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How to Avoid Coronavirus Infections in the Car?

We explain what to do to turn the interior of the car into a safe and Covid-19 free space. Once it has been demonstrated that the greatest risk of contagion of Coronavirus is by air. And the car becomes one of the most dangerous places when transmitting COVID-19. It is very small spaces in the car where passengers constantly breathe the air. But to avoid it, follow these simple recommendations.

It takes 10 minutes of normal breathing inside the vehicle for an infected person to turn the interior of a car into a true “gas chamber” full of contagious particles. At this time there would already be a high risk of contagion. But if you drive for an hour with the windows closed, as would happen on any road trip, the possibility Coronavirus transmission rises to an alarming 70%.

There is a very simple and fast way to avoid this risk:

Open the windows a little and it is not even necessary to lower them much or do it for a long time. Opening two windows a few centimeters is enough to generate a current capable of completely refreshing the air in the car. This will take just only 7 seconds if it is moving.

The ideal would be to travel at all times with the windows down about 5 centimeters. But it should be taken into account that at high speeds it can be annoying, and that it can be cold in the passenger compartment. To avoid Coronavirus infections in the car, it would be enough to do this quick operation every 5 to 8 minutes. 

Does Wearing Two Masks Protect More against COVID-19?

Definitely, if you have the vehicle’s air conditioning in operation, you should not use the re-circulation function. While you are travelling with other people it will cause you to constantly breathe the same air. Whenever possible, the air used by the system must come from outside and not from the passenger compartment itself.

Another situation to be taken into account to avoid Coronavirus infection

If we are going to access a vehicle in which a person has already been inside for a long time, we can quickly refresh the air. And it is done by performing the same operation that we recommend to cool the cabin in summer. In this situation we only have to open the window opposite the door that we are going to open to access the vehicle. Also, we have to open the door and close it about five times. It should be done slowly and quickly. In this way we will put fresh air inside the car and expel it with force by creating a vacuum again. 

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Certainly, all these recommendations to avoid contagion of Coronavirus in the car would be useless if the recommendations to wear the mask in the vehicles are not followed. All people traveling in a car must wear a mask. There are also other exceptions such as suffering a respiratory disease, a disability, or some other force majeure situation, and it must also be justified and proven.

A COVID-19 Infection Does Not Guarantee Immunity

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