Joshua Denne is Defining and Prioritizing Your Digital Identity with SDK Co.

Your digital identity. This concept can be self-explanatory, but when looking up for its direct definition it can be defined as the information that relates to an entity that is utilized by cyberspace. This entity can be anything from an individual to an organization or device. We will only continue going deeper into the potential of the online sphere, especially after the ways in which the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the process. In fact, 90% of U.S. adults can say that the internet has become essential for them during the pandemic. This means that the significance of one’s digital identity will only become more prevalent over time. Moreover, when considering the scope of the data that is collected from people, it is predicted that the total data gathered worldwide will reach 163 zettabytes by 2025, as the number of devices and sensors will only increase as well. 

Joshua Denne, an entrepreneur, and investor is more than aware of this growing realm and aims to advance the technologies utilized to protect one’s digital identity. He is doing so by working with SDK Co., which is a company that aims to build “a full-spectrum of new technologies that empower human beings to regain control, establish dominion over their data, and securely own their digital assets.” The products and services they produce utilize the same blockchain technologies that once were only used for crypto securities. With expanding the reach of blockchain tech, Denne is working with devices that allow for efficient distribution networks, as well as well-functioning peer-to-peer economies. 

One of the most recent devices that are currently available to users is SDK Co.’s Meta Zero device. With this smartphone-like device, it can allow the user to toggle between two modes: private and public. In private mode, you can use the Internet without the risk of your data being recorded; while in public mode, you can use applications that don’t have as much of a risk, such as social media. Referred to as Meta Zero, the main goals of this device is to have zero privacy violations, zero data breaches, zero attacks or hacks, and zero-knowledge architecture, all while targeting privacy by design and having infinite communication scaling. 

As Denne works with SDK Co. to advance their mission in offering greater security and protection to Internet users, they are looking forward to continuing their research in the different ways it may do so in the most effective and efficient manner. 

To further explore Meta Zero visit their website, and to learn more about Joshua Denne’s initiatives, follow him on Instagram or visit his website.


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