Hexaware and Microsoft: Pioneering Generative AI for Business Transformation

Hexaware, a renowned IT services company, and tech giant Microsoft have teamed up to bolster the implementation of generative AI across industries. The collaboration is part of a broader vision to embrace the rapid advancements in generative AI technology that are blurring the lines between the digital and physical worlds, resulting in an innovation explosion.

The cornerstone of the partnership is Hexaware’s Tenjin for Knowledge Services, a solution driven by Microsoft Azure’s OpenAI Service. Tenjin encourages teamwork and knowledge sharing and utilizes the power of AI for better decision-making and improving customer satisfaction.

Hexaware’s Tenjin leverages the transformative nature of generative AI, creating robust, adaptable, and precise knowledge ecosystems. The platform is designed to overcome the limitations of traditional knowledge creation tools. The result is a highly collaborative environment that fosters the spread of knowledge and boosts decision-making processes and customer satisfaction.

According to Hexaware, organizations using Tenjin have seen impressive results: an efficiency increase by ten times, customer satisfaction boosted by 30-40%, and knowledge ecosystem management costs have plunged by 80%.

Siddharth Dhar, Hexaware’s Corporate Vice President & Global Head – Digital IT Operations, shared the company’s vision. “Our goal is to help businesses establish a strong, scalable, and responsibly managed AI foundation, keeping them ahead in the tech race,” he said. “Our partnership with Microsoft will focus on delivering AI-driven solutions and catalyzing innovation to bring unparalleled business value at a breakneck speed.”

Microsoft is equally committed to this endeavor. “Our mission is to help our customers and partners unlock the power of AI for innovation and transformation,” said Dhanniya Venkatasalapathy, Executive Director – Cloud Solutions at Microsoft India. “Hexaware’s in-depth domain knowledge and focus on AI and automation make it an ideal partner for driving innovation with Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service. We are looking forward to using generative AI to create dynamic and accurate knowledge ecosystems that empower organizations to make informed decisions and offer superior customer experiences.”

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