How to Improve Your Essay Writing: 10 Best Tips in 2023

An essay is an academic paper that speaks about a particular topic. It can be pretty lengthy, complex, and full of data. On the other hand, some essays are short, descriptive, and somewhat personal.

You’ll find yourself writing at least a couple of high school and college essays. For instance, you might write an admission essay or a scientific paper. Hence, many students try to find qualified essay writers and tutors to get help with their assignments. But, you might not have the time to ask for help.

Nevertheless, whether you’re getting help or not, there’s always room for improvement. So, here are ten solid tips to help you get better at essay writing.

1. Figure out the type of essay you want to write

Before you start writing, it’s essential to have a few aspects narrowed down. What’s the purpose of your essay? 

You might need to write an admission essay. In this case, you’ll have to present yourself, and there’s no data other than your own experience.

Otherwise, you might have to write an argumentative paper where you’re asserting a position and defending it.

There’s also the informative essay where you present a particular subject without debating or having bias.

2. Pick your topic carefully

In most cases, professors give you a broad subject to write about. So, when it comes to picking a particular aspect of a topic, it’s tricky.

Say your professor said to write an essay about world poverty. You can include the global situation and then focus on a geographic area that’s most affected.

Also, some professors might give you an even broader range of topics. But how can you decide which option is the best?

First, try to listen to your instinct. As you browse, focus on what catches your eye. You’ll be much more productive if you’re interested in what you’re writing.

In the case of a creative essay, try to focus on something that people don’t hear every day. Something that can interest people and make them want to know more. Especially when presenting yourself, try to be a little unconventional.

3. Get researching

Obviously, you can’t write an essay without brainstorming first. But you do that by finding what you can about your topic.

The web is a great place to put data together, but try to find reliable sources and save the links for a bibliography.

4. Find your thesis

Before you write anything, you should have at least a vague idea of what you’re trying to prove. In the case of a debating essay, this is crucial.

Are you trying to say that raising salaries would help the economy or not? If so, what are the arguments to support that?

The thesis is something to shape early on because it’s the core of your essay.

Moreover, even when writing a presentation essay, you should aim for something to convey.

5. Start mapping out

Figure out the structure of your essay by mapping out the ideas.

A trick about essay writing is starting to create the body while leaving the introduction and conclusion last. In the body, you can begin building your arguments that sustain the thesis, even if it’s just a mess at first. Collect the infographics, images, and other instant visual information.

Lastly, you can write the conclusions, which is a summary. Then, the introduction presents your topic and your thesis.

Even in the case of a creative essay, having structure is vital. But it’s more challenging because you can have an array of options. 

6. Write your essay

The hardest part is over. All that’s left now is writing it. So, start to connect all the scattered information you collected with proper words.

Try to have a clear logic with 15-word phrases. Stay away from long paragraphs and sentences that make your logic cloudy.

7. Continue to shape your essay

Writing multiple drafts before you get the tone right isn’t unusual. Actually, it’s an excellent idea.

Having multiple versions and sculpting your essay is necessary. So, keep working on your paper until you feel satisfied.

8. Check your spelling, grammar, syntax, and originality percentage

Once you’re happy with your essay, you should start revising it:

  • Check the tone
  • Revise the logic
  • Format correctly
  • Correct the grammar and syntax
  • Ensure that your paper is unique
  • Write and correct your bibliography

For most of these tasks, it’s better to use software that can automatically highlight your mistakes. There are many free sites, or you can subscribe for a small fee to have a complete package of services.

In most cases, you’ll need a reliable app to use, so don’t skim on something that can save your grade. For instance, free sites won’t always be accurate, and the last thing you want is to have slip-ups.

9. Ask someone to read it

Before you turn it in, it’s better to ask someone to read it first. Your friends, family, teachers, and tutors can help you with this.

The great advantage of having people revise your work is seeing firsthand how the paper impacts them. Is the logic clear? Is the tone formal?

10. Take your mind off it for a couple of hours

Lastly, a way to correct your essay is to forget about it for a couple of hours. Though, it’s better if you can leave it on standby for a couple of days.

After some time, you can go back to it with a fresh mind and read it critically, as if you didn’t even write it. Maybe you’ll notice something that you haven’t noticed before.


When writing an essay, remember these ten tips:

  1. Figure out the type of essay you want to write
  2. Pick your topic carefully
  3. Get researching
  4. Find your thesis
  5. Start mapping out
  6. Write your essay
  7. Continue to shape your essay
  8. Check your spelling, grammar, syntax, and originality percentage
  9. Ask someone to read it
  10. Take your mind off it for a couple of hours
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