940 Area Code: Where the West Begins [In Depth Guide]

Undoubtedly, understanding the specifics of area codes can be a bit confusing. The 940 area code, for instance, covers northern Texas regions such as Denton and Wichita Falls. This comprehensive guide will equip you with all the important details about the 940 area code, including the latest updates and changes.

Read on to become an expert on this Texan phone code!

Content Highlights

  • The 940 area code covers northern Texas regions, including Denton and Wichita Falls.
  • The 940 area code is in the Central time zone.
  • The 940 area code serves various ZIP codes in Texas, including Denton and Wichita Falls.
  • Phone lookup tools can help determine the location of a caller from the 940 area code.

Overview of the 940 Area Code

940 Area Code

The 940 Area Code covers the northern region of Texas, including cities such as Denton, Wichita Falls, Decatur, Gainesville, and Vernon.

Map and location

The 940 area code is in Northern Texas. It covers big places like Wichita Falls and Denton. Other smaller towns, like Alvord, also use this area code. So if you get a call from the 940 area code, it could be from any of these places!

Phone lookup

Doing a phone lookup for the 940 area code lets you know more about the caller’s location, and it may also help you determine if the call is likely to be from a legitimate source or a potential scam. A popular tool for this purpose is Intelius’s reverse phone lookup service.

Time zone

The 940 area code is in the Central time zone. This means when it’s noon in Texas, where you find the 940 area code, it’s also noon in cities like Chicago and Minneapolis. It might be a different time if you call from a place in another time zone.

So checking the time first can ensure your call isn’t too early or late for someone at area code 940.

Details about the 940 Area Code

The 940 area code serves various ZIP codes, with carrier assignment and usage type varying across the region.

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ZIP codes served

The 940 area code serves various ZIP codes in Texas. These include some of the primary cities like Denton, Wichita Falls, and Corinth. Detailed information on some key areas is outlined in the table below.

ZIP Code City County
76201 Denton Denton County
76205 Denton Denton County
76209 Denton Denton County
76210 Denton Denton County
76301 Wichita Falls Wichita County
76309 Wichita Falls Wichita County
76310 Wichita Falls Wichita County
76210 Corinth Denton County

This selection represents just a small part of the scope of the 940 area code. In total, 23 counties in Texas are associated with this area code, including Cooke, Palo Pinto, and Wise. Each of these zones has its unique features, all contributing to the diversity of the 940 area.

NXX analysis

The 940 area code has various NXX numbers assigned to different cities and service providers. Below is an analysis of some of the NXX numbers within the 940 area code.

NXX City Service Provider
940-200 Denton Level 3 Communications
940-202 Wichita Falls Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless
940-204 Corinth Sprint Spectrum
940-205 Denton AT&T Mobility
940-206 Corinth AT&T Southwest
940-207 Wichita Falls Teleport Communications America

This NXX analysis gives a glimpse of the diversity of service providers and the allocation of different prefixes within the 940 area code. It is crucial to stay informed about these specific assignments because they help identify service providers and can be useful in different applications and services.

Carrier assignment

The carrier assignment for the 940 area code involves multiple companies providing telecommunications services in the region. Some of these carriers include Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless and Level 3 Communications, LLC. The 940 area code doesn’t have a specific carrier linked to it; instead, it is assigned to various companies.

This allows for telecommunications services to be available in Denton, Wichita Falls, and other nearby cities. If you’re looking for a local phone number with the 940 area code, you can obtain one from different carriers operating in the region.

Usage type

The 940 area code in Texas is primarily used for residential and business phone lines. It is not specific to any particular industry or service. The main purpose of this area code is to provide telephone services to the communities in the Wichita Falls and Denton areas.

So whether you’re calling from a home line, office line, or even a mobile phone within the 940 area code, you can expect it to be categorized as general usage type.

Provider distribution

The 940 area code is served by phone companies like Cellco Partnership, Level 3 Communications, and Verizon Wireless. They provide telephone services in the Wichita Falls and Denton areas within the 940 area code. However, we don’t have information about how many subscribers or customers each provider has in this area. So, it’s unclear which provider has the largest market share in the 940 area code or if there is any competition between them.

Latest Updates and Changes

940 Area Code

The latest update for the 940 Area Code includes a new requirement for 10-digit dialing for local calls and important notices and procedures for residents to follow. Additionally, there is a state list provided that outlines any recent area code updates.

10-digit dialing requirement for local calls

Starting October 27, 2021, there is a new rule for making local calls in the 940 area code and other areas across the United States. Instead of dialing just seven digits, you’ll need to dial the full ten-digit phone number.

This change was made to ensure enough phone numbers are available and to meet the growing demand for them. It applies to both landline and mobile phone users. So remember, when making a local call in the 940 area code or any of the affected areas, start with the area code followed by the seven-digit number.

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Important notices and procedures

The 940 Area Code has some important notices and procedures that you need to be aware of. First, if you’re a Medicaid provider in Texas, make sure to check the Texas Medicaid Provider Procedures Manual regularly for updates on rules and regulations.

It’s also essential to submit any new enrollment application related to a change of ownership through the manual. Another important notice is regarding section 552.2325 of the Government Code, which states a catastrophe notice is in place.

However, please note that the new web-based form for submission should not be used for this purpose. Lastly, if you’re interested in driver education and safety, it’s recommended to sign up for email notifications from the Driver Education and Safety department.

State list with area code updates

The 940 area code is mainly used in Texas. It covers areas like Wichita Falls and Denton. The state of Texas has made some updates to the area codes, and it’s important for residents to stay informed about these changes. The Texas Public Utilities Commission has provided a list of updated area codes that people can refer to when needed.

This helps ensure that everyone knows which area codes are valid and can be dialed correctly. Staying updated with the latest information will help avoid any confusion or inconvenience when making phone calls within or outside the 940 area code region.

News and Stories Related to the 940 Area Code

Discover the top stories, relevant news, and updates about the 940 area code that you won’t want to miss. Stay informed and stay connected!

Top stories and headlines

Here are the top stories and headlines related to the 940 Area Code:

  • 10 – The digit dialing requirement is now in effect for local calls
  • Important notice: Changes to dialing procedures in the 940 area code
  • Texas residents affected by new dialing rules in multiple area codes
  • Stay informed: List of Texas area codes with updates
  • Business opportunities in the 940 area code, despite a slight drop in new enterprises
  • The drought monitor provides updates on weather conditions in the region

Relevant news and updates

Recent news and updates related to the 940 area code:

  • Phone numbers in the 940 area code now require 10-digit dialing for local calls.
  • This change is mandated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and affects other Texas area codes as well.
  • The new dialing requirement aims to improve call routing and ensure efficient communication.
  • Previously, only 7 – 7-digit dialing was necessary, but now calls must be dialed with 10 digits to be connected.
  • It is important for residents and businesses in the 940 area code to update their contact lists and devices to include the full 10-digit number for local calls.
  • Scammers can create scam phone numbers by using spoofing techniques with various area codes, so it’s crucial for people to remain vigilant when receiving calls from unfamiliar numbers.
  • Remember that legitimate organizations will not ask for personal or financial information over the phone, especially if unsolicited.
  • The affected area codes, including 940, are required to use 10-digit dialing as per FCC regulations.
  • Staying informed about these changes can help prevent any disruptions in communication and ensure that local calls are properly connected.

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Common Questions and FAQs

What are the calling procedures for toll-free and 900 numbers in the 940 area code? Find answers to these questions and more in our detailed FAQ section.

Calling toll-free and 900 numbers

Toll-free numbers are special phone numbers that start with codes like 800, 888, or 877. When you call a toll-free number, you don’t have to pay for the call or worry about long-distance charges.

Businesses and organizations often use these numbers for customer support and information services. On the other hand, 900 numbers are different. They can only be reached through phone numbers that start with a 900 service access code.

Remember that emergency services like 911 and relay services like 711 can be dialed using just three digits!

More information and resources

For more information and helpful resources about the 940 area code, you can visit the official website of your phone service provider or contact their customer support. They can provide valuable information regarding coverage, plans, and any updates related to the area code.

You can also find useful apps and tools that offer area code lookup and information. These apps can help you identify the location of a specific area code or learn more about its associated cities.

Furthermore, staying connected through news apps or following social media accounts related to the 940 area code can keep you updated on any changes or important notices. Utilizing these resources lets you stay informed and ensure your communication needs are met in the 940 area code.

Importance of Staying Updated

Staying updated with the latest changes and updates in the 940 area code is crucial to ensure smooth communication and avoid any potential issues. Stay informed by reading more about it.

Benefits of knowing the latest updates

Knowing the latest updates about the 940 area code can be really helpful. It lets you stay informed about important changes and requirements, such as needing 10-digit dialing for local calls.

Stay updated by staying updated by avoiding potential consequences like missing out on important notices or procedures. Knowing the latest updates helps you keep up with relevant news and stories related to the 940 area code.

So make sure to stay connected and informed to enjoy these benefits!

Potential consequences of not staying informed

Not staying informed about the 940 area code can cause problems. You might not know about important updates or changes that affect how you make local calls. This could lead to confusion and difficulties when trying to connect with others in your area.

If you’re unaware of the latest news and stories related to the 940 area code, you might miss out on important information that could impact your daily life. It’s crucial to stay updated to avoid these potential negative consequences and ensure smooth communication within the 940 area code.

Useful Apps and Tools

Discover helpful apps and tools for area code lookup, weather updates, and news related to the 940 Area Code. Stay informed and make the most of your communication needs.

Area code lookup and information apps

Some apps can help you find information about area codes, including the 940 area code. These apps can be useful if you receive a call from an unfamiliar number and want to know where it is coming from. Here are some popular area code lookup and information apps:

  1. Caller ID & Number Locator: This app allows you to identify the location of incoming calls by simply entering the phone number. It covers North America, including the US, Canada, and the Caribbean.
  2. Reverse Lookup: This app lets you easily find out who called or texted you by entering their phone number. It provides details such as the caller’s name, location, and carrier.
  3. Truecaller: Truecaller is a widely-used app that helps you identify unknown callers and blocks spam calls and messages. It has a community-based spam list that constantly updates with new numbers reported by users.
  4. Hiya: Hiya is another popular app for call blocking, caller ID, and spam detection. It automatically blocks calls from known spammers and scammers and provides real-time alerts on incoming calls.

Weather and news apps for the 940 area code

  • Stay informed about the weather and local news in the 940 area code with useful apps.
  • Get accurate weather forecasts specifically for the Wichita Falls and Denton areas.
  • Access breaking news, local stories, and updates relevant to the 940 area code.
  • These apps can provide valuable information to help you plan your day and stay updated on important events.
  • Make sure to download these apps to stay connected and well-informed.

Stay Connected

get connected with 940 area code

Stay informed about the latest updates and changes by downloading the news and weather apps for the 940 Area Code and following our social media accounts. Don’t miss out on important information!

Get the news app

By downloading the news app, the news app, stay in the loop with the latest updates and information about the 940 area code. This app provides you with top stories, important notices, and relevant news related to the 940 area code.

With this app on your phone, you can stay informed about any changes or updates that may affect you. Whether it’s new dialing requirements or state list updates, the news app ensures that you have all the information you need at your fingertips.

Stay connected and get the news app today!

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Get the weather app

Stay prepared for any weather conditions in the 940 area code by downloading a reliable and user-friendly weather app. This app will provide you with real-time updates on temperature, precipitation, and severe weather alerts.

Stay informed about any potential storms or changes in the forecast so that you can plan your day accordingly. Whether heading out for work or planning outdoor activities, this weather app will ensure that you are always ready for whatever Mother Nature has in store.

Follow social media accounts for updates

Stay connected and stay informed by following social media accounts dedicated to providing updates about the 940 area code. These accounts share important information regarding internet outages, phone services, and other relevant updates specifically related to the 940 area code.

By following these accounts, you can ensure that you are up-to-date with any changes or developments in your area. Don’t miss out on crucial information – follow these social media accounts today!


In conclusion, understanding the 940 area code is important for residents and businesses in northern Texas. The latest updates, including the requirement to dial 10 numbers for local calls, are essential to stay informed and connected.

By staying up-to-date with area code changes and using helpful apps and tools, you can ensure you have all the information you need regarding the 940 area code.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you want to know more about the 940 area code, check the answers below.

1. What cities or areas does the 940 area code cover?

The 940 area code covers cities and areas in North Texas, including Denton, Wichita Falls, and Gainesville.

2. Can I keep my current phone number if I move to an area with the 940 area code?

Yes, you can generally keep your current phone number when you move to an area with the 940 area code. Contact your service provider for more information.

3. Are there any recent updates or changes to the 940 area code?

As of now, there are no recent updates or changes to the 940 area code. Please check with your service provider for any future updates.

4. How do I make a long-distance call within the 940 area code?

To make a long-distance call within the 940 area code, simply dial “1” followed by the ten-digit phone number you wish to reach.


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