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5 Things That iPhones Can’t Do

iPhone X

There are still 5 things that iPhones still can’t do – features that other popular mobile phone brands have already integrated into their phones and devices. Apple being the most desired gadget on planet earth, apple is unable to do certain things, or built wise, its unit can’t be updated like you can customize an […]

How Do You Remove Caffeine from Coffee?


It will sound like a contradiction, but for many it must be almost a miracle: How do you take caffeine from coffee? To the perfectionists of the drink, who are immune to insomnia, I apologize. Although in advance, the story may be curious. I do not judge anyone. Let’s think: if they do, it is […]

In which smartphones WhatsApp will be no longer in 2020?


Do you know in which smartphones WhatsApp will be no longer in 2020? From time to time WhatsApp announces the models that will stop working with its application. So, its unfortunate users will have to think about investing in another model in case they need to use them. In general, WhatsApp decides to leave some […]

Top 11 Highest Grossing Hollywood Movies Ever

The Avengers

Avengers: Endgame The film is the sequel to The Avengers of 2012, Avengers: Age of Ultron of 2015, and Avengers: Infinity War and the twenty-second film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This Hollywood movie is a 2019 American superhero film based on the marvel comics superhero team the Avengers produced by Marvel Studios. It grossed […]

8 Best Tips on How to Prepare for a Concert

Guitar Girl

A guitarist’s standpoint  So…. you’ve been playing for a while, mastered a few songs, can pull off a few cool licks and do some bad ass licks on the fly. And out of the blue your band gets the first gig opportunity. How hard can it be you might ask? You probably grew up watching […]

Saint Martin: Only Coral Island in Bangladesh

Saint Martin Island

Saint Martin’s Island, the only coral island of Bangladesh, is the southernmost part of Bangladesh. The 17-kilometer long island is 120 kilometer away from Cox’s Bazar town. The locals call it Narikel Jinjira. The Island which has clear blue water, coral reef and all its exquisiteness and beauty awaits, has become one of best places […]

Which smartphones will get Android 10 update?

Google Pixel 4 XL

Android 10 is available now! But most of them don’t know which smartphones are suitable for getting Android 10 update! Now some users have been able to try Android 10 update and learn about the advantages it has on their phones. But not in all cases the expected update has arrived. Here we tell you […]

Xiaomi launched its 108-Megapixel Smartphone With Low Price

Xiaomi CC9 Pro Smartphone

On November 6, 2019, Xiaomi launched its 108-megapixel smartphone with low price in China.If something has Xiaomi, it is that they offer equipment with good features at low cost. On this occasion, the Chinese brand presented the expected smartphone of 108 megapixels (MP) that is now available on the market. The model name is Xiaomi […]

USB Type-C: Why It is So Important?

USB Type C

A USB Type-C port with support for Thunderbolt 3 means that a single cable is all you need to push power and transfer a big amount of information (up to and including two 60Hz 4K displays). USB’s has been around a long time. Longer than most other ports actually. It was revolutionary. This standard was […]

Top 10 Tourist Destinations in the World

Istanbul Skyline

It is said that the world is getting smaller due to the Internet. But the importance of travel has not diminished. There are many wonderful places all over the world to visit those. Travelling can make a person rich, not perhaps in monetary terms, but surely in mind, bind and soul. Below, we have listed […]