Top 7 Travel Destinations to Visit in Western Europe

Traveling is one of the most popular hobbies for thousands of people all over the world. There are plenty of amazing places you can visit solo or with your friends and family. Currently, Western Europe is one of the most popular spots for tourists. If you would like to discover some brilliant travel destinations in this region, here is a list of places you might truly like.

Before Planning A Journey

There are some important things you need to know before planning your new adventure. First, make sure you have enough days off in your current workplace. As for the students, it is necessary to cope with all academic assignments before leaving. If you are loaded with tons of essays, you can get help from your friends or pay to do homework online. However, it is still necessary to complete all tasks before buying flight tickets.


Another crucial thing that is worth checking beforehand is the COVID-19 limitations in the destination country. Although most countries of Western Europe are members of the European Union, they might still have different requirements for tourists in the field of vaccinations. Therefore, it is better to double-check whether the chosen country allows crossing its border for tourism and recreation purposes. By the way, here is the list of top places you might want to visit in Western Europe.


If you want to visit a beautiful country where you will not be overwhelmed by the language barrier, Malta might become a perfect choice. Most Maltese speak English fluently, so you will not likely have any communication issues with the locals. The high season in the country is from May to July. If you would like to come to Malta in August, get ready for the extreme heat. Nevertheless, Malta is an amazing place with unique culture and traditions. You can visit the world-known Blue Lagoon, walk through the streets in Valletta, and explore a popular Gozo island. Bathing and swimming in the sea, as well as trying new kinds of water sports, will make your journey truly unforgettable.


Paris is often considered the heart of Europe. It is a city with dozens of fantastic locations, parks, and cafes. The Eiffel Tower is a must-visit spot for many tourists, while the Louvre can blow your mind with its cultural diversity. Most experienced travels also recommend having a boat trip on the Seine at night time to see the lights of Paris. Don’t forget about shopping, too!


There is nothing new that Italy is one of the countries you can travel through for weeks and months. The fact is that each Italian city is absolutely unique. It is better to arrange a journey to see at least a couple of cities to explore the traditions, culture, and sightseeing in different parts of the country. If you would like to focus on only one city, Rome will amaze you with its unforgettable architecture, numerous museums, and sculptures.


Barcelona remains one of the hottest places for millions of tourists each year. Sunny beaches, plenty of unforgettable places, and delicious cuisine are what many travelers look for. You can also visit Madrid, Sevilla, Palma de Mallorca, and Granada. Each city can boast of having countless breathtaking scenes, theaters, and parks. Relaxing on a beach and swimming in the warm sea are the extra benefits of visiting Spain.


If you are looking for a budget-friendly but amazing vacation, Portugal is ready to welcome you with affordable prices, plenty of accommodation options, excellent beaches, and fantastic nightlife. This country is incredibly popular among students and travelers who would like to get the best service for little money.


Those travelers who prefer safe and comfortable vacations might visit Germany. This is a country with brilliant architecture, top-notch infrastructure, and tons of places to visit. Berlin, Munich, Bonn, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, and Frankfurt am Main are the most popular cities for international tourism. However, the smaller cities also attract crowds of visitors.

The United Kingdom

Millions of people dream of visiting London and seeing the Queen’s residence in their eyes. Fortunately, you can easily book a flight and explore the city’s sightseeing, including Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, London Eye, and Tower Bridge. Many tourists consider the cost of living in the capital to be a bit expensive, but London is definitely worth your attention. Moreover, you will speak the same language as locals, which can make your stay even more comfortable.

All in all, the countries of Western Europe are incredibly diverse and have hundreds of interesting places to visit. It is better to choose the destination according to your particular preferences, budget, and needs. Anyway, most cities in this region are safe, cozy, and have excellent infrastructure, so you will have an opportunity to visit countless places with no effort.

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