Treat Your Man in the New Year With These 6 Things

The new year is a time for celebration, resolutions, and gifts for your loved ones. The formal gift-giving season may be over, but that’s the perfect time to take advantage of end-of-season sales to shower your man with lovely gifts in the new year. Men can be hard to shop for; that’s where a good online guide can come in handy. Sometimes seeing a few ideas in plain print can help jump-start your inspiration and reveal the perfect thing to improve your man’s life.

Whether he’s a style enthusiast or an avid outdoorsman, this list will have something for every kind of guy out there. If your interest is peaked, keep reading for six great gift ideas for the man in your life this new year. We guarantee one of these ideas is sure to give you the inspiration you need to make a great decision. Let’s get started! 

1. Buy Some Jewelry Using Credit

Jewelry is always a great option when it comes to gift-giving, but it can come at a steep price, especially for a man who has a good taste and appreciates fine jewelry. Daniel’s Jewelers credit jeweler services allow customers to buy jewelry on customizable and flexible credit plans to work within their financial means and still give an amazing gift. This is a great option for anyone looking to buy a gift for a celebration or to mark an achievement the man in your life has reached. Buying jewelry doesn’t have to break the bank; you can get great pieces for reasonable prices with fair credit plans that allow you to pay your balance off according to a schedule that works for you. 

2. Know About Fatty Acids 

Fatty acids like omega 3 and omega 6 are essential for our bodies, but we can’t create it on our own. Fatty15’s guide detailing the omega-3 benefits for men can help direct your man to a healthier lifestyle in the new year by adding fatty acid supplements into his diet. You can also get some of these nutrients through seafood, like farmed and wild salmon.

Adding some seafood into your man’s diet this year can help fortify his health in a big way. If seafood is out of the question due to allergies or dietary preferences, consider getting some omega-3 supplements for your man. Pair that with Fatty15’s guide, and he’s sure to be on the right track.

3. New Phone Plan

Phone companies are notoriously difficult to deal with. Paying for your man’s first month of phone service could be a great gift idea, but which plan is the best to choose? Let Navi’s comparison guide between services like T-Mobile vs. Verizon help you make the right decision. You can compare prices, data, and coverage to assist you in shopping across the market and finding the best deal in the new year. Help your man save some money by picking a cheaper phone plan!

4. Send a GiftTreat Your Man

If you want something more concrete than a phone plan send a gift with Goody! They’re a fun and unique service where gift baskets are sent digitally and recipients can actually choose their items and accept the gift basket once the contents are to their liking. So, if you pick something that your man isn’t really that into, they can swap it for something else! This takes a lot of the guesswork out of the process, especially if this is for someone you have a new relationship with and aren’t totally sure what their favorite things are yet. 

5. Personalized Journal

Men are not often called out for introspectiveness, but in reality, many men need outlets for expressing their feelings or working through tough problems at work or in life. The Ox & Pine leather journal is a personalized journal that any man will love opening and writing in. They’re great for any category of writer, planner, or sketch artist to fill the pages with their thoughts, feelings, artwork, or complicated work problems. Give your man the gift of expression with these personalized journals!

6. New Backpack

If your man likes the outdoors, chances are, he’s going to find himself facing some wet weather in the near future. Weather is uncontrollable, so it’s essential to prepare when you’re out in the elements. Waterproof backpacks from Patagonia are one of the best pieces of gear you can get for an outdoor enthusiast. This will help keep your man’s equipment dry and safe from the elements while looking slick at the same time. Patagonia is known for its amazing collection of outdoor gear; it’s no doubt one of the best places you can shop for accessories that’ll make any outdoor excursion that much easier. 


Making your man’s new year great with a surprise gift is a cinch. With the major winter holidays have come to an end, he’ll never see a surprise gift coming! No matter what your man’s interests are, there’s something on this list for him, or at the very least some inspiration.

Outdoor enthusiasts will love some new outdoor gear, while health nuts will appreciate your attention to their health by bringing the importance of fatty acids into their routine. Jewelry is always a great option for the stylish guys out there, and a personalized journal will be great for any man who likes to feel a little introspective or likes to spend time sketching. Whatever your man’s interests are, get him something to start the new year out right, and have fun doing it! 

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