4 Incredible Jobs in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is one of the fastest-growing industries in tech. As humanity creates, collects, stores, and analysis more and more data, remote servers are becoming essential parts of our computing infrastructure. Modern cloud computing services like Amazon Web Services offer far more than just storage: they offer an almost complete computing experience on a pay-as-you-go basis to any business willing to pay for decent internet connectivity.

Cloud computing is only due to grow in popularity – perhaps even eclipsing the need for on-site servers in the near future. Here are four incredible roles you can chase in the cloud computing industry.

Cloud Security Engineer

One of the great anxieties about cloud computing from a public perspective was the potential for security issues. Cloud security engineers work tirelessly to make sure that there are no gaps in the security measures offered by cloud computing networks. Security engineers need to have a good working knowledge of encryption and decryption processes, keep a close eye on developments in hacking techniques and address consumer concerns by constantly patching any holes.

Solution Architect

Solution architects need to have the ability to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. They work closely with business leaders and stakeholders to create a cloud service that works coherently and has a smooth user experience. Because so many different developers are needed to create a large cloud network, solution architects are needed to make sure that everybody is on the same page.

Solution architects need plenty of specialist skills to rise to their rather senior positions. They need excellent coding skills, a mathematical eye, and the ability to manage projects efficiently. For a glance at what it takes to train for a solution architect job, check out the AWS solution architect learning path over on ACloudGuru.com. All those skills pay off. Solution architects working for successful cloud computing companies earn a significant wage.

Data Scientist

Data scientists are tasked with the collection, understanding, and interpretation of data. They are crucial to cloud computing operations. Data scientists are expected to use advanced data analysis and forecasting tools – including forward-thinking tools that utilize machine learning algorithms. Data science combines programming expertise, mathematical knowledge, and a good understanding of the meaning of interpretable data. They are expected to visualize and present their findings, which influence other team members’ business strategy and technological solutions. Good data science can be the key to a successful project.

Development Operations Engineer

Development operations engineers – or DevOps engineers for short – are in charge of overseeing code releases and changes to the architecture. In cloud computing, updates are frequent. It is the job of a DevOps engineer to ensure that no new releases of code will negatively impact the usability and security of a cloud network. These roles are highly paid, always moving, and involve a high level of executive responsibility. DevOps engineering roles are highly coveted. DevOps engineer was listed as the 5th best job in tech in a recent Glassdoor survey.


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