How Can L&D Help to Attract and Retain Talent?

You finally managed to hire a new employee, but he leaves after 6 months? That’s a real problem, we know. You put so much effort to find the ideal candidate for that position and you wanted him to stick longer, we got your pain. But the good news is that it becomes pretty possible when you invest in your team’s learning and development. Let’s see how it can be done.

Develop learning culture

To show employees that they have career growth opportunities, companies should have training and development courses. And when companies do this on a constant basis, they build a learning culture. This is what makes employees stay longer with them. When businesses emphasize learning as a core company value, it boosts team’s productivity. They become motivated to work harder as they clearly see their progress over time. They become more eager to contribute strategic goals because they view it as a chance to grow.

Build customized training programs

When we speak about L&D it is important to build customized programs and not just general training. For that you need to examine business needs, identify employees’ skill gaps and build a program that would address all these. In that way your team members will have training courses that are suitable to their job role. It will assist in their future career goals that are linked with the company’s strategic objectives. Employees will feel that they are growing as a professional and will be more likely to work in the same company longer.

Have well-organized onboarding process

When employees firstly join the team, they make the first impression during the onboarding phase. That’s why it is so important to have a well-developed onboarding program. During that time the company can show its commitment to employees. It can familiarize employees with their culture and engage them starting from the first day. And when newly hired talents see that the company puts this much effort from the beginning, they feel valued. This, in turn, improves the chances of sticking with the company.

Measure results

Everyone likes to see numbers because it makes things clear. The data in your learning management system gives insights about each course. It gives employees a chance to see how well they are progressing within each course. And at the same time it allows the management to view a company-wide picture. Both employees and executives can compare data over time and draw conclusions about what worked well and what did not. Then they can make further improvements about what to change in certain courses or how to develop new ones.

Promote from within

At some point employees want a career change or promotion. Even if they have not made a final decision, they might have thought about that. And this is where L&D efforts should come into play. The company can invest in employees’ development and provide them with the necessary skills to promote to another position. Seeing such career growth opportunities will make employees stay with the same company longer. It will also allow companies to save huge time and money on hiring new talents.

Before you leave

To sum up, providing employees with learning opportunities is the key in talent management. It attracts newcomers and makes existing employees stick longer with your company. All you need to do is to use your resources wisely and make the most out of your L&D programs.

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