How do Flowers Bring Happiness to Home?

Discover which are the best flower plants you can keep at home, that brings calm and happiness to the home environment.

Who is not happy when they are given flowers and relaxed when taking care of their plants? There is more pleasant than smelling a flower or stepping on the fluffy grass barefoot? It is possible that most of us get a smile just by reading it. A sensation that is not new, since the inhabitants of the earth began to cultivate and care for flowers and plants more than 5,000 years ago.

The flowers can be great allies to relieve stress, anxiety and sadness. Sadness is a feeling that one experiences more often in recent times. A study published by Rutgers University at New Jersey in United States points out — flower power has numerous benefits for our health.

  • Flowers have an immediate impact on emotion: they generate pleasure, gratitude, excitement, and happiness.
  • They have a long-lasting effect on the mood. That is, when someone receives flowers, they feel better, less sad, and less anxiety.
  • They serve to maintain more cordial relationships between family, friends, and the partner.

If you want to test these conclusions for yourself and check the ‘flower power’ on your skin. Take note of these suggestions that Interflora proposes and surrender to the beneficial effect of flowers in different aspects of our lives.

  • The money plant cleans and regenerates the environment
  • The gerbera is a super producer of oxygen
  • The peony is a very relaxing flower
  • Chrysanthemum, in all its colors, is perfect for filtering toxins from the air

At work, they help too

These days during the current Covid-19 situation it costs you a great effort to go to work or concentrate.  Teleworking has become a part of your professional life and you feel sadder or lonely. So flowers and plants do their bit for you to feel better and increase productivity and creativity.

  • Get a palm tree or an aloe vera plant that purifies the air. You will breathe much cleaner air and you will see how your mind and your body react.
  • Lavender and bamboo are ideal to relax and calm the mood.
  • Opt for jasmine if you need to reduce your moments of anxiety.

These flowers relax and refresh the environment, so they are great to relieve tension.

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