How Far is the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas? 

Why do travelers choose mind-blowing Vegas for their weekends and vacations? Probably the priority motives are multiple themed hotels, gambling establishments, and a fun-filled atmosphere 24 hours a day. Yes, exciting nightlife and disco till morning is the middle name of Sin City. However, part of the holidaymakers prefer Vegas for a completely different reason, and its name is the Grand Canyon. 

The shortest non-stop distance from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon is only 130 miles, which means you can use a variety of transportation options for this kind of ride. So, no more doubt – pack your bags and get ready for a wide-panoramic outdoor adventure accompanied by our informative guide!

Why hitting the canyon is a perfect idea? 

You will probably find few feelings that compare to standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon and looking down on the Colorado River. This experience gives you a clear understanding of why this place tops ratings of the globe’s natural wonders. And if you are brave enough to fly over it in a helicopter, even more delight awaits you. Changing weather, winds, rain, and time have made this Arizona desert region so spectacular that you won’t believe the earth was once flat there.

You will have amazing impressions of the grandeur and boundlessness of the local nature. So why not include this fantastic highlight on your must-visit travel list? If you agree with our offer, start learning the best ways to get to your destination!

How to move from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon?

Distance Grand Canyon Las Vegas

Highways, air, or rails – which way to choose for transportation between these destinations? The good news is that we have explored five different travel options differing in cost, trip duration, comfort, and experience. Find your best one and hit the road! 

Bus tour 

You can get to your destination on the National Park Express shuttle providing Las Vegas-to-Grand Canyon tours once a day. The bus leaves at 6:00 a.m. from the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino and arrives at the visitor center in the South Rim. Also, it makes intermediate stops on Route 66 and Hoover Dam, which adds a travel experience to your journey. Once on the spot, you have about 4 hours to explore the canyon. The ticket price is $119 and includes a guided tour and a return trip. 

An alternative way to reach your destination is to go to Page, AZ, transfer to another bus, and keep riding to the South Rim. However, this is a more time-consuming method (over 10 hours) due to the longer route.

Train Connection 

If you are flexible on time and want to take a different approach to your trip, take the train. Connecting Los Angeles and Chicago, Amtrak’s Southwest Chief Line provides intermediate stops at Kingman and Williams in Arizona. 

First, take Amtrak’s Thruway service at the Gray Line Tour Center to get from Vegas to Kingman. Then, board the train and enjoy the 2-hour scenic journey to Williams. From there, the Grand Canyon Railway can take you to the foot of South Rim in just an hour. 

In case you’re looking to extend your rail-riding experience, take the 12-hour tour around the entire canyon. Such a trip will certainly remain in your mind, especially its last section, which opens up incredible views of the bottomless abyss.

Road trip by car 

Pick up a set of wheels and enjoy the exciting Las Vegas-to-Grand Canyon drive. You have access to multiple Las Vegas car rental companies based in McCarran Airport and downtown. Couples and solo travelers can be content with the economy through mid-size models. At the same time, rental vans are ideal for large families and big group rides. 

High-quality van rentals at Las Vegas Airport will take you to your destination in 2-5 hours, depending on where you are going. The distance to the west rim is 126 miles, while the south rim is 279 miles away. Choose the first option for faster access, or the second one for scenic views. 

We recommend that you book your vehicle in advance, as early reservation guarantees a lower rate. However, collecting a car rental at the last minute can also be profitable. Anyway,  monitor actual prices to find the best deal.

Helicopter ride 

For $250-1,000 per person, you can take a helicopter tour and see the canyon from above. This premium experience is ideal if you want to capture iconic bird’s-eye panoramas with your camera. Most of these tours can be booked through travel agencies, so compare to find the best deal. Departing from LAS Airport, Maverick and Papillon are the most popular operators for this helicopter ride. 

A trip on a plane 

We are not talking about a commercial flight as the nearest airport is Flagstaff Pulliam Airport (FLG) which doesn’t have a direct connection to McCarran Airport. At the same time, connecting flights are unnecessarily expensive and complicated. 

The only reasonable way to see the canyon from the wings is through charter flights involving special planes with panoramic windows. The route passes over the Hoover Dam, the Colorado River, and Lake Mead, giving you a full range of wonderful views. You will fly over most of the canyon and get a full tour of the local highlights.

So, you have a lot of transportation options for reaching the Grand Canyon. If you are in doubt about which one to choose, proceed with the budget, the time required, and the experience you want to get. The fastest method is a charter flight or a helicopter tour. At the same time, bus and train travel is convenient if you don’t want to be overwhelmed by any obligations. 

However, a self-guided road trip in a rental car is the most popular option according to experienced travelers. It’s cheaper than a bus ride and makes it possible to visit numerous wonderful sights along the way. Also, you can choose when to return from the Grand Canyon to Las Vegas on your own, thus gaining more flexibility in your journey.


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