors to maximize vertical space.

Single or Double Basin?

If the bathroom is large enough, two people can use a single basin to create a “his and hers” space. Two separate basins provide privacy but take up more bench space, whereas a single huge basin frees up more room. Once again, the function of the room should guide your decision. When you get ready in the morning, do you prefer to have everything out where you can see it, or are you content to put most of your goods in the cabinet and pull them out as needed?

What About the Restroom?

For some, having a toilet in the bathroom can completely separate them. Should it be incorporated into the bathroom or kept entirely separate? The location of plumbing is frequently beyond your control. If you are not a fan of the bathroom toilet, but it must remain, construct a half wall for added privacy.


It is common knowledge that restrooms may be a source of tension in the marriage. It is the one room in the house where couples may relate to the universal experience of jostling for independence and space. A His and Hers bathroom might be the perfect answer for couples when it comes to getting ready for the day and recharging afterward.


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