Instagram Automation: What is it and how to Automate Instagram?

Do you know what Instagram automation is? And is it possible to automate actions on Instagram?

Each brand is looking to grow its social account quickly. Therefore, brands are looking for automation tools to boost their social presence. However, there is a vast difference between developing an account organically and using tools. Still, many brands are utilising Instagram growth service, which is being offered in the market.

We have made a guide for you on Instagram automation. It will help you understand how you will benefit from it.

What is Instagram Automation?

It means the use of third-party software to manage your account. They carry out multiple tasks without a human presence.

Instagram automation tools can be divided into two groups.

  • Services that effectively control your interactions with users, such as likes and comments
  • Tools that take care of tasks such as publishing, reporting, and analytics

There are chances that you have come across Instagram bots. Suppose you have seen any views or followers that disappear out of nowhere. Then you have met these bots.

However, these automation tools may be risky. Instagram rules are against using these tools. It shuts down any tools that provide unreal activity.

All automation tools are not wrong. Some work at the back of the account. These tools help manage your account. They deal with tasks like automating posts to publish when followers are active. They also find hashtags to increase your reach.

Therefore, tools automate your Instagram account without any fear of warning from the platform.

Which actions can be automated on Instagram?

 You will manage the following tasks by using Instagram automation tools.


Likes are considered a form of acknowledgment. If you use a personal account, you also like something to signify admission.

Brands often manage their likes to put their accounts in front of many people. Automation of likes allows you to engage with more accounts easily. Likes are a low-effort engagement and do not result in many transactions.


Automating comments on Instagram is not a good idea. It is the definition of spam. Instagram automation tools usually post irrelevant comments. It may result in a comment with a laughing emoji on a tragic post. Therefore, Instagram blocks all the accounts that are spamming comments.

People automate comments because comments and likes are a way to get noticed by more people. Moreover, it is also used to engage more audiences by interacting with them.

Find Followers

Many Instagram automation tools can find relevant accounts for your followers. It is similar to buying UK Instagram followers for a UK-based Instagram account.

You don’t need to go deep into hashtags to find relevant people. These automation tools help you find all the appropriate accounts for your brand.

Moreover, these tools also save a lot of your time.

Follows (and unfollows)

The concept behind automating follows is simple. The more accounts you follow, the more followers you will get. Some Instagram automation tools automatically follow accounts.

However, Instagram updated not to follow more than 7500 accounts. Instagram introduced this tool to stop spamming activities.

Direct Message

Automating direct messages are also spammy, just like comments. It is also not a great idea to manage DM. Some tools also allow you to automate direct messages. You must have noticed the spam messages in your inbox. These messages are a result of Automated tools.

Therefore, if you don’t use it properly, other accounts may report you. 

Story Views

Automating story views is the same as “likes’’. It doesn’t bother other users, but looking at people’s stories is wrong to get engagement. It gives a feel of stalking to the accounts. Therefore, you need to take care of this tool.

Scheduling and Publishing

Instagram automation tools allow you to schedule your post for a specific time. This tool helps to organise your post when your users are active. It is also beneficial in cross-posting from other accounts.

Scheduling your posts helps you maintain consistency. It also helps in announcements. Moreover, it enables you to get audience engagement.


Manual tracking of data can be a time taking and disturbing task. Therefore, automated tools track data for you. They analyze your account and make a report.


Instagram automation is an excellent tool if you use it wisely. It helps you to grow your IG followers fast. It also saves a lot of your time handling your Instagram account. Moreover, it is a helpful tool to schedule your posts at a specific time.

However, Instagram is not a fan of automation techniques. If it finds any spamming activity, it can deactivate your account. Therefore, you have to be careful about this. Poor automation looks spammy and is risky. It may result in your account suspension.

We hope to have delivered enough information about Instagram automation. It may help you in some way and save your time in handling your Instagram account.

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