Apple’s New iMacs are Slim, Colorful and Super Powerful

The new Apple’s M1 iMac with 24″ display presented by Apple on April 20 embodies all the best of Cupertino technology. A very thin device, with a screen only 11.5 mm thick – just over a centimeter – built around the already powerful M1 chip. seen in the new Macbook Air and Pro presented in the fall.

The new Apple iMac is super powerful

The M1 chip is capable of integrating processor, graphics and memory (as well as other components) on a single circuit – that’s why the new Apple iMac is thin, powerful and performing at the same time. It weighs less than 5 pounds and has an elegantly designed base that balances the entire weight of the computer.

Apple’s M1 iMac features a stunning 4.5K Retina display, with 500 nits of brightness that make images vivid and brilliant; at the same time the anti-reflective coating ensures visual comfort and better readability for the user. What’s more, True Tone technology automatically adjusts color temperature based on ambient light for natural, restful viewing.

1080p video camera

The super device from Apple is equipped with a 1080p FaceTime HD camera, the best ever seen on a Mac. It has a larger sensor than in the past, capable of capturing more light and the ISP processor inside the M1 chip increases significantly. sensitive image quality. 

The camera is capable of:

  • Automatic white balance
  • Detect faces
  • Reduce image noise
  • Map tones

The ISP processor, in fact, improves image quality thanks to computational video. To shoot video, every single pixel is analyzed and improved in stages, with over a billion operations per second. Noise reduction algorithms deliver a new level of clarity and tone mapping increases dynamic range, for more detailed images in over-lit and shaded areas.

The iMac audio system is designed to spread sound in any space, creating an enveloping experience. Two pairs of force-canceling woofers create rich, deep bass without unwanted vibrations. And each pair is balanced with a high performance tweeter. The result is an impressive and detailed soundstage. And thanks to redesigned speakers and a host of algorithms, iMac supports spatial audio while watching video in Dolby Atmos.

Performance of another level

The combination of the M1 chip and the macOS Big Sur operating system ensures a new level of performance, efficiency and security. iMac wakes up from sleep in an instant, apps open instantly and the whole system is fluid and lightning fast. The CPU is up to 85 percent faster and the graphics up to twice as fast as the standard configuration 21.5-inch iMac models.

How much do the new iMacs cost

There are three configurations:

  • with 256GB storage, 8GB of unified memory: 1499 euros
  • with 256GB storage, 8GB of unified memory, and two USB 3 ports: 1719 euros
  • with 512GB storage, 8GB of unified memory (two USB 3 ports): 1949 euros

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