How to Choose the Right Slots: Win Every Time

Slots are a favourite for most players. Most players immediately head for the slot section when they get to casinos. The games are easy to play, and the returns can be huge if you find the right slot to play. Finding just the right title may be a problem. With the cavalcade of slots you are hit with as soon as you get to online casinos, it would be understandable if you are having trouble picking a game that matches the returns with exciting gameplay. We give you some tips to help you pick slots for more than just flashy graphics.

Check Online Reviews and Ratings

Reviews and ratings should be the first thing you check about a slot you have just discovered. Find out what review sites are saying about the game and what the payouts look like. Ratings like these help you understand slots even before you play them. Such reviews will also help you discover hidden gems like Casino days Canada, where you will find a host of amazing slots. Find trustworthy review sites and find out details about the games you want to play before placing real money wagers.

Find Out About RTP and Volatility

This is one of the ways you know what games you like. Return to player (RTP) describes the amount you get back from the game for every dollar you play. This is measured by percentage and mostly ranges between 94% and 95%. Ideally, you want a game with an RTP of 96% and up. These have more returns than games with a lower RTP.

When it comes to volatility, this defines how much you get per win and how often wins come. Low volatility signifies slots with low but frequent payouts, whereas high volatility denotes slots that give high wins, although these may be spaced out. Players can also play games with medium to high volatility, a mix of small regular payouts and big ones spaced out. Volatility is the thing about slots that defines your kind of playing style. Consider this to find out whether you want games with quick payouts or slow but big ones.

Check the Wagering Limits

Wagering limits are not the first thing players check, but this would help determine whether you want to play a game. Some high rollers will find the maximum limit for some slots to be inadequate for them. The casual players will also benefit from a game that lets them place wagers under a dollar. Features like these are not likely to keep you away from a game at first glance, but you have to think about how much the wagering limits are going to cost you over a long gaming session.

The Type of Special Features Available on the Slot

Slots come with a whole host of special features, and game providers are constantly adding to these. Finding a slot that gives you the kind of special features you like is key to enjoying your time on the slot. For instance, players who want the bonus buy feature will find titles that miss this feature to drag along.

The gamut of features you get on a slot also determines how easy it is to hit the maximum win. Features like a progressive jackpot are a must-have for some players. Always pick a slot with special features you like. This gives you more chances of ripping all you can from the slot as you will be playing bonus features you are used to.

Find Out About the Paylines

Paylines show how many winning ways you have on a slot. Ideally, you want slots with the most paylines you can get. While most slots come with 25 to 40 paylines, you will find those with newer ways to forge wins. Cluster pays and the Megaways engine are some of the features you should look for when it comes to paylines. With pay systems that add paylines or ignore them altogether, you have better chances of winning every time you spin the reels. Games with better pay systems also give you bigger wins per winning spin than on regular paylines.


Slots were meant for mindless fun. You didn’t have to think about how much you could win. All there was about slots was the fun of watching the reels spin. Now you have slots with huge payouts that have caught players’ attention. It is up to players to find slots that pay well and play these if they are to enjoy the new wave of titles coming out. Ultimately, finding the best game depends on what you are looking for as a player.

Some may find low-volatility slots to be the best, and others will feel that high-volatility is the way to go. With these tips, you have a better chance of zeroing down on what you want. Enjoy demo versions when unsure, and see what games you gravitate to.

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