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The Benefits Of A Fleet Of Electric Cars

If you are considering switching to an electric fleet or want to research the topic, it is essential to know all of the potential benefits involved.

While there are some undeniable perks, like the money you save on gas and the increase in your car’s performance when moving from gasoline to electricity, fleet insurance is an obvious perk if you choose to go green. If you are considering this option, products like Rideshur by can give you an in-depth analysis of what your green fleet insurance will amount to.

There are also some less obvious perks that can make a big difference in your daily life and help your business succeed in the long run.

Business Owners See Savings

Business owners can save big by investing in a fleet of plug-in vehicles. Electric car technology is rapidly improving, and costs are coming down quickly, meaning that many businesses will be able to cash in on lower fuel and maintenance costs.

Electrifying your fleet with EV technology has already proven to be a great way for businesses to cut back on overall spending, boost productivity and save money. For example, according to AAA estimates, in 2014, there were around 1 million EVs on US roads—but they only accounted for 0.16 percent of all miles driven during that period.

That is not surprising when you consider how much it can cost individual consumers or small business owners to buy an EV—not to mention any extra electrical equipment needed for charging.

Pollution Is Reduced

Electric vehicles are much cleaner to run than conventional ones, and replacing all privately owned vehicles with electric cars could save 1.8 million deaths from air pollution by 2050. Switching to an all-electric fleet would mean 40 percent less greenhouse gas emissions—and not just because there would be fewer tailpipes spewing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Considering where electricity comes from in most parts of America, EVs are also responsible for less CO2 per mile traveled. The UK is even farther ahead on that front, with more than 50 percent of electricity generated from renewables like wind and solar power.

The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) estimates that US emissions will be reduced by up to 80 percent in 2050 when plug-in vehicles make up 80 percent of new vehicle sales.

Noise Is Reduced

Electric vehicles are naturally very quiet; one reason is that there is no engine noise. However, EVs also have less tire and wind noise than their gas-powered counterparts. This makes for a more peaceful commute.

Another reason EVs are quieter? There is no need to use fuel to power up an internal combustion engine at stoplights, so all you hear is… nothing.

Insurance Costs Are Reduced

By switching to an all-electric fleet, you can immediately cut your insurance costs in half by not needing to insure fossil fuels, engine maintenance, and other parts.

Insurance companies pass on some of those savings to their customers in reduced premiums, which further reduces overall operating costs for vehicle owners. This is especially true for businesses that own many vehicles, such as taxi services and car rental agencies.


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