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Who Is Marilyn Nault? Inside the Life of Bill Russell’s Third Wife

marilyn nault

In the grand arena of NBA history, few names resonate as powerfully as Bill Russell’s. Behind this legendary figure stood a woman whose life story remains largely untold: Marilyn Nault, Russell’s third wife.

Fans often wonder about the personal lives of sporting icons, and in particular, those who share their lives with them away from the spotlight. Here lies an opportunity to uncover the tale of Marilyn Nault—her journey from a jewelry salesperson to becoming the partner of one of basketball’s greatest players.

Marilyn entered Bill’s life during an era when his triumphs on the court had already cemented his legacy. Their marriage marked a new chapter for Russell, reflecting love and companionship later in his life.

This article promises to illuminate Marilyn Nault’s life and her undeniable impact on the NBA legend. From details about her background to exploring their union without offspring, we’ll delve into how she influenced not only Russell but also those around him through her personality and grace.

We invite you on this exploration into a piece of hidden history within sports lore. Get ready for an intimate look at love off-court that helped shape a champion’s world.

Brief Biography of Marilyn Nault

Brief Biography of Marilyn Nault

Marilyn Nault emerged from the Midwestern town of Concordia, Kansas, transforming her entrepreneurial spirit into a successful career in jewelry sales. Her understated but impactful legacy began long before she entered the limelight as the partner of an NBA icon.

Early life and education

Marilyn Nault was born into a bustling family in Concordia, Kansas. Her parents, Quentin and Helen Nault, raised her alongside four brothers. Growing up, she learned the value of hard work and family ties.

After finishing high school, Marilyn set out for Seattle, Washington. This move sparked new beginnings and would eventually lead her to cross paths with NBA legend Bill Russell.

In Seattle, she sought further education, which equipped her with the skills to navigate the business world. Marilyn’s drive and determination shone through as she embarked on what would become a successful career journey.

Her early days set the stage for a life filled with achievements, both personal and professional.

Career as a businesswoman

Marilyn Nault brought her charm and savvy to the business world. As a jewelry salesperson in Seattle, she knew how to shine among customers. She was good at selling beautiful pieces and making people feel special.

Then she stepped up her game, moving into the world of business ownership.

She kept details about her business under wraps because she valued privacy deeply. Despite keeping a low profile, Marilyn’s entrepreneurial spirit made its mark on those who knew her skills and passion for work.

Her career path showed that with dedication and flair, success is within reach, even if you start by selling sparkles behind a glass counter.

Marilyn Nault’s Connection to Bill Russell

Marilyn Nault entered the spotlight as the third wife of basketball icon Bill Russell, a union that added a new chapter to the life of an NBA legend. Their relationship unfolded away from the court, yet it played a significant role in both their lives.

Marriage to the NBA legend

Marilyn Nault tied the knot with Bill Russell in 2000 after a four-year romance. She stepped into the spotlight as his partner, sharing life with one of basketball’s biggest stars.

Her new role made her a stepmom to Russell’s three kids from an earlier marriage. Together, Marilyn and Bill attended glamorous events and often sat courtside at Boston Celtics games.

Their union brought no children of their own, but Marilyn became an important part of Russell’s family. They supported each other’s endeavors both in private moments and under public gaze.

Her presence was felt during charity functions and NBA celebrations, where they showed up hand in hand. The couple enjoyed two decades together until Marilyn’s untimely departure in 2009 left behind many memories for her husband and fans alike.

No children from the union

Bill Russell and Marilyn Nault decided not to have kids together. They shared a life full of love but chose a path different from Bill’s first marriage. With Rose Swisher, his high school sweetheart, Bill had three children: William Felton Jr., Jacob, and Karen.

This fact about Marilyn and Bill’s relationship is often missed by fans who follow the NBA legend’s story. Their bond was strong, even without children of their own.

Bill Russell’s Personal Life Before Marilyn Nault

Marilyn Nault

Before Marilyn Nault became the third wife of Bill Russell, the NBA legend navigated a personal life marked by previous relationships and familial responsibilities. Russell’s journey through matrimony and fatherhood offered a wealth of experiences that shaped his perspective on love, companionship, and privacy long before Nault entered the picture.

Previous marriages and children

Bill Russell’s love life was as rich as his basketball career. He tied the knot four times before meeting Marilyn Nault.

  • He married Rose Swisher, his college sweetheart, in 1956.
  • Three children blessed this union: William Jr., Jacob, and Karen Kenyatta.
  • Their marriage ended in divorce by the late 1970s.
  • Next came Dorothy Anstett in 1977, a former Miss USA.
  • The couple had no children and parted ways in 1980.
  • Russell then found companionship with Jeannine Russell.
  • This marriage also did not produce any children.
  • His firstborn, William Felton Jr., tragically passed away from cancer at age 58 in 2016.

Marilyn Nault’s Mysterious Passing

Marilyn Nault’s untimely departure left many questions unanswered, stirring both sorrow and curiosity about the circumstances. Dive into the shadows surrounding her enigmatic end and discover how it echoed through Bill Russell’s life. Continue reading for an exploration of this poignant chapter.

Cause of death and its impact on Bill Russell

Marilyn Nault’s struggle with cancer came to an end on January 21, 2009. She was just 59 years old. Her passing left a deep void in the life of NBA champion Bill Russell. He found himself overwhelmed by grief, and it took a toll on his health.

Coping with loss, Russell dedicated much of his time to cancer-related causes.

The legendary Boston Celtics center felt a huge impact from her death. It changed how he viewed life and its fragility. During public appearances after losing Marilyn, Russell often shared heartfelt words about their time together.

His actions showed that she played a significant role in both his personal growth and his philanthropic efforts.

Marilyn Nault’s Legacy

As the third wife of NBA icon Bill Russell, Marilyn Nault’s influence extended beyond their time together, leaving a lasting imprint on his life and career. Her role in the twilight years of Russell’s public persona encapsulates an era marked by love and companionship, shaping how we remember one of basketball’s greatest figures.

Her influence on Bill Russell’s life and career

Marilyn Nault stood by Bill Russell during some of his most challenging times. Her support helped him face life’s obstacles with resilience. She was more than just a partner; she became his confidant and biggest fan.

Together, they attended NBA events where Marilyn cheered from the stands.

Her loss hit Bill hard. He once said it changed how he saw the world. Without her, he began supporting cancer research passionately. Marilyn had been a light in his life, guiding him through success and sorrow alike.

Even though she didn’t share the spotlight, her role in his story was crucial.


Marilyn Nault’s journey was one of connection, support, and love with NBA star Bill Russell. She stood by his side through triumphs and trials until her untimely death shook their world.

Her legacy endures in memories and the positive impact she had on those around her. Her story reminds us that behind every legend, there are loved ones who help shape their success.

Marilyn’s life will remain an important part of the narrative for fans of Russell and basketball history alike.

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