DALL-E 3 Now Available on Android Keyboard and WhatsApp, Making AI Image Generation More Convenient

Microsoft is releasing a major Android update that enables Bing Chat AI and the DALL-E 3 powered ‘Image Creator’ more available on phones. You may now open the Android keyboard and select the “Bing” icon to generate DALL-E 3 powered graphics and share the artwork via apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram, and Instagram.

Bing’s DALL-E 3 Image Creator, which was previously available to a limited number of web users, is now directly integrated into Microsoft’s SwiftKey. The changelog, which was discovered by Windows Latest today, discloses that the business sent out the capability to customers on September 12, but not everyone has access to DALL-E 3.

Bing’s DALL-E 3 is now available to lucky (chosen) users, according to Microsoft’s CEO of Bing and advertising. This also applies to SwiftKey for Android’s picture maker, so if you don’t have DALL-E 3, you may still use the image creator powered by the less competent DALL-E 2.

How to Use Bing Image Creator on Android with DALL-E

Beginning with Bing Image Creator on Android is a simple process.

You must first download SwiftKey Keyboard from the Google Play Store and then follow the on-screen steps for enabling SwiftKey and modifying the default keyboard settings.

After that, enter the text area in an app like WhatsApp, where you may upload or share photographs. In SwiftKey, select the Emoji symbol, then the artwork icon (Bing Creator), and sign in to your Microsoft account. Finally, input the prompt (description of the artwork you wish to generate).

SwiftKey will generate DALL-E pictures within the keyboard, as shown in the screenshots above. You can choose an image to share with a contact, group, or channel on WhatsApp and other comparable apps. That’s all there is to it.

Bing Image Creator is a new addition to SwifftKey’s existing AI functions. With features like Bing Search, Tone, and Chat, Microsoft’s Android keyboard already offers full-fledged Bing Chat integration. You can rewrite your texts in one of four tones: “Professional,” “Social Post,” “Polite,” or “Casual.”

It has a ‘Compose Box’, which is comparable to the sidebar in Microsoft Edge.

You can use the compose box to create paragraphs, emails, blog entries, and other documents. Finally, the ‘Chat’ option on the keyboard launches the full-fledged Bing Chat, where you can enter a query and receive a thorough response from Bing.

On Android, you may also utilize Microsoft Launcher to access Bing AI features. Bing AI may be accessed from anywhere using the search bar in Microsoft Launcher.

Unfortunately, these functionalities are not available on iOS, however Microsoft has released an updated ‘Bing’ app for iPhone and iPad that allows you to use GPT-4 and DALL-E 3 for free.


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