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30 Greatest Small Cars Ever Made in The World [Complete List]

best small cars in the world

Small cars offer many practical advantages over their larger counterparts when zipping around congested cities or parking in tight spots. But some miniaturized models became so much more by delivering design ingenuity, groundbreaking engineering or simply infectious fun beyond merely saving space.

The following list showcases 30 all-time great petite cars spanning decades and continents, demonstrating that big things truly can exist in small packages. From the bare basics of transportation to hot rod pocket rockets, these influential tiny titans influenced wider automotive realms while also serving daily urban life.

30 Best Small Cars in the World

Small cars appeal especially to space-restricted regions that pack high-density populations into confined, habitable areas, making large vehicles impractical. But global petroleum shortages in the mid-20th century suddenly thrust economies of scale favoring subcompact runabouts mainstream worldwide too. Automakers raced to respond with revolutionary designs and packaging that maximized function while minimizing footprints to capture exploding niche segments.

By designing their interiors to fit as much as possible into small, lightweight platforms using space-saving transverse front wheel drive architectures and responsive fuel-sipping powerplants, these slim, livable city commuters added fun by having custom-made looks and performance that gave off a much higher level of sophistication than their budget-basic roots suggested.

Now small no longer equates with dull anonymity behind the wheel but rather symbolizes intelligent innovation demonstrated through the 30 greatest petite automobiles presented here, making indelible global impacts.

Greatest Postwar 1940s Small Cars

Best Small Cars in the World

Emerging from WWII’s depleted resources, automakers stretched creativity, targeting growing personal transportation markets with these iconic 40s micro mobiles:

1. Fiat 500 “Topolino” (1936)

This thriftily engineered Italian “little mouse” brought affordable motoring, executing all necessities in a mere 13-foot envelope. Nearly 520,000 rolled off lines before 1948, gaining enduring nickname recognition through clever, beloved simplicity.

2. Volkswagen Beetle (1938)

Ferdinand Porsche granted dictator Adolf Hitler’s request for a compact German “people’s car,” birthing this inexplicably endearing and eternal posterior portholed bug conveying reliability and value for over 23 million owners to date.

3. Willys Jeep (1941)

Rushed into WWII military duty in 1941, then transitioned seamlessly serving equally vital civilian occupations, Willys’ plucky four-wheeled mule delivered go-anywhere durability in a conveniently short-statured off-road package soon beloved globally by adventure seekers and rural owners alike.

Top Small Cars of the 1950s

Top Small Cars

These massively influential models launched the small car segment into brisk sales while adding strong doses of personality perking postwar austerity.

4. Fiat 600 (1955)

Another brilliantly executed microcar by Fiat, this one boasted room for four and an actual heat blower! 3.5 million 600 models put expanded motoring within reach through clever engineering in a mere 10-foot-long tidy package.

5. BMC Mini (1959)

Sir Alec Issigonis’ masterpiece of efficient design magic utilized radical engineering tricks like transverse front wheel drive and rubber cone suspension to deliver the soul of a sports car inside an adorably stubby shell that forever redefined what small cars could achieve by maximizing minimalized form factors.

6. Peel P50 (1962)

At just over 3 feet long and wide enough for a singular occupant, Peel Engineering crafted the tiniest car ever street-certified on merely three wheels using a seeping lawnmower engine for power. It’s earned iconic recognition through its extreme diminutive proportions.

The Greatest Small Cars: The Sensational 60s

This monumental era expanded enthusiast offerings, downsizing potent performance in tiny, tidier packages, including:

7. BMC Mini Cooper/Cooper S (1961)

Formula 1 race engineer John Cooper transformed Issigonis’ people-sized transportation appliance into a giant killing sports car iteration boasting navigation agility and modest engines outputting incredible speed.

8. NSU Prinz 4 (1962)

One of the earliest pioneers brought passenger comforts like water-cooled engines and roomy 4-seater cabins of full-sized vehicles down to an easily maneuverable scaled city size. Over 1 million Prinz models expanded mobility across war-recovering Europe.

9. Datsun 1000 (1966)

This nimble Japanese creation delivered a huge cabin footprint within a still-parkable 13-foot overall length. It expanded overseas sales, establishing Datsun as an early small car import innovator, bringing reliability and value to international markets at low prices.

10. Fiat 850 (1964)

Another monumental milestone model in Fiat’s domination of early European microcars, the boxy upright 850 boasted impressive 40 horsepower, allowing 60 mph sprints while comfortably carrying 4 adults and their luggage off on affordable road trip adventures from a mere 12 foot long road stance.

11. Mazda Cosmo Sport (1967)

Mazda’s impatience ushering in Wankel rotary engine applications to compact commuter segments sparked this award-winning Cosmo model, wrapping audacious technology in Italian-inspired corduroy and chrome speedster lines, foreshadowing decades of sporty small car infatuations to follow.

12. Subaru 360 (1958)

As Japan’s very first mass-produced passenger automobile, this daring 3-meter microcar adopted unconventional engineering, enabling surprisingly generous interior volume from motorcycle-sourced powertrains. Over 392,000 units generated vital revenues, fueling Subaru’s gradual growth and occupying specialty niche markets internationally.

13. BMC Mini Moke (1964)

Extensions of the classic Mini magic manifested wonderfully through this militarized beach buggy rendition, conveying barefoot adventuresome freedom by stripping away doors and roofs to fully engage the outside world, all while retaining fantastically fun driving character in a compact cheeky package.

Top Small Cars: The Sensible 70s

While performance pocket rockets continued to gain traction in the public’s expanding acceptance of diminutive wheeled wonders, practicality reasserted dominance for most global markets through essential transportation appliances that minimized mass:

14. Honda Civic (1972)

Seemingly an instant hit benefiting from clever marketing, Honda’s freshly minted Civic subcompact in fact endured slow early adoption until petroleum politics propelled economies of scale favoring the model into one of history’s most successful compact lines that continues advancing affordability today.

15. Volkswagen Golf Mk1 (1974)

Also marketed as the Rabbit in North America, the immensely successful Mk1 iteration of VW’s Golf built crucial foundations for the enduring C-segment model line by introducing improved safety, practicality and comfort, expanding the brand’s appeal beyond the quirky Beetles preceding it.

16. Fiat 127 (1971)

Italian carrozzeria master Pininfarina infused Fiat’s conventionally engineered toddler tot with sharp 70s postmodernism to spin heads beyond expectations. One of Fiat’s most prolific sellers, the 127 pioneered front-wheel drive traction advantages, which were adopted widely thereafter.

17. Honda Accord (1976)

This eventual Honda mainstay establishing near luxury midsize segment benchmarks began more humbly seeking to appease overflowing Civic demand through a stretched variant seating five. Signature styling cues and mechanical finesse, winning loyal owners, emerged despite cramped quarters.

18. Austin Mini Metro (1980)

British Leyland’s attempt to upgrade BMC’s icon into the modern era improved space utilization despite skimping on material quality and powertrain refinements. There were still over 1 million sales before Rover Group axed the model in 1997 after singular generations.

19. Datsun Cherry (1977)

Although Nissan’s early micro hatch struggled to gain sales traction initially, excellence in engineering the model’s compact footprint and nimble road dynamics presaged sportier subcompact efforts achieving more success. It conveyed an eager, youthful energy from conservative Datsun.

20. Citroën Visa (1978)

Offering exceptional space utilization and comfort for a stubby two-box vintage city car, the Visa’s supple long travel suspensions maintained Citroen’s obsession for otherworldly smooth rides. Budget pricing matched modest output from its two-cylinder engines, which coaxed over 1.2 million sales.

Greatest Modern Small Cars, 1980–Future

best small cars

Despite cyclical recessions frequently stalling new model investment, major manufacturers and minor startups alike persisted in promoting the practicality of pint-sized transportation, persisting through contemporary decades.

21. Fiat Panda (1980)

The boxy upright shape and wheels pushed maximally towards vehicle extremities to gain every inch of interior room possible earned Giugiaro’s eco-friendly “jelly mold” top honors for space efficiency. Practical, adaptable and cheap, Fiats sold over 7.5 million.

22. Hyundai Pony (1975)

As the fledgling Korean automaker’s introductory model, the compact Pony conveyed crude but cheerful, honest value, catapulting Hyundai’s quality reputation into viability worldwide and paving the way for subsequent small offerings like the groundbreaking Accent.

23. Suzuki Cultus/Swift (1983)

Marketed under various names globally, Suzuki struck an ideal balance of economy and excitement through the Swift and derivatives spanning multiple decades. Nimble driving dynamics transcending diminutive dimensions and modest 1.0L 3-cylinder engines persist as originating concepts.

24. Volkswagen Polo Mk2 (1990)

The strong second-generation Polo model secured VW’s domination over the European supermini market by introducing cleaner aerodynamically optimized lines and improved cabin ergonomics, combining sophistication and space efficiency. Competitors struggled throughout the vehicle’s life cycle.

25. Geo Metro (1989)

The feat of engineering mere hundreds of pounds with tiny 3-cylinder motors while safely transporting four adults and their belongings near 50 mpg city astonishes, but GM pulled off the miracle repeatedly to critical claim and hot seller status before rebranding Geo defunct by 1997.

26. Ford Ka (1996)

Ford completely abandoned conservative thinking to birth this creatively courageous, high-quality art piece, influxing exciting Italianate flamboyancy into its lineup below the boxy Escort. Clever interior packaging and spunky performance conveyed sophistication, belying the micromodel’s bare economic roots.

27. BMW Mini Hatch (2001)

When BMW astonishingly won rights by acquiring and reinventing BMC’s anachronistic 1959 icon for the new millennium, critics screamed certain disaster. But massive investments in sophisticated technologies, daring personalization options and retaining Heritage styling for the incredible rebirth deemed it an instant smash sensation that continues conquering sales charts today.

28. Daihatsu Copen (2002)

Rare is the production roadster scaled down to truly miniature proportions, but Japan’s delightful Daihatsu Copen roadster perfectly preserves breezy top-down thrills passionate drivers cherish through meticulously packed engineering, all while measuring just inches over 13 feet bumper-to-bumper.

29. Smart Fortwo (1998)

At a mere 8 feet, 8 inches, the entirely revolutionary Smart Fortwo brought backslide parking and effortless urban maneuverability to congested European cities but conveyed refinement and protective safety absent similar-sized predecessors. It celebrates innovative thinking and production-scale manufacturing efficiencies.

30. Tata Nano (2008)

The Indian people’s car made global headlines for aiming impossibly small packages at desperately poor native markets otherwise unable to afford four-wheeled mobility by pushing the boundaries of minimal yet still livable accommodations at nearly the most accessible pricing, attempting to modernize developing regions. But sales ultimately suffered from stigmas hiding capable transportation advancements underneath.


Beyond notable novelty and captivating attention otherwise unattainable by forgettable large conveyances, these 30 fantastic small car creations made monumental automotive advancements through creative engineering, radical envisioning and tenacious determination, overcoming inherent limitations physically imposed by abbreviated dimensions. They maximized minimalism for monumental mobility gains.

Practicality need not equate to boring when incorporating clever solutions to improve urban daily existence. As populations and environmental consciousness continue to prioritize functional space-saving ingenuity into future decades, sparkling new miniature segment models will undoubtedly arise, continuing traditions trailblazed by these greatest hits and keeping the world moving in comfortably sized packages.

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