Best Strategies To Win In Aviator Betting Game

What is Aviator?

This is one of the most popular crash games. You’ll find it at almost any casino. The most important advantage of this game is that every player can win real money. 

The game was created in 2019 by Spribe . This is what helped the game to become popular in a short period of time. 

Immediately after you enter the game you will see a black field, a short period of time an airplane will come up on it. It symbolizes the odds of your bet. The higher into the sky the plane flies up, the bigger your bets. But remember, do not wait until the plane reaches the greatest odds. Because it is a huge risk. At one moment your odds can reach 10,000x, but in a second because of your inattention will fall to 0.

The mechanics of the game may seem confusing and unclear. But it is worth just to understand that under the main field there will be two windows in which you will see your bets. On the left side of the main field the bets of all players are displayed, and on the top – the results of recent games. One has only to remember this pattern and the game will not seem so hard. 

Aviator Betting Game Rules

Your main task is to place your bets quickly. A recommendation is to think about the amount you can spend on all games and on each game. At the end of the game your amount should not be more than you thought it would be. Most of the time you will have to bet very quickly, it is best to bet before all games or during the previous flight.  The amount is multiplied by the odds in case the plane flew up to the amount of your bet. If the bet does not play, you get nothing and all the money gets

For example, you place two bets in the Aviator Game at 4rabet for $10 at odds of 2.0 and $10 at odds of 3.0.  The plane goes up and reaches a bet of 2.3 . This means that your one bet has played out and you get $20 back. The main advantage of two bets is that if you lose one, the first bet will cover the lost amount. 

Best Strategies in Aviator at 4betBest Strategies in Aviator

All players are wondering if there is any Aviator strategy that will help them win more. If we talk about the classic casino games, there are no strategies. However, Aviator is a completely different game in which you can follow some patterns that help players win. 

In Aviator there are a large number of ways to win, but here will be described the most popular and which lead to a victory in most times

Betting on 1.1 x

This is the best bet that works 99 percent of the time. It has been proven that odds are rarely less than 1.1x. So if you bet this kind of odds, it could guarantee you a win. It is clear that this is a very small odds, and if you want to win big amounts of money you have to play a lot of games. A tip: bet a big amount of money, then your winnings will be noticeably bigger with each game. 

Regularity Strategy

It is a risky strategy which can’t give you the same high winning percentage as the previous one. The point is that at the top you have a window with the results of past games. It is worth opening it and analyzing the past 5 games. If in the past five flights the plane has not risen above 2x, then feel free to bet such odds and win lots of money. 

10x Bets

This is the riskiest strategy, because you never know when the plane will reach the odds of 10x. The regularity that such odds can be found once in every 15-20 games has been noticed. So if you see that such odds were not encountered in past games, it’s a chance to get those cherished odds.  If you are not willing to take any risks, you should not even try to follow this strategy, because the chance of losing is high.

In 4Rabet, it is best to use the Regularity strategy. It will in most cases be able to lead you to success. But it should be remembered that the Aviator Betting game should be stopped in time and not to wait for high odds.

Aviator AppAviator App

If you want to have an Aviator game on your phone, you don’t need to download a special app. You can download the 4rabet app and play all kinds of casino games. It can be downloaded to Android as well as to iOS. 

If you can not decide on the fact you want to play on your computer or mobile device, the table with the pros and cons will be able to help in solving this problem.



  • The same bookmaker as on the official site;
  • Free App;
  • Easy to download and install the app, which does not take much time;
  • 24/7 support;
  • Best odds.
  • There are limitations in using cryptocurrency, but there is an option to use popular one.

How to Use a 4rabet Mobile App?

The interface in the app is as simple as possible. It does not take much time to understand how to use the interface. Follow the rules:

  1. Select the section you want to play, for example, the Aviator betting game. To do this, go to the main menu and look for what you need. You can also use the quick search;
  2. Read the terms and conditions ;
  3. After starting the game make a bet, and enter the amount which will not exceed the amount of your deposit;
  4. After the end of the game wait for the transfer of the won money to your account;
  5. Now you are ready to play.

Do not forget that the Author is not only about money, it is about luck. Don’t wait 10 minutes for your odds to reach 100x. It is better to go out 10 times during the game when it reaches 10x than to lose once.

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