How to Use a Circular Saw Along with Some Tips and Advice

Learn how to use a circular saw, what posture you should have when using it and how you should handle it to avoid accidents and obtain excellent results.

Avoid accidents and use the circular saw properly with the following tips that we have prepared for you.

Tips for using the circular saw

How to use a circular saw? The proper posture for cutting with the circular saw is leaning over the machine, always keeping the electric cable behind you.

  • First, you have to make it work and when the blade picks up an even speed you can start cutting. At this time the mobile case should be opened.
  • Move the best hybrid table saw slowly and move forward regularly according to the sound; if the engine noise decreases, the engine is getting tired and you have to slow down.
  • On the contrary, if the sound is kept even, the pushing force can be increased.
  • At the end of the cut, the protection casing will close again, and only then should the operation of the tool be stopped.

Where to use circular saws?

  • They require support on a flat surface to make the cut, which is why they are not indicated for sawing irregular materials.
  • These are the best table saw under 500 indicated for straight cuts, both straight and across in large solid wood boards and strips.
  • Straight and bevel cuts in hard fiber and chipboard.
  • They perfectly cut aluminum and plastic at low speeds.

Recommendations for use and maintenance for circular saws

Use tips

  • Confirm that the cutting blades are the ones you need for the material you are cutting.
  • Check the user manual on how you should change and position the cutting blades.
  • In the case of circular table saws, the knife must be adjusted to prevent it from closing the cut and imprisoning the disc.
  • Regulates the depth of cut. The bottom of the riving knife should be 3mm from the bottom of the cutting blade.
  • Support the material to be cut in such a way that the cutting blade does not come into contact with any material that is below the cutting path.
  • Mark the pieces of wood that you are going to cut to size, with measuring tape.

Security advice

  • Make sure you know and follow the safe handling instructions provided by the manufacturer at all times.
  • Before starting work tasks, equip yourself with the necessary clothing, gloves, goggles, mask, and headphones, at least.
  • Wear tight clothes to your body and in the case of having long hair, wear it up. Do not use bracelets, rings, or other elements that can catch or drag you, due to working with the saw.
  • You must have the work area clean and free of objects, debris, or planks, as they can cause falls and trips.
  • Store the tool in a safe, dry place.
  • Do not use a saw that is wet or damp, and do not use it when your hands or feet are wet.
  • Before starting work, check the sharpness of the blade, its condition, its fixing, the direction of rotation, and leveling. Make sure the disc used is the right one with the riving knife.

Maintenance tips

  • Turn the switch off and unplug the machine before performing maintenance or adjustments.
  • Every time you use the circular saw, you should clean the cutting particles accumulated in it. Wear protective glasses for this.
  • Check the user manual for instructions on maintenance or lubrication of the cutting mechanisms.
  • Do not use cleaners with synthetic components or aggressive agents to clean the work table. Prefer to use dishwashing detergents.
  • You must bear in mind that neither the motor nor its electrical parts must come into contact with water.
  • Check the saw blade regularly. Use only sharp, crack-free blades.
  • Use only original spare parts that comply with the respective regulations. How is a circular saw used? Now you know.
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