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How to Create the Perfect Bedroom for Your Little One?

Creating the perfect bedroom for your little one is about establishing a room that’s more than just a place for them to sleep and store their toys. Sure, that’s part of it – but the best rooms are also somewhere for them to get creative, to learn, and to relax. We all know how nice it is to have our own little sanctuary, so why not let your child enjoy theirs too? Here’s how it’s done…

Think about storage

All too often we see nice floating shelves in rooms. While these are great for storing toys and books, you need to think about placement. Putting them where we normally put shelves as adults will mean the child struggles to reach and so they’ll forever be reliant on you. Place shelves low down. This will not only be good from a safety point of view but all from a building-independence one. It will mean they can organize their own playtime without having to ask for help. It will also mean they can tidy up themselves. If the room is small and you need more storage look for a divan bed. Divan Beds Centre has demonstrated how these can be perfect for keeping clothes and books out of harm’s way.

Bright colors

There has been a trend in recent years for homes to be predominantly grey and white. While this monochrome vibe is great for living areas and the master bedroom, color has many benefits and can influence temperament and concentration in children. Here are some color inspirations and benefits:

  • Blue and purple: Stimulates creativity. Use moderately or the room can become cold
  • Pink: A calming color which is recommended for a baby’s room
  • Green: Provides harmony and balance. Thanks to its association with nature, it has been found to encourage curiousness
  • Avoid red for younger children as it can overstimulate them and trigger tantrums. For older children, however, red can help with focus.

Creative space

Creative spaces are great for children to be just that – creative. Having a designated place in their room where they can paint and color will help them focus on it. It will also help you keep any messy play out of other rooms. A great idea is to have a chalkboard wall where they can draw and write as much as they want without creating a mess that’s tough to remove! As they get older, this can be a space to do their homework.

Cozy nook

As well as having somewhere to be creative, loud, and full of energy, having somewhere to wind down is just as important. Creating a cozy nook, where they can take their favorite book to enjoy will be ideal. This can be something as simple as a canopy from the ceiling and a few fluffy cushions.

Social space

Lastly, think about a space for them to enjoy when their friends come over. This doesn’t have to take up much room and can be close to the creative space. Scatter a few bean bag chairs around for friends to use when they are round and that might be all you need to make your guests feel welcome.

There are plenty of ways to make your child’s bedroom perfect without breaking the bank. It’s all about including their personalities and capturing what they love.

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