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The Tragic Life of Yusef Rasheed: Oracene Price’s Late Husband

yusef rasheed

Behind every great story, there are chapters filled with joy and heartache that often remain untold. The tale of Oracene Price, renowned for her guidance in shaping the careers of legendary tennis stars Venus Williams and Serena Williams, also holds pages marked by personal tragedy.

For many fans and readers who have followed the triumphs of the Williams sisters on the courts, the life of Yusef Rasheed—Oracene’s late husband from a previous marriage—remains an enigmatic footnote lost amid celebratory headlines.

Yusef Rasheed’s life was one that laid the foundation for a sporting dynasty yet ended far too soon. In our blog post, we take you through his journey—from his beginnings to his union with Oracene Price and their partnership as parents before his untimely death—all components that shaped their family’s narrative.

By exploring this touching yet tragic tale, we not only commemorate Yusef’s role in this remarkable family but also shed light on how such losses weave into their larger legacy.

Join us as we delve into a poignant chapter rarely discussed; it’s a story about love, loss, resilience—and undoubtedly—the heartfelt strength behind some of sport’s most celebrated champions. Read on to discover more.

Early Life and Background of Yusef Rasheed

Yusef Rasheed grew up in the United States, where he nurtured his African-American roots. Little is known about his childhood or family, as records are scarce. He made it a priority to finish high school locally and went on to attend college.

The details of his early life remain vague, but this much is clear: Yusef valued education.

He worked hard to build a stable foundation for himself. His background was a blend of modest upbringing and determination to succeed. As Yusef entered adulthood, he carried lessons from his youth with him—lessons that would shape his future role as a husband and father.

Yusef Rasheed’s Marriage to Oracene Price

Oracene Price said “I do” to Yusef Rasheed, forging a strong bond together. This union brought three daughters into the world: Yetunde, Isha, and Lyndrea. They cherished family life and thrived on mutual support until a tragic turn of events.

Their time was cut short when Yusef passed away from a heart attack in 1979. His sudden death left Oracene to raise their children alone, but his legacy lived on through them.

Parenting: Yusef Rasheed as a Father

As a father, Yusef Rasheed’s nurturing yet heart-rending journey with his family laid the foundation for resilience and strength. Continue reading to explore how his legacy left an indelible mark on those he loved.

The Tragedy of Yusef’s Eldest Daughter

Yusef Rasheed’s daughter, Yetunde Price, faced a dark fate. Her life was cut short in 2003. She fell victim to a senseless act of violence—murdered by a stray bullet from gang crossfire.

Yetunde wasn’t just any person; she was a beloved mother, a registered nurse, and the personal assistant to her half-sisters Serena and Venus Williams.

The loss tore through the family like a storm. It shook them to their core and challenged their strength together. Robert Edward Maxfield, associated with the Southside Crips gang, pulled the trigger that night.

He caused heartache that would last for years within the Price family circle. The ripple effects of this tragedy went beyond personal grief as it underscored issues of gun violence in communities across America. Additionally, you can also read about Life and Legacy of Taelyn Dobson.

The Relationship Between Yusef Rasheed and Williams Sisters

yusef rasheed family

Yusef Rasheed never met Venus and Serena Williams because he passed away before Oracene Price married their father, Richard Williams. However, his absence played a role in the family dynamics that shaped them.

The sisters knew of Yusef as part of their mother’s past and her first three children’s father. They grew up with half-siblings who shared memories of Yusef, which influenced the blended family environment.

Oracene Price brought lessons from her life with Yusef into raising all her children, including Venus and Serena. Her experiences helped mold Venus and Serena’s upbringing and contributed to their strength on the tennis court.

Although not directly related by blood or marriage to Richard Williams, Yusef’s legacy indirectly touched the lives of these champions through family ties and Oracene’s wisdom.

The Untimely Death of Yusef Rasheed

In 1979, Yusef Rasheed suffered a sudden heart stroke that tragically ended his life. This event left his family, including Oracene Price and their children, to navigate the future without him.

His death was not just a personal loss but also struck the foundation of a family deeply involved in tennis.

The passing of Rasheed had profound effects on those close to him. It pushed Oracene into single parenthood, where she continued to raise her daughters and support their burgeoning tennis careers.

Despite the heartbreak, Price remained resilient as she shaped the future of her children, including future tennis stars Venus Williams and Serena Williams.

Yusef Rasheed’s Legacy

Yusef Rasheed’s life made a lasting impact on his family. Even after he passed away, his influence remained strong within the Williams family. Oracene Price, carrying forward Yusef’s values, raised their children with resilience and determination.

She applied these principles to her coaching, significantly shaping Venus and Serena’s tennis careers.

As a father and husband, Yusef laid the groundwork for success in both education and sports for his family. His legacy continues through his daughters, Isha Price and Lyndrea Price, and the achievements of Serena Williams and Venus Williams.

These powerful women have honored their stepfather by reaching great heights in their professions—an attorney, a web designer, successful athletes—and they contribute to charities like the OWL Foundation that reflect the values Yusef instilled in them.

The Second Marriage of Oracene Price

Oracene Price found love again with Richard Williams. They tied the knot in 1980, a fresh start for both after her first husband’s death. Their union brought Venus and Serena Williams into the world, two girls who would grow up to rule the tennis courts.

With Richard by her side, Oracene stepped into a new role as coach and mentor. She guided Venus and Serena through intense training sessions on rundown courts in Compton. This wasn’t just a sport; it was a mission to lift their family to greater heights.

Together, they chalked up Grand Slam victories and Olympic golds, carving out a legacy that changed tennis forever.

FAQs About Yusef Rasheed

Delve into the frequently asked questions section for quick, enlightening insights about Oracene Price’s family history and her first husband’s impact—discover more as you continue reading.

Who was Oracene Price’s first husband?

Oracene Price was once married to Yusef Rasheed. They tied the knot in 1972. Sadly, Yusef’s life ended abruptly when he suffered a fatal heart stroke in 1979. His death left Oracene a widow with their children to raise alone.

Yusef and Oracene started their family in Saginaw, Michigan, where they lived together until his untimely passing. While not much is publicly known about him, his early departure had a profound impact on Oracene’s life and the upbringing of their children.

Who are Oracene Williams’ children?

Oracene Williams, formerly known as Oracene Price, is the mother of famous tennis players Venus Williams and Serena Williams. Her daughters have reached the top of the world in tennis. Venus and Serena both dominated women’s tennis with their powerful playing styles.

They achieved a career golden slam each, winning all four Grand Slam tournaments and an Olympic gold medal in singles play.

Before marrying Richard Dove Williams Jr., who helped skyrocket Venus and Serena’s careers, Oracene had three other daughters—Yenunde, Isha, and Lyndrea—from her previous marriage to Yusef Rasheed.

These sisters also grew up to make their mark in various professional fields. Yetunde was tragically killed in 2003, but Isha became a lawyer, and Lyndrea works in fashion merchandising.

Together with Venus and Serena, they form a close-knit family that has faced many challenges but continues to inspire with their strength and success. If you want, you can also read: Who Is Marilyn Nault?


Yusef Rasheed’s life story touches hearts. Despite a life cut short, his impact lingers through his family. His daughters carry on diverse and meaningful careers, honoring his legacy.

Tragedy shaped their stories, but hope and resilience shine through. Yusef’s journey reminds us of the enduring influence of love and family bonds.

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