Coronavirus Made in Wuhan Lab: Chinese Virologist

The entire world is horrified since the novel Coronavirus arose in China’s Wuhan late last year. A Chinese virus expert has recently claimed that the virus was made in a government-controlled laboratory in Wuhan. She came up with the claim during a British talk show “Loose Women”, NDTV reports.

It was thought to be “new pneumonia” when SARS-CoV-2, the virus spread to Wuhan, said Dr. Li-Meng Yan, a specialist in virology and immunology. Yan was also in charge of the investigation at Hong Kong School of Public Health.

She said she had done two studies on “new pneumonia” in China. The first is in last December and the second is in early January. She later escaped from Hong Kong to United States and took refuge there.

Dr. Yan, who was a consultant to World Health Organization, decided to submit the information she found in research to her supervising officer. But there was no response from the WHO or the supervising officer. Everyone warned her and asked not to cross the line, Yan added.

Scientists of the US and Israel have accused the Chinese government and also claimed Coronavirus spread from their government laboratories, not naturally.

China and the WHO have denied the allegations and said the virus that causes Covid-19 was created by nature.

Dr. Yan said the novel Coronavirus spreads from person to person is much more contagious. “The virus did not originate naturally. It originated at a government-run laboratory run by the military in Wuhan, China,” she added.

She also said that all of the information is true and she had information from Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention.


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