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Valencia Will Investigate Vinicius Junior’s Racial Abuse

In the wake of racial slurs hurled at Vinicius during a match at Estadio de Mestalla, Valencia Football Club has launched a formal probe into the unsettling occurrence, as a recent announcement indicates.

Firmly denouncing all forms of derogatory comments and violent conduct in football, the club underlined that the incident from the past weekend was a regrettable anomaly.

During the intense La Liga showdown between Valencia and Real Madrid, Ricardo De Burgos, the referee, suspended play 73 minutes into the game. This unusual move came in response to Vinicius, who had pointed out a section of spectators, alleging racial harassment.

A prolonged deliberation with Vinicius and Carlo Ancelotti, the steward of Real Madrid, led to the match resuming and eventually closing.

In the aftermath of the heated duel, Ancelotti underscored the persistent racism issue tarnishing La Liga, imploring the league to implement measures against these onslaughts directed at his standout winger.

Ancelotti further opined that the match warranted interruption, indicating that he contemplated substituting the Brazilian player due to the offensive heckling.

Vinicius’ expulsion from the game in its final moments ensued after he clashed with Hugo Duro, an attacker from Valencia. This event concluded with a narrow victory for Valencia, scoring 1-0.

This season, a disturbing tally of eight grievances against Vinicius’ mistreatment has emerged. Following the incident, the aggrieved player took to the digital platform Twitter to express his vexation, contending that racial bias is regrettably becoming a norm in La Liga.



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