The Future of Online Video Slots: What to Expect in The Industry?

From their humble beginnings as three-reeled mechanical machines, the slot machine has come a long way to become the fully animated, all-singing, all-dancing games they are today. The visual experience and simple gameplay mean that they’re one of if not the most popular casino games in world. We’re going to look at the history of the slot machine, why they’re so popular, and what the future of slots will look like.

How have online slots changed over the years?

Slots were first created in 1891 by Charles August Fey. It was called the Liberty Bell slot machine, and it was a simple, three-drummed machine. The games aimed to line up identical symbols on all three reels. This machine is why the Liberty Bell still features prominently in many slot machine symbols. After the massive success of the Liberty Bell, the first mass-produced slot was the Operator Bell, made in 1907, which featured the famous BAR symbols we still see today. The first ever slot to use a video display was the 1976 Fortune Coin slot, made by the Fortune Coin company. Fast-forward to the 1990s, and the first online slot was created. Over the decades, the video slot has been honed and crafted, and we now have thousands of different slots, all with incredible graphics!

What makes online slots so popular?

The popularity of online video slots has exploded in the past few years, with more and more people choosing them over traditional table games like blackjack or roulette. There are several reasons why this is the case. First, no skill is required to play slots; it’s mainly all luck. Another reason is the sheer variety of online video slots there are to play, online casinos update new slots regularly, just like the ever-increasing list of latest Platincasino slots. Whatever your interests, you can find an online slot themed around it. The flexible levels of volatility also help attract players. You can play slots that pay out a lot, but only in small amounts, or you can play slots that pay out infrequently but with larger amounts when they do. All of these positives culminate in more people choosing to play online video slots than ever.

What will the future bring to online slots?

If you stand still in the online slot world, you’re going backwards. We see thousands of different online video slots out there because customers demand innovation. This could be in the slots’ themes, animations, pay-out structure, gameplay features, or anything else that developers can change about their slots. People are attracted to new games, so developers will constantly evolve their games to keep their customers happy. One much-touted innovation is how people view slots, as 3D and virtual reality are becoming more mainstream.

Virtual reality, will it work with slot games?

Online slots have already been pushing the limits of visual spectacle. The animation in these games has come a long way from the early days of the 1990s, but there’s only so far a developer can go on a two-dimensional screen. Virtual reality is starting to see a lot more use in video games and is slowly beginning to decrease in price. This more mainstream use and affordable devices mean we could see the start of virtual reality and online video slots start to integration. Soon you’ll be able to have a fully immersive casino experience from your living room. They can even go more extreme and have flashing lights surround you when you win, money rain down from the ceilings when you hit the jackpot or anything else you could think of!

What’s the role of technological advances in online slots’ future?

Technology and online video slots go hand in hand; if it weren’t for technology, slots would still be the old mechanical machines we saw in the early 1900s. One way that technology could advance slot machines is visually. This could be either by implementing virtual reality or 3D, which is starting to see some use in billboards. Another way technology can enhance online slots is to make them a more social experience. Just imagine playing slots and sharing the gaming experience by having your audio or video linked together.

Will skill-based slots happen at some point?

One of the selling points of online video slots is that they’re almost entirely luck based. One or two slots may require you to make a decision while playing, but these are often simple decisions and are kept to a minimum. However, some people would like to see the implementation of skill-based slots, as they want the fun and excitement of playing these games without the mindless repetition. There are experts out there that believe these skill-based machines are the future of slot machines. There have already been some of these games implemented in casinos, but I don’t think we’ll see the elimination of slot machines as a primarily luck-based game.


With the advancements in technology that we’re seeing, it’s an exciting time for the slot machine industry. With the potentially game-changing visual enhancement of 3D technology and virtual reality, there’s the potential for a real boom in the world of online video slots. That’s without mentioning the development of skill-based slots, which have the potential to bring in a different demographic. However, all of these are just thoughts and speculations. We have no way of knowing exactly where the online slot machine industry will go in the future; all we can do is enjoy the ride!

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