American Idol 2024: Every Detail You Need to Know in 2023

Are you excited and have questions about the return of American Idol in 2024? Based on an official announcement, American Idol season 22 will return in early 2024, promising another exciting hunt for America’s next singing sensation.

This comprehensive article uncovers everything you need to know about the upcoming season, including auditions, release dates, judges, and much more! Stick around; let’s quench your curious minds together!

Content Highlights

  • American Idol season 22 is set to come back in early 2024, with auditions starting on August 2, 2023.
  • The judges for American Idol 2024 will be Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan, with Ryan Seacrest returning as the host.
  • To be eligible for American Idol 2024, contestants must meet age requirements (15 to 28 years old) and be a citizen or legal resident of the United States.
  • Contestants can apply by submitting an online application form and a video audition. Auditions can also be done through virtual auditions called “Idol Across America.”

Is American Idol Coming Back in 2023?

A diverse group of people performing on stage with a microphone.

No, American Idol will not return in 2023. The final show of season 21 was on May 21, 2023. But don’t worry! Fans should look for a new season in early 2024. We expect the next season, American Idol 2024, to start airing in spring.

At this time, we still don’t know if all our favorite judges will be back again.

Latest News about American Idol 2024

Photo of American Idol 2024 judges and host on glamorous stage.

The release date for American Idol 2024 and the judges and host for the upcoming season have been announced.

Release Date

We all want to know when American Idol 2024 will start. But no one has said the date, sadly. Keep checking updates. It will be told soon! The show always keeps us waiting, but it’s ultimately worth it.


Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan will be the judges for American Idol 2024. They are excited to find the next big star. All three of them have judged this show before. They know what they want in a winner.

We think at least one judge will return for future shows after 2024.


Ryan Seacrest, the beloved host of American Idol, will be returning for the 2024 season. As a familiar face to fans, Ryan has been an integral part of the American Idol experience since its inception.

His vibrant energy and charismatic hosting style have made him a fan favorite. With Ryan at the helm again, viewers can expect entertaining banter with contestants, heartfelt moments on stage, and his signature catchphrase, “This is American Idol!” So get ready for another exciting season with Ryan Seacrest as your guide through all the memorable auditions and performances on American Idol 2024.


Auditions for American Idol 2024 are just around the corner! Starting on Wednesday, August 2, 2023, talented individuals from all over will have the chance to showcase their singing abilities.

These auditions, known as “Idol Across America,” will be held in different locations nationwide. If you dream of becoming the next American Idol, now is your chance! Don’t forget to visit the official American Idol website to sign up for auditions and stay updated on any additional dates that may be added.

Good luck!

Eligibility Criteria for American Idol 2024

To be eligible for American Idol 2024, contestants must meet the age requirements and be a citizen or legal residents of the United States.

Age Requirements

To be a contestant on American Idol 2024, you need to meet certain age requirements. Hopefuls must be at least 15 years old to audition. In the past, the age limit for contestants was between 16 and 24.

However, for this season, contestants must be between 15 and 28. It’s important to note that if you want to audition for American Idol in 2024, you must be 15 or older by February 15th.

So if singing is your passion and you fit within these age guidelines, get ready to showcase your talent in one of America’s most popular singing competitions!

Country of Origin

To be eligible for American Idol 2024, you must be a citizen or legal resident of the United States. This means that only people from the U.S. can apply to participate in the show. If you’re not from the U.S., unfortunately, you won’t be able to join American Idol 2024.

So make sure you have your country of origin as America if you want to participate!

How to Apply for American Idol 2024

To apply for American Idol 2024, submit an application online and participate in video auditions.

Submitting an Application

To apply for American Idol 2024, you only need to visit the show’s official website and fill out an online application form. It’s a simple process that requires providing personal information and completing the necessary forms.

Along with the application, you must submit a video of your audition. This video can showcase your singing talent and give you a chance to impress the judges. So, put your best foot forward and show them what you’ve got! Don’t miss this opportunity to chase your dreams and potentially become the next American Idol.

The article provides a direct link to the online application for easy access.

Online Video Auditions

To audition for American Idol 2024, you can submit an online performance video. This is a new way to try out for the show called “Idol Across America.” Instead of going to a physical location, you can record your audition and upload it online.

It’s a convenient and accessible way to showcase your talent from the comfort of your own home. Once you’ve submitted your video, you may be selected for a live virtual audition where you’ll perform in front of the judges.

So prepare for your best performance and show the world what you’ve got!

Winners of American Idol 2023

Iam Tongi, the winner of American Idol 2023, has experienced great success since her victory on the show.

Success after Winning

After winning American Idol, the contestants can embark on successful careers in the music industry. One notable example is Iam Tongi, who made history as the first person from the Hawaiian Islands to win “American Idol.” Since winning season 21 of the show, Iam Tongi’s talent and hard work have increased her exposure and numerous career opportunities.

The success of previous winners like Iam Tongi has fans excited for what lies ahead for the winners of American Idol 2023 and their potential success in American Idol 2024.

Updates on Iam Tongi

Iam Tongi, the 18-year-old “American Idol” season 21 winner, has been making waves with his music. Since winning the competition, Iam Tongi has captured the hearts of many viewers with his incredible talent and unique style.

He has already released some amazing songs that showcase his impressive vocal range and artistry. Despite being young, Iam Tongi’s music transcends age barriers and resonates with people from all walks of life.

His journey after “American Idol” is just beginning, and fans are eagerly waiting to see what he will do next in his promising career as a musician.

Where to Watch American Idol 2024

You can catch all the excitement of American Idol 2024 on various streaming platforms and through live broadcasting.

Streaming Platforms

You can watch “American Idol” Season 21 on different streaming platforms. One recommended option is ExpressVPN, which allows you to stream the show easily. YouTube TV is another platform where you can watch “American Idol” Season 21.

Even if you don’t have cable or prefer not to use it, there are still ways for you to enjoy the show online. The first step is finding a reliable streaming service that offers access to ABC, the network broadcasting “American Idol.” So sit back and tune in to your favorite streaming platform to catch all the excitement of “American Idol” Season 21!

Live Broadcasting

American Idol 2024 will be live broadcast on and the ABC app. You can watch the show on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. If you prefer to watch it on TV, you can join the ABC channel at 8 p.m.

ET/PT on Sunday nights. So, whether at home or on the go, you won’t miss any exciting performances and talent that American Idol offers.

American Idol 2024 Schedule

The schedule for American Idol 2024 will include specific audition dates and telecasts.

Audition Dates

Auditions for American Idol 2024 will kick off on Wednesday, August 2, 2023. If you’re in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, or Wyoming, mark your calendars for August 21 because the auditions will be held in those states.

For Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina residents planning to audition for the show, make sure to be available on August 5 next year. And here’s another exciting option: virtual auditions will start on August 2nd with a special First 700 VIP event.

Remember that the specific dates may vary depending on your location. So get ready to showcase your talent!


American Idol 2024 will be telecasted on various platforms for viewers to watch. While the exact premiere date has not been announced yet, you can expect to see the show on popular streaming platforms and through live broadcasting.

This means you’ll have different options to catch all the exciting performances and emotional moments of American Idol 2024. Stay tuned for more updates on where and when to watch this highly anticipated singing competition!

Benefits of Entering American Idol 2024

Entering American Idol 2024, offers contestants increased exposure and opens doors to potential career opportunities.

Increased Exposure

Entering American Idol 2024 can increase contestants’ exposure to a wide audience. Aspiring singers can showcase their talent on a national platform by participating in the show.

The show attracts millions of viewers each season, allowing contestants to gain recognition and build a fan base. Additionally, being on American Idol can open doors to other career opportunities in the music industry.

Read More: The Journey of Taylor Swift: The Evolution of a Musical Icon

Record labels may discover contestants or receive offers for performances and collaborations. The increased visibility that comes with participating in American Idol can greatly enhance a contestant’s music career and help them take their talents to new heights.

Career Opportunities

Contestants who participate in American Idol can pursue a career in the music industry. This show provides a platform for talented singers to showcase their abilities and gain exposure to a wide audience.

Successful contestants may receive record deals and other opportunities within the entertainment industry, helping them launch their professional careers. American Idol also offers valuable tips and tricks to improve contestants’ performances, increasing their chances of impressing judges and producers.

So if you dream of making it big in music, participating in American Idol 2024 could be your first step toward a successful career.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have any queries on American Idol 2024, you can check the answers to some commonly asked questions below.

1. When will American Idol 2024 air?

American Idol 2024 is scheduled to air in 2023, but specific dates have not been announced yet.

2. Can I audition for American Idol 2024?

Yes, auditions are open to anyone who meets the eligibility requirements. Keep an eye out for announcements on how and where to audition.

3. How can I watch American Idol 2024?

You can watch American Idol 2024 on television when it airs or through online streaming platforms that may have the right to broadcast the show.

4. Who are the judges for American Idol 2024?

The judges for American Idol 2024 have not been announced yet. Stay tuned for updates on who will be part of the judging panel.

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