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Whistlindiesel Wife: Meet the Woman Who Can Keep Up with the King of Diesel

whistlindiesel wife

Whistlindiesel is a popular YouTuber known for his outrageous stunts and love for trucks. However, his personal life has also garnered attention, particularly his relationship with his wife. Whistlindiesel’s wife, whose real name is Rae, was a frequent presence in his videos and social media posts. Fans were curious about her and their relationship, and many were shocked when the couple announced their separation in 2022.

Rae was known for her love of trucks and cars, which she shared with her husband. She often appeared in Whistlindiesel’s videos, either helping him with his stunts or showing off her own driving skills. Rae also had her own social media following, where she shared her passion for cars and her life with Whistlindiesel. However, their marriage was not without its challenges, and the couple eventually decided to go their separate ways.

In this article, we will discuss Whistlindiesel’s wife, the relationship between Whistlindiesel and his wife, Rae, and the latest updates after their separation.

Content Highlights

  • Whistlindiesel’s wife, Rae, frequently appeared in his videos and social media posts.
  • The couple announced their separation in 2022, which came as a shock to many fans.
  • Whistlindiesel has introduced his new girlfriend, Katie Miller, on social media, while Rae has continued to pursue her love of cars and trucks.
  • Whistlindiesel has moved on with a new girlfriend, while Rae continues to pursue her love of cars and trucks.

Who is Whistlindiesel

WhistlinDiesel (real name: Cody Detwiler) is a famous American YouTuber who rose to fame for pushing pickup trucks to the limit. He is a truck enthusiast who posts videos about farm equipment and motor vehicles like trucks, bulldozers, and off-roading vehicles.

Cody Detwiler was born on July 18th, 1998, in Indiana, USA. His family was in farming, construction, and automobile business. Because of his family, he came to gain extraordinary knowledge and skills about trucks and other vehicles.

Attribute Detail
Full Name Cody Detwiler
Famous as WhistlinDiesel
Age 25 years old (as of November 2023)
Date of Birth July 18, 1998
Place of Birth Indiana, United States
Nationality American
Occupation YouTuber, truck enthusiast
Net Worth $4,8 million (According to Sportskeeda)
Height 165 cm
Weight 117lb
Relationship Status Single
Girlfriend Katie Miller
Children None
Instagram @whistlindiesel
Facebook @whistlindieselofficial

Table: Biography of Cody Detwiler, a.k.a Whistlindiesel

WhistlinDiesel’s age is 25 years as of November 2023. He has kept details about his early life and siblings under the carpet. His parents are Mr. and Mrs. Detwiler.

WhistlinDiesel has a massive following on YouTube, with over 5 million subscribers. He writes on his YouTube page that he doesn’t clickbait his content and that he delivers exactly what he puts on the title. His videos are known for their extreme stunts and destruction of expensive vehicles. For example, he bought a new $54K Hellcat just to destroy it.

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WhistlinDiesel has also been in the news for his personal life. He was previously married to a woman named Rachel, but they have since divorced. Details about his current relationship status are not publicly known.

Early Life and Career


WhistlinDiesel, whose real name is Cody Detwiler, was born on July 18, 1998, in Indiana, USA. He was raised by his family in Indiana, United States of America. Whistling is the name of a construction and building-related business family. Cody was interested in creating and building different things from a young age. He started his YouTube channel in 2016, where he showcased his passion for trucks and automobiles.

WhistlinDiesel is known for pushing pickup trucks to the limit, performing stunts, and doing extreme experiments with them. He has gained much popularity for his unique and daring content on YouTube. As of November 2023, he has over 10 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He also has a significant following on other social media platforms, such as Instagram, with over 2 million followers.

Despite his controversial content, WhistlinDiesel has managed to build a successful career as a social media personality and YouTuber. He has collaborated with different brands and businesses and has also launched his merchandise line. His net worth is estimated at around $5 million as of 2023.

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Personal Life of WhistlinDiesel

WhistlinDiesel’s personal life has been a topic of interest among his fans. He was previously married to a woman named Rachel, whom he reportedly met in high school. The couple tied the knot when they were teenagers. However, they eventually got divorced for reasons unknown.

Currently, WhistlinDiesel is in a relationship with Katie Miller. She is an Instagram model and influencer. The couple made their relationship Instagram official in June 2022 when WhistlinDiesel shared a photo of them together [1].

WhistlinDiesel’s wife, whose name is not publicly known, refers to herself on Instagram as Mrs. Whistlin [TheNetline]. Her Instagram page reveals that she loves three things: WhistlinDiesel, her 1997 Ford F-250, and her dog. However, it is not clear when they got married or when they split up.

Overall, WhistlinDiesel has been relatively private about his personal life, and little is known about his past relationships or current wife.

Whistlindiesel’s Wife

Whistlindiesel, whose real name is Cody Detwiler, was married to Rachel, who was popularly known as Mrs. Whistlindiesel or Rae on YouTube. Rachel is a content creator, model, and auto enthusiast. She gained popularity by appearing in her husband’s videos, where she often participated in various stunts and challenges.

The news of Whistlindiesel and Rae’s separation was a shock to many of their fans, who had followed their relationship for years. While the reasons for their split are not entirely clear, it is clear that the couple has moved on. 

Unfortunately, the couple is no longer together, and they went through a divorce. Whistlindiesel introduced Rachel to his followers, who enjoyed watching them together. Together, they had built a solid following on social media, and their fans were sad to hear about their split.

Rachel does not have any content posted to her channel at the moment. However, she is an active video content creator who shares her passion for cars, trucks, and other vehicles. She has worked with various brands and businesses in the automotive industry, and her followers highly regard her knowledge and expertise.

Whistlindiesel and Rachel’s relationship was often the subject of speculation and rumors, with some fans questioning the authenticity of their relationship. However, the couple always maintained that their love was genuine, and they enjoyed spending time together. Despite their split, they remain on good terms and continue to support each other in their respective careers.

In conclusion, Whistlindiesel’s wife, Rae, was a popular content creator, model, and auto enthusiast who gained fame by appearing in her husband’s videos. Although the couple is no longer together, they remain on good terms and continue to pursue their passions in the automotive industry.

Whistlindiesel Wife: Marriage Life

whistlindiesel and rae

WhistlinDiesel was married to his wife Rachel, who often appeared in his YouTube videos. The couple was popular with subscribers, who enjoyed watching them together. However, unfortunately, the couple is no longer together as they got divorced.

WhistlinDiesel’s current girlfriend is Katie Miller, who is a social media star, model, and Tiktoker from Nashville, Tennessee. While she keeps her personal life very private, Katie has over 90.5K followers on TikTok and 6.5K followers on Twitter.

There is not much information available about Rachel, WhistlinDiesel’s ex-wife. However, it is known that she was not as successful as her husband on social media, but she was doing quite well on that front. She runs an automotive YouTube channel with 78.4K subscribers and has 274K followers on Instagram. [3]

WhistlinDiesel’s fans were shocked when he introduced his girlfriend, Katie Miller, on Instagram and confirmed his split from his wife. It is unclear if WhistlinDiesel has filed for divorce or not.

Overall, while WhistlinDiesel’s marriage with Rachel did not last, he seems to have moved on and is currently dating Katie Miller.

Public Appearances With Rae

WhistlinDiesel and his wife Rachel made several public appearances together during their marriage. They often attended events related to the automotive industry, including car shows and truck rallies. In 2019, the couple appeared at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, which is one of the largest trade shows for the automotive aftermarket industry in the world.

The couple also made appearances at various truck shows, including the Diesel Thunder event in Ohio. At these events, they would showcase their custom trucks and interact with fans. They would often sign autographs and take pictures with attendees.

In addition to attending events together, Rachel also appeared in several of WhistlinDiesel’s YouTube videos. She would often assist him with his stunts and challenges and would occasionally drive his trucks. Fans enjoyed watching the couple’s chemistry on camera, and many were disappointed when they announced their divorce.

Despite their split, both WhistlinDiesel and Rachel continue to attend automotive events separately. WhistlinDiesel has been seen at events such as the Ultimate Callout Challenge, while Rachel has made appearances at truck shows in the Midwest.

Rae’s Impact on Whistlindiesel’s Career

Whistlindiesel’s wife, Rae, had a significant impact on his career as a YouTuber. She was also a content creator and shared Cody’s passion for cars. Together, they created content that showcased their love for automobiles and extreme experiments. However, after their separation, Rae’s involvement in Whistlindiesel’s YouTube channel decreased significantly.

Before their breakup, Rae was an integral part of Whistlindiesel’s content-creation process. She appeared in many of his videos and provided support for his experiments. Rae’s presence in the videos helped to increase the channel’s popularity and reach a wider audience.

However, after their separation, Rae’s involvement in the channel decreased significantly. She stopped appearing in videos and focused on her own career as a content creator. This led to a decrease in the channel’s popularity, as many viewers were disappointed by the lack of Rae’s presence in the videos.

Despite this setback, Whistlindiesel continued to create content and experiment with cars. He also signed with CAA, which helped to increase his exposure and reach a wider audience. Whistlindiesel’s dedication to his craft and his passion for cars helped to maintain the channel’s popularity, even after Rae’s departure.


[Video Credits @Celebrity Net Worth]

WhistlinDiesel’s personal life has been controversial, especially after his split from his ex-wife, Rae. The couple got married at a young age, and Rae was known as Mrs. WhistlinDiesel on Instagram. However, they separated, and WhistlinDiesel introduced his new girlfriend, Katie Miller, on Instagram in June 2022. [1]

Rae’s decision to start an OnlyFans account also sparked controversy among WhistlinDiesel’s fans. It is unclear if the couple’s separation was due to this decision, but some fans speculate that it may have been a contributing factor. Rae’s OnlyFans account reportedly features adult content, and some fans expressed disappointment and frustration with her decision. [2]

WhistlinDiesel’s relationship with Katie Miller also faced criticism from some fans. Some accused him of cheating on Rae with Katie, while others criticized Miller for allegedly breaking up WhistlinDiesel’s marriage. However, WhistlinDiesel has not publicly addressed these rumors, and it is unclear what led to his split from Rae.

Despite the controversies surrounding his personal life, WhistlinDiesel continues to be a popular figure in the automotive and motorsports community. He has over 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube and continues to share videos of his truck modifications and experiments 3.

Katie’s Involvement in Whistlindiesel’s Career

Whistlindiesel’s girlfriend, whose name is Katie Miller, has been involved in his career as a YouTuber and social media personality. While she is not as well-known as her husband, she has made appearances in some of his videos and has helped him with his content creation.

Katie has been described as Whistlindiesel’s “right-hand woman” and has been instrumental in helping him grow his channel. She has helped him with everything from filming and editing videos to coming up with new ideas for content. In fact, some of Whistlindiesel’s most popular videos have been collaborations with Katie.

In addition to her work behind the scenes, Katie has also appeared in some of Whistlindiesel’s videos. She has been featured in videos where the couple goes on adventures together, such as off-roading and camping trips. These videos have given fans a glimpse into the couple’s personal life and helped humanize Whistlindiesel.

Overall, Katie has played an important role in Whistlindiesel’s career. Her support and contributions have helped him grow his channel and create content that his fans love. While she may not be as well-known as her husband, she is a valuable member of his team and an important part of his success.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have queries about WhistlinDiesel, check the answers below.

1. Who is WhistlinDiesel’s partner?

WhistlinDiesel’s current partner is Katie Miller. He confirmed their relationship by sharing a photo of her on his Instagram account in June 2022.

2. What happened to WhistlinDiesel’s previous marriage?

In July 2022, WhistlinDiesel confirmed that he and his previous wife, Rae, had separated. The rumors of their separation had been circulating for a year before he addressed them.

3. Is WhistlinDiesel dating Lujan?

There is no evidence to suggest that WhistlinDiesel is dating Lujan.

4. What is WhistlinDiesel’s partner’s social media handle?

Katie Miller’s social media handle is not publicly known at this time.

5. Is Mrs. WhistlinDiesel still married?

As of July 2022, WhistlinDiesel and his previous wife, Rae, are no longer married.

6. What is WhistlinDiesel’s net worth?

WhistlinDiesel’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. He has gained popularity through his YouTube channel, where he posts videos of his truck stunts and other extreme challenges.






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