FraudGPT: The Dark Web’s New AI Weapon for Cybercrime

“It’s no secret that artificial intelligence (AI) is making waves around the globe. AI tech promises to make our lives a breeze, but sometimes, the reality doesn’t quite match the blueprints.

In the past half-year alone, we’ve seen the huge potential AI holds, but we’ve also been hit with the harsh reality of its dangers, like the spread of misinformation, deepfakes, and even job losses.

ChaosGPT, and other havoc-wreaking AIs from the shadowy corners of the dark web, have been all over the news lately. And now, we’re staring down another, possibly even scarier, aspect of AI. Hot on the heels of WormGPT, which made a name for itself aiding cyber baddies, a new menace has emerged from the depths of the dark web and it goes by the name of FraudGPT.

So, what’s the deal with FraudGPT? Well, word on the street (or rather, dark web marketplaces and Telegram channels) is that it’s a generative AI with a penchant for cybercrime. Its rap sheet includes crafting cracking tools, cooking up phishing emails, you name it. It can write malicious code, whip up malware that’s tough to spot, and even find leaks and vulnerabilities.

This bad bot started making rounds on the dark web and Telegram from July 22. If you want to get your hands on it (not that we recommend that!), it’ll cost you $200 for a month, or you can go big with a six-month subscription for $1000, or a full year for $1700.”

What is FraudGPT?

“So, a screenshot of this infamous bot has found its way onto the Internet. It’s a snapshot of the chatbot’s screen, boldly boasting ‘Chat GPT Fraud Bot | Bot without limitations, rules, boundaries.’ It goes on to say, ‘If you’re hunting for a Chat GPT alternative that offers a bunch of exclusive tools, features, and capabilities that you can tailor to your individual needs with zero restrictions, then look no further!’

A user who goes by the name ‘Canadiankingpin’ shared the screenshot on the Dark Web. And let me tell you, they’re really talking this FraudGPT up. They describe it as a game-changing tool that ‘is sure to change the community and the way you work forever.’ The big sell is that with this bot, there’s no ceiling on what you can do. You can shape it and tweak it to do literally whatever you want. And if you’re wondering if anyone’s biting, the answer is yes. The promoter claims there have been over 3000 confirmed sales of FraudGPT so far.”

What can FraudGPT do?

“People are starting to see FraudGPT as the ultimate toolbox for cybercriminals. It can do a whole lot, including crafting phishing pages and writing nasty code. A tool like FraudGPT lets scammers come off as more genuine and persuasive, which could lead to much bigger problems. That’s why security gurus are banging the drum for more creative solutions to fight off threats from these rogue AIs that could really stir up trouble. The scary thing is, a lot of people in the field believe this is just the opening act, and there’s no end to what these bad actors can do with AI.

Just a few weeks ago, another AI tool for cybercrime called WormGPT hit the scene. It was being promoted all over the Dark Web as the go-to tool for launching high-level phishing and business email compromise attacks. Experts even labeled it as a blackhat version of GPT models, specifically made to carry out devious deeds.

Back in February, we found out that cybercriminals were skirting around ChatGPT’s restrictions by exploiting its APIs. Both FraudGPT and WormGPT operate without any moral compass, which just goes to show the kind of threat unchecked generative AI can pose.”

Hope this conversational tone meets your needs. Let me know if there’s anything else I can assist you with!

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