Aussie Lotto Winner’s Life Revealed in Rare Glimpse

A man from North Queensland gave a rare look into the life of a big lottery winner by telling what he bought with his millions.

In 2019, Cliff Little from Cairns won the whole $40 million Powerball prize and became a millionaire in an instant.

Mr. Little told 9 News that he bought racehorses and a sports car with some of his new money.

He talked about how happy he was when he realized he’d picked the right lotto numbers.

“When I saw 1, 2, 3, 12, and 20, I said, “Oof! He said, “I’m getting more than my money back.”

“He called, and I asked, ‘Who the hell are you?’… he worked for Lotto, and he said so. I couldn’t fall asleep again.”

Following his retirement, the former disability worker ventured into racehorse owning, purchasing numerous horses.

Mr Little described his new wealthy life in horse racing as “exciting.”

“People may laugh, but the money is fantastic.” “When you see the cups, it’s only secondary,” he explained.

“We all know that Lotto is a game of chance, but winning a Group One with the trainer training the horse and the jockey ready to go with it, that’s the excitement, the tactics, and things like that.”

A two-year-old colt from Toowoomba named Cifrado was one of the purchases, and his career earnings of almost $880,000 have made him quite the investment. Following two victories, Cifrado will race in the famous $1 million JJ Atkins Plate on Saturday at Eagle Farm.

At the time of publication, tipsters had given the colt the name “rest roughie” out of a group of 17.

Mr. Little gave $20,000 to the Cairns Turf Club and the Cairns Jockey Club in 2021 because of his love of sports.

“I hope it will get more people interested in horse racing, because more prize money brings in better horses and gives racegoers another reason to go. He said at the time, “Anything we can do to help local racing is good.”

Mr. Little said that his money got him his dream car, a red Toyota Supra, instead of horses.

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