8 Best Mobile Cleaners for Android and iOS in 2020

Do you know about mobile cleaners for android and iOS? How do they work? In this article, we will describe mobile cleaners for android and iOS in 2020.
As we install applications or games on our mobile device. Sooner or later it starts working worse. The more things we install, the more junk files will be created in one way or another and their benefits will decrease. That is why it is essential to use mobile cleaners, to optimize our device again.

Mobile cleaners What are they? What are they for?

Today a mobile device is the same as a computer. This means that the more we use it, its performance is gradually getting worse. The only way to solve it is to optimize the phone and clean up the junk files that accumulate as we uninstall or install various applications.

Junk files are waste of installed applications, cache, cookies, etc. All these files accumulate on the device, which ends up taking up storage space. This is what we call junk files, they slowly return to the slow device and above all, with less storage space.

In short, a bit: a mobile cleaner is an application with which in a few seconds we will be able to eliminate all those junk files that take up space and that we do not need at all.

8 Best mobile cleaners:

CCleaner: One of the most popular in the market. It has a version for Windows and Android is not far behind. It is capable of deleting all junk files from your device. It even helps to uninstall complicated applications. It has other very interesting functions such as hibernate files or applications that you do not want to delete but that consume resources and battery of the mobile. An application that you have to have installed yes or yes, you can download it from here.

Magic Phone Cleaner: Deleting junk files has never been as easy as it is with Magic Phone Cleaner. You can eliminate even duplicate items without any problem. The good thing about this app is that you can delete files that are of considerable size in a matter of a few minutes.

Clean Master: Let’s say that for those who need an antivirus and an app that releases RAM, this app comes in handy. Because not only does the above mentioned. But it is also a mobile cleaner, this means that to optimize your device is simply ideal. Above it is able to protect against malware and has a battery protection system. Get it here.

The Cleaner: The app focuses on the cleaning memory of the mobile. Optimizing the performance of the applications and improving their execution, this is great for optimizing games and various applications that generally consume many resources such as Facebook. Download the Cleaner from here.

All in One Toolbox: It has a great variety of functions. Among those that stand out, we can talk about being able to free RAM, clear cache. You can even manage different applications to optimize its operation and save battery. Obviously, you can also remove junk items from your device. It is quite recommended. From here you can download it.

SD Maid: it was never so easy to optimize your device, by pressing a few times your screen you will have it working like the first day thanks to SD Maid. Cleaning junk items and duplicates are very easy with SD Maid. Also, the remaining files of the applications that we are uninstalling. It is a lightweight application that does not consume resources and you can try from here.

Droid Optimizer: Like several applications on the list, it includes a lot of functionalities so that your device works in the best possible way. You can save a lot of time with this application because it makes everything easier. A simple and above all intuitive interface that you can use very easily and with hardly any knowledge on the subject. Try this app from this link.

App Tune Up Kit: Finally, we have this application that not only optimize RAM. But it is also capable of doing the same with the GPU and installed applications. You can delete all junk files, duplicates and the remaining ones from the uninstallations of applications on the device. It has several extra functions that make this application one of the most complete on Android. 

Optimize Android in a few seconds

Simply put, optimizing your Android device has never been easier. It is essential from time to time to pass these applications to be able to have mobile functioning as the first day. Especially if you are installing many apps or games on your device. In this way, you will not have to deal with slow operation or delays each time you run a new application.

We recommend you to test all applications with time since they all have different functions and can be more or less effective depending on the device and its range. It never hurts to try and see what works best for you.

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