What is The Future of Live Casino Gaming?

Since the late 1990s, online casino gaming has been at the forefront of an automated technology. Random number generators (RNGs) are used by developers to ensure that games like online blackjack mimic the processes of shuffling and dealing cards. In essence, these games convert a human process into a digital one. However, as online casino gaming has evolved, developers have made a 180-degree turn. While digital casino games remain the most popular option on any online gaming site, live dealer technology is gaining traction.

Why? Human interaction appears to be valuable. Such is only one reason why live dealer casinos have become so popular. Players can watch cards being dealt and wheels spinning in real-time. Furthermore, they can communicate with the dealer, simulating their experience in a traditional casino.

But what does the future for live casinos look like? What improvements and new technologies can we expect? Here are the things you should know about.

Integration of Bitcoin, blockchain

In recent years, the advent of cryptocurrency has had a tremendous influence on the iGaming business, as players have discovered that they may enjoy a variety of perks while playing casino games using virtual money. Indeed, more and more Bitcoin live dealer titles are becoming offered through a variety of crypto casinos, giving gamers additional alternatives when wanting to enjoy a gaming session.

Because of the blockchain technology used, players can enjoy benefits such as enhanced security and anonymity, which reduces the risk of sensitive data and information, including personal and financial details, being stolen, as well as quick transactions, which can also be cheaper, because virtual currency is decentralized and does not require a financial institution to process the transaction.

This trend has undoubtedly had a significant influence, and it is expected to continue as Bitcoin live dealer casino games continue to emerge as popular games for the majority of the gaming population.

Use of VR and the Metaverse

For many in the iGaming business, one of the most important predictions for the future of live dealer games is the realistic experiences that they now provide, with many predicting that it will only become better.

Naturally, upcoming technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and the Metaverse will all have a huge influence on the gameplay experiences that gamers enjoy, with degrees of authenticity and realism certain to skyrocket. Players will be able to have an altogether new immersive experience thanks to these technologies, which will allow the whole gaming session to improve while also potentially leading to the creation of new sorts of games.

5G and improved internet speeds

The arrival of 5G internet connectivity is another sort of technology that is anticipated to have a favorable influence on the future of live dealer games. This technology will aid to improve gaming while also amplifying the immersive aspects that are sensed.

5G will enable players and operators with quicker speeds, which will improve the game, as well as potentially allow for higher quality visuals to be streamed by the user on their mobile devices.

OCR Software

OCR software is used in a variety of industries for a variety of applications. For example, police and traffic control agencies utilize the technology to scan car license plates. In live casinos, optical character recognition software, which converts an image or text into usable data, is extensively employed. The live experience would just not be possible without it. Online live casinos employ OCR technology to track the numbers on roulette wheels, the symbols and numbers on playing cards, and so on. The live casino may also be streamed through a video link thanks to OCR technology.

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