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Exploring the Truth about Fad Diets

There are many new exercise regimens and dieting plans that have emerged. They are characterized by the fact that they promise quick results with minimal effort. This phenomenon has been popularized by celebrity culture, especially Korean pop which showcases a certain body type. 

What Are Fad Diets?

These are diets that promise sudden loss of weight through a temporary change in nutrition. One major thing that makes them harmful is the fact that the individual is deprived of certain core minerals in the process. These diets have been present for a long time. 

What impact do fad diets have on our lifestyle? 

Social media influencers and celebrities play a primary role in the popularization of these diets. The major effect is that people adopt them into their lifestyle due to the quick promises of rapid weight loss. However, this occurs at the expense of their health. 

Characteristics of Fad Diets 

Some of them are the absence of scientific backing, the limitation of certain food types, the disregard for regular physical exercise, removing portions of essential nutrients, promising quick loss of weight, proposing miracle foods, and extrapolation of scientific results from certain studies to support their efficacy. 

Health Consequences of Fad Diets

Ensoul Body Medical Clinic mentioned that the main thing people should know when weight loss happens dramatically is that most of the weight loss comes from water and muscle and not fat cells. Additionally, rapid weight loss can cause several health complications, including constipation, low nutrients, and fatigue.  

High fat and protein diets are associated with cardiovascular complications. Low fat and protein diets can lead to a mineral deficiency. Gynecological complications such as amenorrhea and irregular menstruation arise from unbalanced diets. 

But I lost weight from a fad diet! Doesn’t that mean that it works?

Weight loss comes as a result of reduced calories. The body, therefore, must adapt to maintain normal metabolism through certain techniques such as gluconeogenesis. In the long-term weight gain, slow metabolism and electrolyte derangements may occur. 

Body Sculpting Methods for Fat Reduction 

These are methods that have been demonstrated to cause fat loss in certain areas of the body. The mechanism of action is simple. It involves the use of extreme heat or cold to influence the fat cells to undergo apoptosis which is natural cell death.  

Afterward, the body can eliminate the cells through the lymphatic system. The result is targeted fat loss which leads to a better cosmetic outcome. Two of these methods that are commonly used are CoolSculpting and SculpSure. 


It is a non-invasive technique that involves the application of vacuum cups in certain areas of the body to achieve subzero temperatures which breaks down fat cells for elimination by the body. 


It provides a non-invasive solution to fat loss, providing an alternative to CoolSculpting. Fat cells are gently heated and destroyed using laser technology.  

The fat cells in the targeted area are heated to 42°C to 47°C, which damages them, and they are excreted from the body naturally 8 to 12 weeks post-treatment. 


Despite their popularity, fad diets do not come without drawbacks. In order to make an informed decision on how to lose weight in the healthiest way, everyone should conduct research about the best methods available.

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