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Apple TV September 2023 Schedule: From New Shows to Returning Favorites

apple tv september 2023 schedule

Welcome to this post on Apple TV September 2023 schedule, where we’ll be looking at what shows are coming soon and the latest updates from Apple. Did you know that strange planet is one of the new comedy series set to premier next month? We will provide you with all the information and details required about Apple’s upcoming streaming events so that you can stay up-to-date with your favorite programs.

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From MLB Friday Baseball Night games and iPhone 15 event announcements, to movies coming in September, here’s everything you need to know for a successful binge night! So get ready for an amazing entertainment experience ahead!

Content Highlights

  • Apple TV+ in September 2023 has an exciting lineup of shows and movies, including Strange Planet, Snoopy Presents: One-of-a-Kind Marcie, Invasion (Season 2), The Morning Show (Season 3) and much more.
  • Upcoming original films include The Pigeon Tunnel, STILL: A Michael J. Fox Movie and Killers of the Flower Moon.
  • Fans can also watch MLB Friday Night Baseball games throughout October as part of Apple’s expanded partnership with MLB. There is also a possibility of eventual announcement about products such as AirPods or iPad Mini 5th Generation models at Apples iPhone 15 event which could take place during the month.

Apple TV+ Shows and Movies Coming in September 2023

Apple TV Plus

Fans can look forward to a variety of new series and films from Apple, such as Strange Planet, Snoopy Presents: One-of-a-Kind Marcie, Invasion (Season 2), Wanted: The Escape of Carlos Ghosn, and more.

Strange Planet

is an adult animated series set to debut on Apple TV+ on August 9, 2023. The official trailer released by the network has whetted viewers’ appetites with stunning visuals of a post-apocalyptic science fiction world.

Following a misfit group of aliens tasked with discovering humanity and its quirks, this 10 episode miniseries is sure to entertain all ages. Each Wednesday from August 9th through September 27th will bring new episodes full of weird creatures, ever-changing environments and thought provoking stories that aim to provoke questions about our own values and way of life.

Fans can expect high quality animation across every episode as well as gripping stories ripe for discussion when the season closes out in late September which make “Strange Planet” one show you won’t want to miss come Fall 2023!

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Snoopy Presents: One-of-a-Kind Marcie

Snoopy Presents

is the upcoming Peanuts special that follows the story of Marcie, an introvert who loves her solitude but also enjoys helping her friends. The special was announced with a trailer on Apple TV+ and will premiere on August 18th, 2023.

It’s directed by Raymond S. Persi and produced by Craig Schulz, son of Peanuts creator Charles M Schulz himself. Fans can enjoy this classic animated feature film as part of their September 2023 schedule when subscribed to Apple TV+.

The special follows Marcie on how she learns some shreds from life while embarking on adventures in her imagination with Snoopy&Co – making it an exciting watch for all ages!

Invasion (Season 2)

The highly-anticipated second season of ‘Invasion’ will hit Apple TV+ on August 23, 2023. Created by Simon Kinberg and David Weil, the show is set to take audiences on a sci-fi adventure they won’t soon forget.

After finishing its first season two-years prior, fans have been eagerly awaiting the next installment of ‘Invasion’. The trailer for Season 2 hints at an action-packed journey with plenty of twists and cliffhangers that will leave viewers hanging in anticipation.

And aside from the typical science fiction elements such as aliens and mysterious worlds; viewers can look forward to strong female characters guided by a powerful story arc that promises to keep them hooked until the very end.

Wanted: The Escape of Carlos Ghosn

is an intriguing four-part documentary series set to be released on Apple TV+ in August 2023. This gripping exploration of power and escape centers around Carlos Ghosn, the former Nissan CEO whose empire came crashing down after his arrest by Japanese authorities.

The documentary dives into Ghosn’s reign of power, his shocking arrest and eventual flight from Japan in December 2019. Featuring interviews with key personnel such as former Green Beret Mike Taylor who masterminded Carlos Ghosn’s elaborate getaway plan – the documentary promises to delve deep into this true life saga of love, intrigue and daring strategies to beat international justice systems.

Fans won’t want miss “Wanted: The Escape of Carlos Ghosn” when it premieres on Apple TV+, August 25th 2023.

The Morning Show (Season 3)

the morning show season 3

Apple TV+’s highly anticipated Original Series “The Morning Show” will be returning for its third season on Friday, September 13th 2023. Ten episodes have been confirmed for the season, with a two-episode premiere starting off the new story arc.

The show has had an incredibly successful run thus far; initially picked up for two seasons, Apple swiftly renewed it for a third as well. Fans were given a sneak peek of what is to come in Season 3 when Apple released its teaser trailer over recently.

It showcased plenty of drama between its lead characters and highlighted further divisions that could cause havoc in their lives going forward. All eyes are now focused on this beloved show’s return to better understand all the exciting developments and changes that come with this new season which airs later in 2023.

The Super Models

A must-watch for fashion enthusiasts and fans of iconic ’90s supermodels; the four-part documentary series “The Super Models” offers an unprecedented look into the lives and careers of Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Claudia Schiffer and more.

Directed by Garrard Wong Andersson, the series will take viewers on a captivating journey through interviews from some of today’s most elite designers such as Tom Ford to testimonies from those who worked side by side with these influential women during photo shoots and runway events.

Available only on Apple TV+ starting September 20, 2023; you won’t want to miss this exclusive opportunity into the fascinating world behind these amazing superstars.

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Lessons in Chemistry

lessons in chemistry

is an upcoming drama series produced by Apple TV+, set to premiere on October 13, 2023. The story follows a woman’s journey of self-discovery and empowerment as she struggles with the pressures of societal obligations in 1950s America.

Academy Award winner Brie Larson stars in lead role in addition to serving as executive producer for the show that’s based on Bonnie Garmus’ novel “Lessons In Chemistry“. The first teaser trailer was released on April 20, 2023 setting a stage for the highly anticipated release this fall.

Camp Snoopy

is the newest addition coming to Apple TV+ in September of 2023, a spin-off from one of America’s most beloved cartoon franchises: Peanuts. This series is set to focus on the less well-known character Franklin who, with his pals, will explore topics such as friendship and dealing with difficult emotions while camping outdoors.

As part of this new special adding even more original content to Apple TV+, there are reports that some episodes will feature segments talking about Marcie’s experiences while traveling abroad.

With lessons for all ages delivered in a fun and educational way – plus an added bonus of including commentary by Charles M Schulz himself throughout each episode – Camp Snoopy gives fans something truly unique to look forward too when it debuts on Apple TV+ next year.

La Maison

The highly anticipated Apple TV+ show “La Maison” is an upcoming French drama set to premiere in September 2023. The series follows a group of young adults as they navigate life and love in modern day Paris, France.

La Maison will be written and directed by Franco-Moroccan director Faouzi Bensaidi, and features a cast of both established stars like Audrey Tautou (Amélie) and up-and-coming talent like Medeea Marinescu (Roma).

Viewers can expect thoughtfully curious characters exploring relationships, identity, diverse subjects of artistry such as writing, painting, music – all through the lens of the city that serves as one of its core protagonists.

The Savant

“The Savant,” is an upcoming release on Apple TV+ this September 2023. It is a mystery and drama series that tells the story of a troubled man who has been released from prison and sent to investigate why several deaths have taken place near his old family home in Scotland.

The show focuses not only on the investigation but also dives into his personal relationships with those closest to him as he battles through amnesia and hallucinations while attempting to uncover the truth behind each death.

While no further details are available about “The Savant,” it promises viewers a suspenseful account surrounding these mysterious events as part of Apple TV+’s lineup for September 2023.

Upcoming Apple TV+ Movies in September 2023

Get ready to enjoy some exciting titles like The Pigeon Tunnel, STILL: A Michael J. Fox Movie, and Killers of the Flower Moon!

The Pigeon Tunnel

Apple Original Films has acquired the feature documentary “The Pigeon Tunnel,” directed by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Errol Morris. Set to debut on Apple TV+ in October 2023, this documentary takes a deep dive into the life of bestselling author John le Carré over six decades, offering audiences a unique and engaging exploration into his world.

Described as deeply human, this film promises to offer insights that are certain to keep viewers enthralled from start to finish. With incredibly vast source material taken from books and interviews with family members combined with commentary from famous collaborators and contemporaries, it stands unrivaled as an incredible cinematic adventure that must be experienced first hand.

STILL: A Michael J. Fox Movie

is a highly anticipated film set to be released on May 12, 2023. It stars Michael J. Fox as the lead actor and it’s sure to entertain with its mix of adventure, romance, comedy, and drama.

The trailer for STILL: A Michael J. Fox Movie has already been unveiled by Apple Original Films allowing viewers to get a first glimpse into this delightful movie before it premieres on Apple TV+.

This captivating new release promises an exciting journey through love and life that every viewer should not miss out on!

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Killers of the Flower Moon

is an upcoming Apple TV+ movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Lily Gladstone, directed by Martin Scorsese and based on the non-fiction book of the same name written by David Grann.

The film tells the story of a series of murders in Oklahoma around 1924 and will explore issues such as corruption within law enforcement which are still relevant today. It has been praised for its accurate recreation of history, with reports that director Scorsese worked closely with consultants versed in Osage Nation culture to ensure accuracy.

With a cast including DiCaprio and Gladstone supported by Robert De Niro, Jesse Plemon, Chris Messina and Tantoo Cardinal among others this is sure to be a star-studded affair supported by a well sourced story.


Directed and produced by Ridley Scott, “Napoleon” is an epic historical drama film that stars Joaquin Phoenix. It is based on the true story of Napolean Bonaparte and promises to be quite a spectacle.

The immense action adventure follows the rise and fall of one of history’s greatest figures. Fans can enjoy this sweeping drama when it is released in theaters on November 22, 2023.

With beautiful costumes, grandiose sets, and powerful performances from Phoenix as well as his co-stars Evan Rachel Wood, Robert Pattinson, James D’Arcy and Adam Driver viewers are promised to be moved by this thrilling retelling of Napoleon’s life.

MLB Friday Night Baseball Schedule on Apple TV+

On Fridays during the month of September 2023, Apple TV+ will feature three premier baseball matchups from the American League – Tampa Bay Rays at Cleveland Guardians, Seattle Mariners at Kansas City Royals and New York Yankees at Toronto Blue Jays.

Tampa Bay Rays at Cleveland Guardians

On Friday, September 1, the Tampa Bay Rays will play against the Cleveland Guardians at 7 p.m. ET in a fresh episode of Apple’s “Friday Night Baseball.” Fans can watch this competition live by launching the Apple TV app and selecting it directly from there.

According to the most recent schedule announcement made by Apple on Monday, this game forms part of their offerings throughout September and is sure to be an exciting showdown between two teams with great potential.

Make sure not to miss out!

Seattle Mariners at Kansas City Royals

The Seattle Mariners will be facing off against the Kansas City Royals in a highly anticipated Friday night matchup in September 2023. The game features starts from both teams, such as Kansas City’s ace pitcher Austin Hays and Seattle outfielder Kyle Lewis.

This “Friday Night Baseball” game promises to be an exciting one! Fans can stream the match on Apple TV+ through their subscriptions or on other compatible devices via platforms like DirecTV Now, Sling TV, Hulu + LiveTV and YouTubeTV.

As part of MLB’s longer partnership with Apple TV+, this series is increasingly becoming more popular for viewers who want to watch high-level sporting events without sacrificing quality content available within the streaming platform itself.

New York Yankees at Toronto Blue Jays

The New York Yankees at Toronto Blue Jays game will feature as part of Apple TV+’s “Friday Night Baseball” schedule in September 2023. This matchup between rivals promises to be an exciting one with both teams favorites to challenge for the AL East division this season.

Fans can access the game through the Apple TV app by simply selecting it directly there; no additional subscription is required, and all Apple TV+ subscribers can enjoy the content.

It’s also worth noting that MLB previously shared its full schedule for Friday Night Baseball during the first half of their respective seasons – up until June 30th -}, offering plenty more games for fans who want to make sure they catch every moment throughout the year.

Apple’s September 2023 iPhone 15 Event

The highly anticipated September event brings a series of new product launches, and Apple fans will be more than eager to learn the details.

Date and time

Though the exact date of Apple’s annual September 2023 iPhone 15 event has not been officially confirmed, it is typically held in the first two weeks of September. In light of past events as well as leaked information, it is likely that this year’s crucial announcement with occur on either September 12 or 13.

The highly anticipated iPhone 15 itself is expected to launch around mid-September and go on sale towards the end of the month, most probably around 22nd September; but these dates remain mere speculations until Apple confirms them.

Expected product launches: iPhone 15, Apple Watch Series 9, iPad mini, AirPods

Apple fans are eagerly anticipating the September 2023 event, where they will get their first glimpse of the much-anticipated iPhone 15 range. The core iPhone 15 and possible new Pro Max models are set to be unveiled at this event, as well as the Apple Watch Series 9 and a new generation of AirPods. Adding more excitement to this big product launch is the possibility that a brand-new iPad mini could also be announced.

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that we’ll see any new Mac computers with M3 chips until October’s event instead. No matter what products make it into reality come September though, one thing is sure: Apple fans will always have something exciting coming down the pipeline in terms of innovative technology upgrades!

Speculations and Rumors about the iPhone 15

With the iPhone 15 expected to launch in September 2023, rumors and speculations are already making headlines – get all the latest updates here.

Color options, design changes

Rumors have been swirling about the expected design changes and new colors for the upcoming iPhones. The iPhone 15 models are rumored to feature a USB-C port instead of Lightning, as well as redesigned camera lenses and display features.

As for color options, speculations suggest that the iPhone 15 Pro could include blue and Titan Gray. Further rumors abound on an additional deep red color option for the device. Reports have suggested that Apple might be adding four stunning pastel hues to this lineup: green, yellow, pink in addition to black for a classic look.

Meanwhile, an Apple leaker has claimed to have seen three new colors coming up with one particularly eye-catching shade – light yellow. So it looks like if all these reports turn out true then fans will get a wide array of choices when it comes to customizing their own special edition iPhone!

Improved camera and display features

In the upcoming iPhone 15 series, rumors suggest Apple could be introducing improved camera and display features. The Pro models are speculated to feature a new periscope camera technology that will deliver a 5x optical zoom compared to 2x with the current lineup iPhones.

Additionally, reports also hint at Apple adopting Mini LED backlight display tech in some of its iPhone 15 family members – which promises users higher contrast ratios and better color accuracy on their screens.

On top of this, there is talk of upgraded ultra wideband support used for AirDrop transfers that should result in much faster data exchange speeds between devices. These advancements have peole eagerly awaiting September’s keynote address where they hope these rumored updates become reality!

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iOS 17 beta 7

Released earlier this month, Apple’s brand-new iOS 17 beta 7 is bringing a host of new and improved features to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of iPhones. With dramatically improved communication tools, sharing capabilities, and a full-screen experience for iPhone users that have never been seen before, iOS 17 promises to revolutionize the way we interact with our devices.

The beta version is now available for public testing which makes it easier for users to try out different features before the official release so they can get familiar with how things work on their iPhone in order to make informed decisions when the next big update comes around.

It’s no doubt that iOS 17 will make life easier and simpler as it brings plenty of improvements from its previous versions such as improved messaging between applications by using “Slots” technology rather than URLs, making videos ready to view without having wait patiently until content downloads completely at first load prior to watching them – This move aims to remove latency issues while streaming video in low bandwidth environments.

Apple TV+ and MLB Partnership

The partnership between Apple TV+ and the MLB began in November 2020, offering viewers a chance to stream live games and watch their favorite teams outdoors on their home screens.

History and purpose

Apple TV+ is a subscription streaming service owned by Apple Inc. and launched on November 1, 2019. It offers users access to original movies, shows, documentaries, comedy specials and feature films created just for the streaming platform.

Customers of Apple devices such as iPhones, iPads or Mac computers can stream content directly via those products from anywhere using their device’s internet connection. The benefit of subscribing to Apple TV+ servcies also allows its customers access to MLB Friday Night Baseball games schedule broadcast live from September 2023 onwards exclusively available for Apple PC users who have subscribed to the channel free of charge or avail discounted rates paid in local currencies depending upon their countries currency policy accepted by worldpay app wallets system.

This partnership between MLB and Apple services provides subscribers with exclusive rights over other steaming platforms chronometrically video broadcasting events happening every friday night games alive without any pixelation interferences required during transmission period ending at 12 pm GMT +5:00 time globally despite others satellite provider existing lacking this unique offering being aleive event input output deliveries watched virtually alive uninteruppted video footage format darting throught set top boxes relating species alignment garnishing series telecast afterglow shades differently treated abroad journeys carjd palpable visible excitements ..

Streaming MLB games on Apple TV+

Apple TV+ has partnered with Major League Baseball to offer a wide variety of games to subscribers. Starting in September 2023, there will be 26 exclusive streaming of Friday night MLB games on the platform.

Subscribers can easily access the live stream of these games from anywhere and at any time through either the Apple TV app or MLB.TV app on many compatible devices like laptops, tablets or smartphones.

An active subscription to Apple TV+ is required for readers who wish to watchMLB Friady night baseball seanson on Apple TV+. Through these apps, viewers can get up-to-date information about various sports events taking place across USA and even watch highlights from previously held matches.

Schedule updates and live streams

Apple TV+ has several exciting schedule updates and live streams to look forward to in September 2023.The MLB on Apple TV++ will feature 26 games throughout the month, including Tampa Bay Rays at Cleveland Guardians (Friday, September 3), Seattle Mariners at Kansas City Royals (Saturday, September 11) and New York Yankees at Toronto Blue Jays (Sunday, September 19).

Viewers can also watch Apple’s “iPhone 15” event on Wednesday, September 22 as well as the premiere of The Changeling on Friday 8th of that same month. Additionally fans can enjoy a variety of new shows such as Strange Planet and Snoopy Presents: One-of-a-Kind Marcie premiering soon afterwards.

How to Access Apple TV+ and Watch the September Schedule

Subscribers can easily access Apple TV+ and stream the September schedule on compatible devices such as Smart TVs, iOS devices, gaming consoles and more.

Subscription cost and plans

Apple TV+ is an affordable streaming service that offers access to a wide variety of shows and movies. Subscribers have two options when it comes to pricing: the monthly subscription cost for Apple TV+ is $6.99 per month, or those looking to bundle services can sign up for the Apple One package starting at just $14.95 per month with five other included services.

For those interested in trying out the service before committing, there’s also a free seven-day trial available — perfect for sample viewing before deciding whether you want to subscribe on a long-term basis or not.

The Apple One subscription bundle adds four additional services beyond Apple TV+, all of which are included in one master package at greatly reduced prices compared with subscribing separately.

Compatible devices and platforms

The Apple TV+ app is available on several platforms including iOS, iPadOS, tvOS and macOS. You can access the app via iPhone 8 (or newer), iPad 5th Generation or newer models, or any iPod Touch 6th generation device. Additionally you can stream content using a 4K compatible smart television with an Apple TV 4K streaming box. Mac users running latest versions of macOS are also able to use their computer to enjoy shows and movies found in Apple’s catalog.

Tips for enjoying Apple TV+ content

One way to optimize your Apple TV+ viewing experience is to make sure you have the best video settings for your Home Theater setup. Depending on the size and quality of your television, adjusting brightness, contrast, color temperature and other picture settings can help maximize image clarity and ensure that you get all the detail out of every frame without unnecessary eye strain.

Additionally, using subtitles or changing audio language on select content can help enhance content comprehension. Further managing viewing preferences by tapping Favorite shows (star icon) when checking out what’s new in each collection helps personalize what appears first in Up Next from then on.

Lastly, having a look at ‘For You’ recommendations could also result in discovering something enjoyable – while one show might feel good just once; sometime alike epic stories may embed a natural desire for pushing further into binge-watching action! So don’t forget to check it out frequently as Top Picks are updated regularly guaranteed with fresh exciting binging possibilities!

Exciting Apple TV+ Features and Updates

Get ready to explore the best of entertainment with Apple TV+’s new content and features this September!

New trailers and shows to look forward to

Apple TV+ will be releasing new trailers and shows in September 2023 to excite viewers with something for everyone. From comedy series “Still Up” starring Antonia Thomas, a new rom-com series, and the highly anticipated season 3 of “The Morning Show”, there is much to look forward to.

Apple is also set to premiere their limited series, Changeling on June 9th. Fans of sci-fi can check out Strange Planet and Invasion Season 2 while those interested in crime drama can look forward to Wanted: The Escape of Carlos Ghosn.

There are movies like Killers of the Flower Moon being added as well as Camp Snoopy sure enough children’s favorite show! Apple TV+ offers a great variety genres ranging from kids’ animated programs such as Super Models through dramas like Lessons In Chemistry, or La Maison that appeals all ages audiences for September 2023 lineup.

The Changeling premiere on September 8, 2023

On September 8, 2023 Apple TV+ will be premiering its gripping new drama series ‘The Changeling’. The series stars LaKeith Stanfield and Clark Backo, who both also executive produce the show.

It follows a young man’s journey as he attempts to uncover a hidden family secret buried by generations of silence – and take down the powerful organization he was born into in order to save his identity.

This three-episode premiere will kick-start this mystery-tinged morality tale that promises suspense, action, and lots of questions with no answers… yet.

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Apple’s continued investment in original content

Apple is dedicated to delivering quality entertainment on its streaming service, Apple TV++. Since the launch of the platform in 2019, Apple has been continually investing in original programming and pushing forward boundaries.

They’ve also partnered with Hollywood creatives to create exclusive shows and films for their subscribers around the world.

In 2020 alone, they produced over 20 new series with some of those titles being The Morning Show starring Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon as well as Defending Jacob starring Chris Evans.

This level of commitment ensures that viewers will get access to a wide array innovative content which no other streaming service can replicate. Last year’s production slate saw many awards wins including an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited Series or Movie for outstanding actor Billy Crudup who starred in ‘The Morning Show’.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you need to know more about the Apple TV schedule for September 2023, check the answers below.

1. What is the Apple TV September 2023 schedule?

The Apple TV September 2023 schedule consists of programs and movies that will be available to stream during the month, with any new releases highlighted in bold.

2. How can I access the latest updates for my current Apple shows?

If you are already subscribed to an Apple show, you can find all the latest updates on your dashboard or within your subscription settings page.

For more information about a specific show or movie, click into its page on the homepage for additional details.

3. Does this schedule include original content from other streaming services such as Netflix?

No, this schedule only features original content exclusively available on Apple TV Plus platform.                                                                                          

4. Will I need to pay extra for accessing new episodes of my favorites shows/movies?

No, once you have purchased your monthly subscription package (which includes access to various libraries), any newly released episode will automatically become accessible at no additional cost. 

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