Why You Should Try Different Strains of Cannabis?

Cannabis is becoming extremely popular among smokers due to the increasing legalization in many states worldwide. The cannabis industry is booming. According to Forbes, the industry is valued at $13 billion and is expected to skyrocket to over $43 billion by 2025.

Apart from smoking, cannabis can also be used as a versatile form of medication. Researchers have discovered that cannabis can help patients with anxiety, chronic pain, and epilepsy.

Due to the infinite use of cannabis in both recreation and medication, Cannabis dispensaries have popped up worldwide in states where they are legalized, offering smokers a wide variety of Cannabis strains.

Most experienced Marijuana users know that not all strains are created equally as each have its peculiar effect and thus can be utilized in different ways. However, the diversity of cannabis strains can become overwhelming for beginners when trying to find the perfect strain.

There are strains with more robust flavors, effects, smell, and terpenes. This can become very intimidating for a newbie. With such a vast number of strains to choose from, how do you find the strain that’s just right for you? If you’re searching for an excellent Cannabis strain or hash online to purchase,

This article highlights the different types of strains and why you should try different varieties before selecting the ideal strain. Let’s jump in!

Types of Cannabis StrainCannabis Strain

Cannabis strains come in a wide variety. Most online and in-person dispensaries offer strains with different chemicals and effects. Cannabis strains will usually contain unique active compounds depending on the cultivation process.

The chemotype of a strain depends mainly on its genetics. For example, most cannabis strains often rely on the ratio of THC to CBD to determine the effect and potency of the strains. The chemotype of strains isn’t always displayed in most dispensaries.

However, you can quickly identify the chemotype by finding the cannabinoid potency label, which must be listed in all legal dispensaries. The following are the main factors determining the makeup of a cannabis strain:


THC and CBD are the active chemicals of a strain that determine the plant’s effect on the user. The significant difference between the two is that THC strains help in improving cerebral activity and are known to be more psychoactive. While CBD results in relaxing effects and can help reduce inflammation throughout the body.

They both may have the same medical effects on users by helping patients with insomnia, depression, chronic pain, and more. However, CBD doesn’t offer users that euphoric and mind-blowing effect of THC.

Indica and Sativa (or Hybrid)

Both Indica and Sativa are composed of virtually the same chemicals, but they offer different experiences. Sativa strains are psychologically active compared to Indica, which helps users reduce psychological activity by improving sleep and reducing pain and stress.

However, Hybrids offers users a combination of both strains as they help reduce stress and pain while also keeping you psychologically active.


Terpenes are the compounds occurring naturally in strains that determine various strains’ flavor, aroma, and even colors.

Why You Should Try Different Strains of CannabisStrains Of Cannabis

Now that we’ve successfully explained strains, their various types, and their uses, let us consider why you should try different strains of cannabis when selecting your ideal strain.

1. Potency

One of the significant reasons you should test various strains of cannabis before sticking to one is to determine the potency that’s right for you. Depending on the concentration of cannabinoids, primarily THC, some strains are usually more potent than others. The level of potency offered by a strain greatly determines if it’s ideal for you.

If you’re looking for something intense, you should go for a strain with high THC content, while if you’re looking for something more relaxing, a strain with low THC and high CBD would be perfect for you.

2. Flavor and Aroma

As we discussed earlier, terpenes determine the flavor of strains. If you’re trying to select an ideal strain, testing out various strains with different flavors and aromas would greatly help narrow down your list of possible alternatives. Some strains have a more pleasant aroma and flavors compared to others.

3. Expected Effect

Strains are created independently to produce various effects on users. There’s no guarantee that a strain will have the same effect on both users because they might have conflicting preferences. Some users fancy strains with massive intoxicating effects, while some utilize cannabis strains for relieving pains and stress.

Trying out different strains would help you determine the ideal one that offers you your desired effect.

4. Budget

Cost is a crucial factor to pay attention to when selecting cannabis strains is the cost. Strains come at different prices. Some might be budget-friendly, while some require you to break the bank. Trying out various strains of cannabis would help you determine the ones that meet your budget.

Before selecting a strain, ensure that it suits you and that you can fund it in the long run to ensure consistency.


Suitable strains might provide users with countless benefits from recreation to medicine. Dispensaries globally offer users various strains; before selecting, ensure that they meet your taste, expected effect, and budget.


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