Cannabis and Sports: The Impact on Performance and Recovery

The long struggle against cannabis for many decades included developing and spreading negative stereotypes regarding this useful herb. One of them concerns the use of cannabis by athletes. Cannabinoids were listed among the prohibited substances, the detection of which led to the suspension of athletes from competition. Because of this, marijuana has become taboo in sports, but its widespread legalization for medical purposes has to some extent affected this situation:

  • In 2018, cannabidiol (CBD) was finally removed from the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) long and harsh Prohibited List.
  • Marijuana and cannabis products are prohibited during competitions due to the presence of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). However, there is quite a high threshold value for THC detection. This means that a certain amount of THC can be present in the body but not above a prescribed threshold.

How fair were these restrictions, and can cannabis and its derivatives, a wide selection of which can be found in the online store, have such a tangible impact on sports performance?

Does Marijuana Affect Sports Performance?

WADA explains its position on marijuana by the fact that the results of numerous studies, as well as focused interviews with athletes, testify in favor of the performance-enhancing qualities of this herb. Of course, the effect of marijuana exposure depends on the specific sport and the characteristics of the body of each athlete. For example, here’s how it can enhance performance in bodybuilding and running:

  • The use of hemp seeds allows a person to get high-quality protein with a large number of trace elements, amino acids, and vitamins. It contributes to the enlargement of muscle mass and, therefore, is extremely popular among bodybuilding enthusiasts.
  • If an athlete takes cannabis before running, they feel a surge of energy. But this is not a short-term surge that ends in devastation. On the contrary, the energizing effect of weed is quite long, so it helps to increase stamina. Runners after a session of marijuana can cover distances in one breath and show essentially higher results in terms of speed. 

Healing Qualities of Cannabis

Weed is a natural stimulant that has a complex effect on the human body and psyche. It mobilizes the physical and mental potential of a person and allows them to achieve results that could not have been gained without the use of marijuana. Besides that, marijuana has a healing effect, allowing a person to recover very quickly from injuries, relieve pain, etc. Therefore, CBD-based medicines are so actively used to relieve chronic pain

The peculiarity of different sports is that the same muscle groups are tensed during training and competitions. The higher results an athlete wants to get, the more often they train and, therefore, overstrain these muscles. Cannabis allows sportsmen to relieve these pains and other unpleasant sensations after many hours of training.

In addition, CBD treats inflammation in the human body. And this means that under conditions of increased load, the muscles recover faster and allow the athlete to continue improving their sports skills.

Impact of Marijuana on the Emotional State of Athletes

Since people engage in sports activities not only for pleasure but also for achievements, this puts additional stress on their psyche. Participation in competitions is associated with great responsibility, expectations, worries, and sometimes failures. All this can undermine the spirit of sportsmanship and contribute to nervousness and irritability. Cannabis in its various forms, which is offered in the online store Hub420 perfectly relieves stress and returns the joy of life in the most difficult situations. And returning to a cheerful state, the athlete revives the will to win and increases the chances of victory.

Sleep Recovery

Good sleep is necessary for any person and is especially important for athletes. The energy is replenished, and the overworked muscles are best relaxed and restored during sleep. However, before competitions, the sleep of athletes can often be disturbed not only due to stress but also due to long journeys, flights, etc. Marijuana perfectly relaxes the neuropsychic system of a person and allows falling asleep easily. After cannabis, sleep is deep and long, which stimulates quick recuperation.

In What Forms Should Athletes Use Marijuana?

How and at what time athletes will take cannabis depends on their goals:

  • If cannabis is needed to increase muscle mass, you can choose to eat marijuana seeds.
  • If the task is to relieve pain in certain muscles, back, and joints, it is necessary to use special ointments and gels with cannabis.
  • If you need to relax and calm down, you can choose vaping or smoking marijuana.

Weed is a universal human aid that can bring many benefits if it is not abused. In sports, it can drive achievements to a new level and restore the body after injuries, both physical and psychological. The Hub420 online weed store offers a complete arsenal of cannabis products needed for both medical and recreational purposes of an athlete.

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