3 Best Apps Based on React Native

The number of app development frameworks for both iOS and Android is huge. Some of the most prominent are Flutter, Xamarin, and NativeScript. However, one of the most commonly utilized is React Native. 

Why Many Companies Choose React Native?

1. Single Reusable Codebase and Cross-Platform App Development

The biggest advantage of this framework is its flexibility: with React Native, developers can construct mobile apps with a native appearance and touch for iOS and Android simultaneously, which noticeably accelerates the development process. In addition, more than 90% of the codes across native and cross-platform apps can be reused.

2. Time and Money-Saver

If you need to develop one app for iOS and Android, using React Native is significantly cheaper than developing two native apps separately. Plus, the fact that it provides one codebase for two platforms saves much time in the development process.

React Native has various open-source libraries which may speed up the coding procedure Say you are planning to create an app using video React Native player libraries. This is where the ready-made Video Editor SDK created by Banuba may benefit you a lot. This software development kit will definitely have you covered along your development road. Impressive videos, animated clips, and stories can be created and shared with this unmatched toolkit for developers. It will fill your app with TikTok-like transformation effects, cool filters and masks, various post-processing effects, and the ability to add music or GIFs to your video masterpieces. There are React Native wrappers for all features, so you can add all the functionality by writing a few lines of code.  

3. Loved by Developers

React Native is based on JavaScript, the most commonly used programming language among developers worldwide. So, these professionals are happy to use React Native, as most of them have a good command of the language. 

Of course, React Native has its cons too. For example, if your team tries to implement it for the first time, they are likely to face certain obstacles. However, in the future, they will finally reap the benefits of their previous hard work and effort. 

Top 3 Apps Based on React Native


Salesforce is known as a cloud-based software company created to assist businesses in connecting with their customers. Its mobile app was developed using React Native, allowing business owners to run their companies straight from their smartphones. Its users can get access to all the necessary data from anywhere and make their jobs 100% safe and secure. In 2016, they also developed Einstein, an AI platform for creating apps for employees and customers. With it, you can both predict business outcomes and discover relevant data patterns. Later, the company introduced its Mobile SDK, allowing mobile apps to fill their app with the power of Salesforce.


Shopify is a multinational e-commerce platform that lets small businesses build online stores and sell their products through one streamlined dashboard. Basically, it offers everything necessary to start, grow, and manage your business. Initially, when React Natives was announced by Facebook in 2015, Shopify didn’t want to convert their native app to it. However, 4 years later, they decided to experiment with their 3 apps and saw certain advantages the framework gave them. For example, they managed to share 80% of their code between Android and iOS. From that moment on, React Native has become part and parcel of Shopify.   


Pinterest is a social network that lets people share and save images if they find them interesting. Its main aim is to spark inspiration and encourage creativity. In 2018, Pinterest finally made the informed decision to use React Native, which enhanced the developer’s work greatly. They even managed to share 100% code between Android and iOS, making the two platforms fully consistent. 

Another Way To Speed Up The Development Process 

However, React Native is not the only way to boost the development process. There are many other options to leverage your business. One of them includes SDKs and APIs. These are off-the-shelf software that can be easily integrated into your app or website, increasing customer engagement and attracting new audiences to your product. In this regard, Banuba has its ace in the hole.

Its ready-made products will definitely make your app off the charts. If you strive to unleash your users’ creativity and deliver a unique video experience to them, you may use Banuba’s Video Editor SDK to create the best video editing app ever. It supports both React Native and Flutter and is compatible with most devices (iOS 10.0+ and Android 6.0 or higher). Banuba’s Video Editor SDK is a real boon for creators, as it is feature-rich, customizable, intuitive, and scalable.

It can be compared to a fully-functional video editor, as it gives the possibility to try cool masks, apply gorgeous beauty effects, add texts and gifs, regulate video speed, create slideshows, and much more. The cost of this software varies according to certain factors, like the chosen features and the number of apps and platforms for development. However, Banuba offers a 14-day free trial period for the complete set of all SDK features. So, you will have enough time to see how the software influences the general performance of your app.   


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