Tips and Tricks on How to Choose the Best Tank in Overwatch

Hey, guys! Right now, we are going to talk about the tank roster and how to choose the best tank for each Overwatch game in order to easily increase your account’s Skill Rating.

First comes first – it is not enough to be a good tank player, especially if you are a one-trick pony. To maximize your influence on the game, you need to learn how to play multiple tanks and know which one to use in any situation. Why not become, say, a multi-top 500 tank player? We will show you how to master this either for playing (which is our goal No.1) but also for betting on this eSports at the best Overwatch betting sites (because you will learn to recognize which teams excel in the tank gameplay and which not), so let’s get started.

Which Tank Should You Choose?

The common recommendation is to go for the meta tank. The meta tanks can be found on the Overwatch characters tier list, i.e. the heroes list. But you already knew that, right?

While this is sound advice, it is not always possible to simply choose the best tank and hope for the best. Not every tank will work well in every combination or when paired with another tank. This is exactly what we are trying to tell you in this guide. For starters, let’s go with some tank advice… for now.

Make More Use of the Covers

You cannot rely only on shields; they may be quickly shattered, and if you are front lining and simply soaking the damage, you are setting yourself up for a loss. Just because you are a tank does not mean you cannot use the covers, walls, and other items available to you.

Work on your cover game no matter which tank you are playing, but especially while your shields are down.

Carry Tanks with a Low Skill Rating

Roadhog and Wrecking Ball, in our opinion, are the greatest ones to carry in low skill ratings. The explanation behind this is that they have a significant single impact, are easy to pick off and disrupt, and don’t require as much team support. This primarily applies to the Bronze through the Platinum range.

As you may be aware, carrying solo in low-skill rating games is more difficult than ever due to inexperienced teams on both sides and the lack of the ability to rely on a competent team and communication. You must take control of the situation. In low SR games, Zarya, Sigma, and Winston can have a huge solo influence if you don’t play Roadhog or Hamster. You must, however, learn how to play them effectively, which leads to our next point: the more tanks you know how to play, the more flaws and circumstances you will be able to cover.

You will not get far with your Skill Rating if you are a one-trick Reinhardt or Winston or whatever else, even if you are comfortable with them and extremely talented. Imagine being paired with a tank which only plays the same heroes as you or heroes with similar strengths. You are all doomed. However, if he persists in picking that one and you can compensate for his flaws, you are set to go.

No, it is time for some particular tank advice…


Roadhog is incredibly easy and practical to climb to Platinum or Diamond, in our opinion. He does not require as much help from the team, as we previously stated, and he can go his own way most of the time.

If your team’s second tank is not very competent, will not work with you, or will not communicate, he is an excellent choice. Because he does not require as much synergy with the second tank or the squad, guys, Roadhog is a great choice.


You will need two things to go on with Zarya. First, you will need room and someone to assist you to create it, and second, you will need a lot of energy. To do so efficiently, you will need to team up with a tank that can help you obtain it.

If your second tank is someone like Orisa, it will not work out since she will not want to soak the damage and develop your ult – Reinhardt is much more appropriate, and Zarya… well, she will shine. This is an example of how to correctly pair yourself with a second tank.

Reinhardt & Orisa

Many Overwatch gamers believe that off-tanks like Zarya and Roadhog have a greater influence than main tanks. We get what you are saying, and it can certainly feel that way at times. If you are the main tank, however, the most crucial thing to do is to take space aggressively – and we really mean that. Don’t feed, but dance on the border between feeding and being a strong aggressive tank by pushing and taking that space.

With practice and time, you will be able to dance on that line even more gracefully. You will learn when to push, how hard to push, and when to back off, among other things, that is, if you feel like you are not getting as much done as you are on off-tank. Remember that if there was no main tank, off tanks would not exist. Main tanks are the backbone of the composition, and without you, no one else could do anything.

One of the reasons you should extend your Overwatch tank pool is this. If no one wants to play the main tank and vice versa, you will not be able to fill the gap if you just play off-tanks.


Countering high ground hitscan and projectile heroes like Hanzo, McCree, and Soldier:76 should be your primary focus as D.Va. You can also eat Orisa pulls and Moira orbs as a second option.

If the enemy team chooses heroes like Doomfist, Mei, or Brigitte, however, your strengths are no longer needed, and D.Va is not a good choice. You will need someone like Rein or Zarya, both excelling at frontline combat – in other words, a tank that performs well against the enemy’s composition.

It does not matter what your teammates think; after reading this guide, you should be able to figure out which tank to use in which situation and stick to it. However, it is assumed that you have spent enough time with that character and can play it properly. Let’s talk about it a bit more…

Learn to Recognize When You Play Poor With a Certain Tank

How to know that you are not a strong D.Va and need more practice? If you are trying to counter McCree on high ground with D.Va and McCree dodges your missiles, kites you, and juke flashbangs, he is definitely outplaying you. As a solution to this, you should either watch professional D.Va streams or invest in hours of Overwatch instruction as D.Va. There are tank experts on hand out there who will gladly teach you the techniques of the trade with D.Va or any other hero you may require assistance with.

If you would rather play the tank while improving your SR, check out some of the Overwatch boosting services and receive a pair boost, where you can play the tank alongside a pro who can point out your faults while also winning games with you.

Good luck with your tank games, and we hope this tutorial helps you improve your Skill Rating!

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