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What Is Trending in Education 2023?

Educational Trends 2023

The world is changing as people discover and implement innovations in different aspects of life. Education also changes. Sitting at a desk and listening to the teacher is a trend for older generations. Now, things have changed a lot. With new trends coming, everyone involved in the education process adapted to a new reality and changed their approach. People primarily change the way they absorb information, making it more effective. Still, what trends are dominating education in 2023?

Hybrid Learning Process

The COVID-19 pandemic caused many changes in people’s daily life worldwide, especially affecting education. Schools, colleges, and other institutions adapted and developed an ability to perform education in a distance format. People use platforms like Zoom to organize classes and connect with students no matter how isolated they are.

The trend of hybrid education forced the creation of online education technology platforms like Udemy, Coursera, Udacity, etc. These platforms were created to implement a “lifelong learning” approach. Due to the pace of technological advancement, this approach will likely become prevalent. Online learning also gets on a new level by creating courses with celebrities. Who would miss a chance to learn writing with Dan Brown or filmmaking with Martin Scorcese? 

Online courses from professional esports players are also in trend in 2023. Superstars like Sumail or Topson, who won the most prestige tournament in the history of Dota 2, share their experiences with the next generations. Players explain what they do in each game phase, how to come back from the challenging lane, and what tips can help them outplay their opponents. Someone may say there’s no reason to educate people on how to play games. Since esports became part of the Olympic Games, dozens of individuals want to represent their countries and show they are the best. Taking online video lessons from professional players is the best option to speed up learning.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Who said that Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) could be used only for entertainment? After stepping into a virtual world, people can work with advanced technologies, look closely at past events, and practice unreal things without virtual reality. VR is beneficial for nursing students since they are able to practice more, providing emergency care, surgeries, etc.

The only possible obstacle is that education with Virtual Reality requires a device and headset to work with generated images that are superimposed on what the user actually sees. This educational method is advantageous due to several reasons:

  • It provides students with real-time information and updates on what they are doing. For example, if a nursing student performs surgery, the system identifies mistakes and explains how to avoid them.
  • Virtual reality makes education more practical. After absorbing theory, individuals start using gathered information. For example, if students study 3D design, they will create new concepts immediately after an explanation from the professor.

Augmented reality creates many education opportunities allowing professors to remove old methods and make the process more enjoyable.

Advantageous Micro-Internships

Learning in class or in front of a screen is good, but education is not only about learning. It’s also about practicing and finding the right approach to using the knowledge gained. Micro-internships organized by institutions allow students to get in touch with the industry they study. Seeing the company from the inside, understanding the processes, corporative culture, and trying yourself as a future worker is precious. This experience also allows us to understand whether this area is interesting for students or not. Maybe they lose passion, like at the start of education; this is a chance to decide whether to quit this field of education or not.

Soft Skills Are the Most Valuable

When studying for future employment, individuals mostly focus on developing soft skills. It includes:

  • Communication
  • Ability to work in the team
  • Interpersonal problem solving
  • Relationship management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Active listening

Simply saying, soft skills are ones that allow you to communicate with your colleagues and do the job more effectively. Companies practice different ways to help employers improve these skills. Institutions also do it, launching training sessions based on teamwork where individuals need to unite to resolve issues. The earlier they get such experience, the better they adapt to working conditions. For example, if a person already knows about teamwork and can resolve conflicts, they will be a top choice for the company.

Gamification of the Education

Supporters of traditional education methods are probably unhappy with this trend, but it’s our reality. With the implementation of artificial intelligence, Big Data, VR, and other technologies comes gamification. The main idea is to make the educational process more enjoyable and rewarding. Once the task is completed, students receive prizes, and their results are shown on the leaderboard. 

According to the research, gamification makes the body release dopamine, and that’s why people feel satisfied when studying. Moreover, gamification gives students a higher chance of applying educational concepts effectively in practice. Students are forced to use their imagination and adapt to the existing conditions to complete the task. Still, not all disciplines are adaptable for gamification, and there are still do my essay moments when people don’t want to do assignments themselves. Gamification has massive potential and could be effectively implemented in upcoming educational programs in 2023.

Educational Trends 2023

Social and Emotional Well-Being

The pandemic also forced this trend as students, teachers, and professors paid more attention to their social and emotional conditions. Adapting to new conditions is stressful and challenging, and institutions must ensure that everyone involved in the education process receives support.

The level of emotional pressure is much higher than it was before the pandemic, as children and teens struggle with depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. With the upcoming trend in 2023, schools will work to improve programs supporting mental health, giving more resources to new academic support systems. Moreover, they will run social- and emotional-focused programs aimed at helping children understand the problems they face.

Personalized and Self-Led Education

This trend is about creating new education models to create personalized approaches and programs for individuals. To close the gap of the narrowed program during the pandemic, students received personalized programs to recover their learning. As a result, they had better performance than when they studied in groups. No one needs to read writemyessays review to find a reliable writing service for help. The personalized program gives a great advantage because students must complete the tasks themselves. Moreover, they can gain knowledge in advance by joining online courses and internships outside the classroom.

Self-led learning is also a huge advantage because it allows students to make a choice about how their education should go. It means:

  • Deciding at what pace they want to study
  • Selecting assignments to complete
  • Choosing how they want to work in the classroom

The importance of self-led education shouldn’t be underestimated. By giving students a chance to run a self-led education, institutions give individuals freedom in completing tasks and preparing themselves for future work. It’s a completely different approach from what people had before – strict in-class education without having much freedom in organizing your education process. Switching to personalized education is a good idea because it forces students to rely only on themselves. There should also be team activities, but the education process should be flexible.

Educational Trends 2023

Meetings and Conferences

Sharing experience is important for education. Whether it’s a school, college, or university, letting students communicate with personalities related to the field is essential. Experts, scientists, university professors, and other influential individuals share valuable knowledge and tips you won’t find online. 

For example, when students of the faculty of Journalism meet famous reporters, sports commentators, or TV hosts, they can get some insights about the industry. Guests tell about the difficulties of their chosen profession, what they overcame to achieve what they have now, and what students should expect if they decide to work in this area. The meetings could be online and offline, and everyone could ask questions and get all the needed information.


Processing huge amounts of information may take a lot of work for students. The best way to resolve this problem is to change the approach and present all the data in the form of small tutorials or mini-lessons. The main idea is to repeat the same concepts and explanations several times to increase retention and help students understand complicated things better.

People often watch short videos on Tik Tok and other social media to get help with daily issues, and now this trend is moving to education. Watching several short videos is more effective than watching one long episode. If people follow the right sequence, they quickly digest all the information and move on to the next topic.

Summing Up

Trends completely change the overall concept of education, making the process more engaging and less stressful. It’s obvious because people quickly learn about new technologies and adapt them to the needs of a specific subject. Recent trends simplify the educational process, and it’s only a matter of time before institutions implement more trends into today’s education system.

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