Top 200 Cheap Car Insurance in Las Vegas for 2023 with Latest Info

Residents of Las Vegas, Nevada’s most populated city. You pay more for car insurance in Las Vegas than drivers in other parts of the state. Minimum coverage in Las Vegas is $1,440 per year. Which is 40% higher than the Nevada state average of $1,032 per year. Drivers, on the other hand, can assist mitigate this expense by shopping. 

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Insurers adapt prices to each driver’s unique risk profile, taking everything from where they live to their credit score and accident history into account. Shopping around and obtaining quotes from multiple businesses is the best approach to ensure you get a decent bargain.

If you’re looking for car insurance in Las Vegas, Nevada, you should shop around and compare prices from several firms. Insurers base the cost of auto insurance on a number of factors, including your age, residence, the sort of car you drive, and your driving history. So, each driver will ultimately receive a different premium.

As a result, looking around is your best chance to find the cheapest car insurance in Las Vegas – or any place. 

NerdWallet looked at average full coverage rates estimated from public records provided by pricing analytics firm Quadrant Information Services to find the lowest firms in Las Vegas. We looked at rates for both male and female drivers in all ZIP codes in Las Vegas who were driving a 2019 Toyota Camry L. If you are looking for Auto Insurance Cheap, you can take proper help from Google.

Average Cost of Car Insurance in Las Vegas

If you’re looking for car insurance in Las Vegas, keep in mind that premiums are higher than in most other locations. The typical car insurance policy in Las Vegas is $2,221 per year, which is $797 more than the national average. Drivers should understand more about the other vehicle insurance factors that affect rates because the location isn’t the only determining factor of an auto insurance quote.

Las Vegas And Auto Insurance

In 2017, about 42 million visitors visited Las Vegas, resulting in a large number of rental cars on the road. It also means that the streets of Las Vegas may become congested with thousands of tourists who aren’t paying attention to traffic. That’s why, if you reside in or near the city, having the correct car insurance in Las Vegas to protect you and your vehicle is critical. GEICO works hard to provide low-cost vehicle insurance in the Greater Las Vegas area, so obtain a free Las Vegas auto insurance quote today.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Las Vegas Companies

The firm you choose will be the most influential factor in your insurance costs, so browse around to ensure you’re getting the best deal. According to NerdWallet’s most recent analysis, these are the cheapest car insurance in Las Vegas companies. Which basis on typical rates for a 35-year-old driver with good credit and a clean driving record. Remember that rates are establish on an individual basis, so these may not be the lowest firms for you.

  • Geico
  • USAA
  • Country Financial
  • Nationwide
  • Progressive
  • State Farm
  • Hallmark Insurance
  • American Family
  • Key Insurance
  • Mercury

Cheapest auto insurance in Las Vegas

Progressive has the second-lowest costs for basic coverage. At $1,001 per year, that is $11 more per month than State Farm. USAA landed in third place, with an average annual premium of $1,056.

However, USAA is only available to persons who are now serving in the military, have previously served, and select family members, so only contact them for a quote if you fit this description.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Las Vegas after an accident: State Farm

When a Las Vegas driver is at fault in an accident, his or her insurance costs rise by an average of 55%, from $4,011 to $6,235 a year.

*USAA membership is only open to current and past military personnel, as well as their families.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Las Vegas for drivers with a speeding ticket: State Farm

Speeding tickets show your insurance company that you are eager to engage in risky driving behavior. If you are caught speeding, your insurance costs will most likely rise.

According to our research, the average rate car insurance in Las Vegas rises by 24% following a speeding ticket.

Cheapest car insurance for drivers with a DUI: State Farm

Driving while intoxicated (DUI) endangers not only your life but also the lives of those around you on the road. That’s why insurers tend to hike rates dramatically after receiving a DUI citation. In Las Vegas, rates climb by 60%, which is higher than the increase after an at-fault collision (55%) and significantly more than the increase after a speeding ticket (24 percent ).

To put that in context, Progressive, the second-cheapest insurer for Las Vegans with a DUI on their record, raised rates by 49%, from $2,436 to $3,623 per year.

*USAA membership is only open to current and past military personnel, as well as their families.

Cheapest car insurance in Las Vegas for drivers with poor credit: State Farm

Non-driving criteria such as your credit score are used by insurers in certain states, including Nevada, to calculate your risk. Drivers in Las Vegas with excellent credit pay an average of $1,103 a year for vehicle insurance, while those with low credit spend $3,624.

Best auto insurance companies in Las Vegas

Aside from low rates, it’s critical to choose an insurer with dependable customer service. Among the top companies in Nevada that we investigated.

 American Family, USAA, and State Farm have the best-rated customer service.

Respondents to our national study preferred American Family the best, with 86 percent stating they were “very satisfied” with their most recent claim.
Check out our review of the top insurance companies in Nevada’s customer service.

Average car insurance costs in Las Vegas by neighborhood

Insurers determine your vehicle insurance premiums based not only on the city you reside in but also on the ZIP code you live in within that city. Drivers in high-traffic regions or locations with a high rate of auto theft often pay higher rates.
Drivers in Las Vegas’ most expensive ZIP code, 89106, pay $4,494 per year, while those in the cheapest ZIP code, 89105, pay $3,455. That’s a savings of 23%, or $1,039 each year.

Driving Tips For Getting Around Vegas

Whether you reside in Las Vegas or are simply passing through, you’ll notice that Las Vegas Blvd., better known as the Strip, is usually always congested. Most locals recommend deviating west to Frank Sinatra Drive, which runs parallel to the Strip and Interstate 15. Fortunately, most streets in Las Vegas are laid out in a grid layout, making navigation simple.

Transportation Options In Las Vegas

The majority of people in Las Vegas must drive or utilize public transportation to their destination. If you want to drive, there are very few sites in Las Vegas that charge for parking, and there are plenty of parking lots near the strip and Downtown.

If you choose to leave your car at home, the Las Vegas RTC provides a comprehensive public transportation system that serves both locals and tourists. Taxis are available at every hotel on the Strip. Some hotels provide complimentary trams that operate short distances between casinos. Take the free monorail that travels parallel to the Strip on the east side for air-conditioned comfort.

Important Places in Las Vegas

Everyone is familiar with Las Vegas Boulevard’s famed Strip. The Fremont Street Experience at 425 Fremont St., on the other hand, boasts a light show that rivals that of the Strip. For shopping, go to the Fashion Show Mall on the Strip’s northern end. Las Vegas is also home to some of the world’s most unusual museums. Some of the vintage signs that made Las Vegas famous can be found at the world-renowned Neon Museum, located at 770 Las Vegas Blvd. North.

Car fans should stop by the Carroll Shelby Museum, which is located at 6755 Speedway Blvd., to witness this iconic car collection. Get some quarters and travel to the Pinball Hall of Fame at 1610 E. Tropicana Ave. for a fully interactive experience, where you can test your skills on over 200 classic pinball and arcade games.

Nevada Car Insurance Coverage

Nevada offers stunning landscapes to the north and Las Vegas to the south and GEICO might assist you in obtaining the best car insurance in Las Vegas coverage you require to view it all. Whether you’re new to the state, buying your first car, obtaining an estimate for NV auto insurance, or simply switching to GEICO, here’s all you need to know about Nevada coverage. Remember, you can begin your Nevada auto insurance quote online or by calling (800) 947-AUTO (2886).

Every driver in Nevada is required by the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) to obtain auto insurance. So, before you head out to the Hoover Dam, double-check your glove compartment. You must always maintain your Nevada proof of insurance card in your automobile. If you drive without it, you may receive a citation if you are stopped. No one should drive without taking car insurance in Las Vegas.

Nevada Auto Insurance: Required Coverage

For the legal operation of a motor vehicle in Nevada, you must have at least the following car insurance coverage:

  • Bodily injury liability coverage: $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident
  • Property damage liability coverage: $50,000
  • Uninsured motorist coverage: $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident

Note: In Nevada, you have the option to decline uninsured motorist coverage.

I just got a new car. Do I need full auto insurance coverage in Nevada?

Congratulations on your acquisition! If you have a loan or lease on your vehicle, you are normally required to have complete coverage on it. This simply implies that comprehensive collision coverage must be included in your policy.

Note: Your Nevada auto insurance policy does not cover trips within Mexico. If you want to drive there, you must acquire additional coverage.

Make sure to avoid a lapse of coverage.

In the state of Nevada, if you allow your insurance coverage to lapse or expire, your registration may be suspended. Furthermore, you will be subject to fines and fees ranging from $250 to $1000.

What Parents Should Know Regarding Nevada Teen Driving Laws

Nevada employs a graded licensing system. Teen drivers in Nevada must be at least sixteen years old to receive a learner’s permit, and they must be at least fifteen and a half years old to apply for a license. New drivers under the age of 18 must finish a driver training course that includes either online or in-person instruction as well as 50 hours of driving time.

There are a few restrictions for teen drivers.

For the first six months of their license, a juvenile driver in Nevada is barred from transporting any passenger under the age of 18, with the exception of immediate relatives. Drivers under the age of 18 are also barred from driving between the hours of 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. Minors should also be wary of municipal curfews, which are particularly tight in Las Vegas and the Reno Downtown Gaming District.

Nevada Registration Information

If you are moving to Nevada from another state, please register your vehicles within 60 days of establishing residency in Nevada or before the out-of-state registration expires, whichever comes first. You must register at a DMV Full Service Office and have the following documents with you:

  • Most recently registered
  • License plates from other states
  • If necessary, a Nevada emissions Vehicle Inspection Report (smog check) is required.
  • Certificate of Vehicle Inspection in Nevada (“VIN check” done at the DMV office)
  • If ownership is transferred, a certificate of title is required. If the owner does not choose to change ownership, he or she may keep the out-of-state title.)

You must obtain liability insurance in the exact name(s) that will appear on the registration and title from a Nevada-licensed provider.

Mercury Car Insurance in Las Vegas

All drivers in Las Vegas are required by law to have proof of auto insurance. Mercury delivers a wide range of insurance products through a network of independent, local agents. We have agents in every major market in Nevada to assist you with every step of the process.

Mercury provides a wide range of coverage alternatives, including personal auto insurance, homeowners insurance, and mechanical protection.

The state mandates minimum insurance coverage for all drivers. Here’s what you’ll need to legally drive in Nevada:

  • Bodily injury per person — $25,000
  • Bodily injury per accident — $50,000
  • Property damage per accident — $20,000

If you can’t provide state proof of car insurance, you could face a variety of penalties. Your driver’s license and registration may be suspended for up to 90 days, your car may be confiscated, and you may face a fine of up to $1000 plus a reinstatement cost of up to $500. You may also be required to complete an SR-22 form for the next 36 months. An SR-22 is a document that indicates you have auto insurance.

Mercury has a unique position in the Las Vegas market because we offer our consumers some of the most economical and personalized agent-driven services in the state. Mercury distributes insurance products through a network of over 8,000 local, independent brokers in 11 states. Contact one in your area for a free rate quote and start saving right away.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does car insurance in Las Vegas cost?

In Las Vegas, the average cost of vehicle insurance is $156 per month for minimal coverage or $1,869 per year. What you’ll spend, though, is determined by your insurer, your driving history, and the coverage options you select.

What company has the best car insurance in Las Vegas?

Our top selections for the best insurance service in Las Vegas are State Farm and Travelers. They each had the lowest complaint index scores among the insurers we looked at, indicating that their consumers were most likely satisfied with their service.

What is the cheapest car insurance provider in Las Vegas?

Progressive has the lowest average rate for minimum liability coverage in Las Vegas, at $1,295 per year. State Farm offers the most affordable complete coverage at $2,486 per year. State Farm also has low rates for customers who have had a driving mishap or who are younger drivers.

What is the best car insurance in Nevada?

Liberty Mutual was ranked one of the best car insurance companies in 2020 by NerdWallet.

3 That’s because we recognize that everyone’s Nevada auto insurance requirements are unique. Some people seek the lowest Nevada car insurance possible, while others want greater coverage and an auto insurance provider they can rely on. Allow us to assist you in customizing your Nevada auto insurance so that you only pay for what you require.

Who has the cheapest car insurance in Nevada?

Getting the cheapest auto insurance in Nevada may sound appealing, but it may come at a cost when you need it the most. You want auto insurance that is not only reasonable but also dependable in the event of an accident.
A Liberty Mutual auto insurance policy may be less expensive than you believe.

  • $617 lower than GEICO
  • $659 lower than Allstate
  • $643 lower than Nationwide

What is the Minimum Insurance Coverage Required by Nevada law?

A Nevada citizen is required by law to carry liability insurance on their automobile. This insurance is provided to recompense a victim of careless driving (negligence of the driver of the insured vehicle. A passenger in an insured vehicle may be entitled to a responsibility recovery.

The minimal limits for bodily injury are $15,000 per person, $30,000 per accident, and $10,000 for property damage. On the Declarations Page, this is frequently shown as 15/30/10. The $30,000 cap means that if there are more than two injury claimants, the claimants can collect no more than $30,000 in aggregate (total).

In many accident scenarios, the minimum coverage is insufficient to compensate the injured party. A car owner who has only the bare minimum of insurance may be personally liable for damages that exceed the coverage limit that was obtained.

What is Additional Coverage for Accident Damages? / Uninsured Motorist (UIM)?

The minimal coverage mandated by law is intended to provide victims of accidents in Nevada with at least the bare minimum of coverage. However, the minimal limits should not be used to determine what type of insurance a specific person should get.

For one thing, the bare minimum required by law will not offer coverage to a victim of an uninsured driver’s recklessness. At any given time, there are numerous uninsured automobiles on the road, and those vehicles are more likely to cause accidents than others.

To protect oneself in the event of an accident caused by an uninsured driver, you must acquire uninsured motorist coverage, which is typically purchased in limits similar to the liability limits. For instance, 15/30 or 25/50.

Getting Help With Insurance After a Car Accident

Car insurance rules and coverage can be complicated, and many people don’t completely grasp their policy until they’ve been in an accident.If you are in a car accident, you should have a car accident or personal injury attorney review your insurance policy and explain what coverage you have or do not have.

A policyholder may believe that the insurance agent is the best person to consult after an accident to better understand coverage. However, depending on how many claims his or her insured presents. The insurance agent’s compensation may be decreased quarterly or annually (or the dollar value of those claims.) In other words, the insurance agent frequently has a financial motive to prevent the policyholder from utilizing the policy benefits to which they are entitled. When it comes to outlining your rights under the policy, the insurance agent is not a neutral party.

If you or a loved one has been in an accident and are unaware of what coverage you or the other party has and how it may affect you, an accident lawyer can assist you.

What is Medical Payments coverage?

Medical Payments coverage can be quite beneficial following an accident. Because it covers anyone and everyone in the insured vehicle if they are wound, regardless of who cause the accident. Even if you have health insurance, having medical payments coverage is a smart idea. It nearly usually leads to a better net settlement in the event of an injury claim against a negligent driver. There is virtually always subrogation by health insurance for payments made pursuant to medical payments coverage. There is almost never subrogation for payments made pursuant to medical payments coverage.

When Do I need to Show Proof of Insurance?

Proof of insurance need to show when registering a vehicle with the Nevada DMV for the first time. Every time the registration will renew, when a police officer pulls a driver over. They will normally request to see evidence of insurance (up to date Nevada Evidence of Insurance Card.

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